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  • A lot of arson for a kid's show

    Dan VS. needs more credit. It's a cleverly written, unashamedly bad role model with a lot of explosives and a proportionate amount of heart. While great for a quick watch and laugh, further examination of the show does allow for deeper discussion. If you care to look for them, you can find (something close to) answers to Dan's mentality. For those who don't care about that, comedy outweighs introspection. This is a show that allows for your own interpretation.

    Character development is fleeting but usually significant. Though it seems like a show with the same basic outline (x angers Dan, Dan gets revenge on x) every episode would be boring, it's not. Somehow it always feels fresh.

    There's an age when you aren't able to properly differentiate reality from TV. People that young are better off watching something a little less criminal. Otherwise, knock yourself out.
  • A masterpeice

    Great just great.
  • Funniest Kids Show Ever

    I have been DVRing these episodes since last week and each one is pretty funny. Dan is like the manifestation of the anger we get from the smallest of things we can't do anything about. Unlike us though, Dan will go to great lengths to get rid of anything that bothers him, though he at least has standards.

  • has the same goodness and My Little Pony.

    I dont have a lot to say but this show is pretty underrated but a pretty enjoyable show if you like miserble characters with a little bit of charm in them.
  • Dan has retired to Ponyville

    He will spend his days being bothered by Fluffle Puff and generally annoyed with everypony.
  • The Hub decided to cancel this?!


    This show was awesome, especially since there was real humor on it. II loved how Chris was always the buttmonkey of Dan, and how he was always dragged into Dan's schemes against his will. I give this show a 10 for the quality jokes and the effort put behind it.
  • Hub, y u cancel dis.

    I found this show through the brony fandom, so I'll give them points for it.

    This show, even with it's average animation, is probably one of the funniest out there. Hilarious stories, oddball adventures, and one pissed off Curtis Armstrong.

    and then hub cancels it.

  • My favorite new show.

    I love this show and it's the only new cartoon that I like. It's overshadowed by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Dan Vs. is original, humorous, and witty show. Today's cartoons just have stupid fart jokes or do stupid things, but Dan Vs. doesn't. Best show on the Hub.
  • Great, great, great show!

    Dan Vs. is one of The Hub's greatest shows and it doesn't get the credit it deserves. It's about a jerk (Seriously just look at his shirt) named Dan, his friend Chris and Chris's wife, Elise. He also has a cat named Mr. Mumbles. It's just about Dan hating on stuff so Chris helps Dan get rid of it. I highly recommended this show to people who like dark humor because Dan has killed like 10 people. Including most of Canada. My favorite episode is "The Animal Shelter". I wish The Hub played this more, but check out new episodes on Saturday.
  • It's sad no one really knows about this show

    A few months ago, I didn't even KNOW that there was a cartoon called, "Dan VS" on The Hub. I'm glad that some of my friends recommended it to me, because it really is hilarious, well-written and somewhat relatable for the things that Dan hates.

    PLOT: Dan, a short and bitter man, hates nearly everything and the slightest thing that bothers him, he sets off in revenge against it. He receives help from his best friend, Chris (who usually is laid back and doesn't find it reasonable), and even sometimes Elise (Chris' wife that works as a spy for the government)

    The plot definitely holds up to the funniest jokes it can provide.

    CHARACTERS: Dan is one of the most relatable cartoon characters I have ever seen. Well... at least for me, he is. He's really engaging, and hilarious to watch. Though, according to the work "JERK" on his shirt, I can't really disagree with that. He's always using Chris' credit cards and money (never paying him back, of course) and never really thanks his for going on his revenge schemes. Dan does seem to complain a lot, but you don't really notice over the sound of your own laughter. Dan has a thing for violence, and to say that it is kinda funny how he goes off on tyrants and threatening to use violence. And then there's Chris, who's pretty much a pushover and never really stands up for himself. I'll admit that I'm confused when the show constantly makes fun of his weight... he doesn't even look that fat. And lastly, Elise, who I've grown to enjoy for being a great female lead. She poses as an ordinary housewife to cover up her extensive knowledge of high-tech weaponry and her "second life" as a secret agent.

    ROMANCE: not much. Elise and Chris have a strong relationship, though.

    ANIMATION: Virtually the only flaw with this show. The animation isn't terrible, but it is flash, which bothers me. A LOT. Nonetheless, sometimes they make flash not that bad. Way better than Johnny Test's flash animation.

    Overall, a fantastic show that delivers a lot. If you're reading this an you already haven't seen the show, GO SEE IT. It's the third best cartoon on nowadays, in my opinion.
  • I watch this show sometimes but I gotta admit that it's very enjoyable

    Dan is convinced that the world is against him. His friend Chris doesn't believe him. Chris follows Dan as he comes up with new dreams that will help him get even with the people or things that are out to get him. I think the show "Dan Vs." is a very enjoyable show and I can see why it has so many reviews. While this show HUB show isn't as good as "My Little Pony; Friendship Is Magic", it's still very enjoyable and it is also very funny yet original. It's got a very well done premise. The animation is very creative and it's got a very good storyline for a show. Now, it does have same ol' storyline just like "Phineas and Ferb" except this storyline is much better than one. At times, yes, the show does get a little repetitive and I rather watch the same ol' storyline here than "Phineas and Ferb" (where the show is really "jumping the shark"). I also thought it was very cool that the characters Dan and Chris were named after the creators of this show whose names are Dan Mandel and Chris Pearson. Also, the voices in here are awesome. Curtis Armstrong is the perfect voice for the character Dan and Dave Foley as the voice as Chris really does a well done job. Tom Kenny also voices a recurring character in this show as the voice of Crunchy who is a very enjoyable character. Everything about this show is just original and very creative and enjoy the idea for it. Overall, "Dan Vs" may be a little repetitive at times but it's still an enjoyable show to watch when there's nothing good to watch on television... I don't watch this show a lot but I do watch it sometimes and I've really liked the episodes I've watched so far. 9/10
  • This is the show that got me into "The Hub"

    Back in 2010 I watched my favorite channels like Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Disney Channel (Only Phineas & Ferb), Disney XD, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, and Boomerang. When I was watching These Channels I heard that there making a new channel called "The Hub" I was curious so the day It came out I started to watch it. They had "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic", "The Twisted Whisker Show", "Transformers", "Pound Puppies", and etc. When It was new years eve I was watching The Hub there was a promo for this show called "Dan And I tuned into it. I watched Season 1 and I already loved it! This show is about a man name Dan who thinks the world is against him and goes on revenge missions. Dan can sometimes be obnoxious and a jerk, but he is very likeable. And his companion Chris with his wife Elise. Go on crazy adventures to complete them.

    So Dan vs. is one of The Hub's greatest shows (in my opinion) #1 being MLP:FiM, #2 The Haunting Hour. So toon in to it.
  • The most underrated show on the Hub

    I don't understand why this show isn't a hit already. This is one of the funniest and most consistently well-written shows on the Hub. Perhaps its flaw is that it shamelessly throws off standard moral conventions on a network designed primarily with children in mind. The characters never really evolve, but that is intentional: they're fun archetypes for people you probably know. I admire the daring of a show like this to feature a character as hateful and repellent as Dan is.

    Unlike other adult-oriented cartoons, this one isn't filled with grotesque or random comedy. It also doesn't seek to offend as many people as possible. The show's humor is mostly character-driven, with some well-played satire here and there.

    If I had to find anything wrong with it, I would have to say that some of the episodes become a bit too silly at times. One cannot really blame Dan for his paranoia when the world around him is so paranoia-inducing, The best episodes are the ones where Dan deals with more mundane problems, though, such as identity theft, telemarketers, bad parents, noisy animals, or violent children.

    Still, this series is so consistently funny that I have a hard time finding the will to criticize it. If it weren't for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this would be the best show on the Hub. As it stands, this is the second best.
  • The HUB continues to prove itself that it can make good quality cartoons with this

    HUB once again produces another gem that is not only a great show, but is original as well in many ways. Dan vs. is about a man named Dan who is on a never ending quest to get revenge on things that anger him. While at first it sounds stupid it actually takes a pretty dumb premise and makes it into a hit show that is funny and creative. The characters are great, and each have a distinct personality. Dan is an angry man who will do anything to get revenge and will not stop at all. Chris, Dan's friend, tries to be the voice of reason, but often fails. There are many more characters in the show. The plots while it's always about Dan getting revenge the revenges are creative. In what other show do you see a person take on a magician, bad customer service, traffic, Canada, a dentist, and even George Washington? It's creative in many ways and Dan gets his revenge by humiliating the person in a comedic way. Speaking of comedy the humor is great and full of wonderful gags. Every character brings their own version of comedy to the show, and I love it. The artwork is great, and the animation is superb in this show. I am glad to see that in a world of bad shows on CN, Nick, and Disney, The HUB does a wonderful job bringing another classical show on the air. So if you are looking for a breath of fresh air than this is the show for you. See this show as well as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The HUB ASAP. It's well worth a look.
  • Dan, the new stewie griffin.

    My favorite HUB show and one of the best original. Dan is an Adult male ants who think the whole world is against him and wants to get revenge. Chris is Dan's friend and minion and have a eating disorder. the show get clever and funny at time. Dan is guy who wants to be heard. He talk back over Chris and take advantage over him in some situation. The show is underrated because of how popular MLP: FiM is and I willing want people to get into dan vs.
  • One of the greatest shows currently airing on The Hub

    Dan Vs. isn't even that old of a show and I have already found it enjoyable. It seriously never gets old and it's better than ever. This show is like the kiddie version of Seth Macfarlane's comedies in my opinion, because the main character, Dan, who happens to be what his shirt depicts him of being, creates schemes in which completely backfire and end up screwing one of the side-characters involved in the plot or his friend Chris. I hope this show doesn't end anytime soon, because it's a pure masterpiece.
  • Underrated

    With My Little Pony being the most popular show on the Hub, Dan Vs. is getting less recognized. Well this show deserves more love than the public gives it. It's funny, it's creative, it's exciting to watch, it's surprisingly dark and mature, and it's endlessly entertaining. This is another great new cartoon in a golden age of new cartoons.
  • Dan Vs. is a masterpiece.

    Yep. I recommend this one. This is great to watch.

    Plot: Dan, is a boy who thinks the world is against him, because almost everything hates him, and his days are always terrible and wrong. Now, he seeks revenge to everyone and the world itself! He has a friend named Chris, He's a good companion of Dan, but Chris just doesn't believe that the world is against him and it's just a series of bad events, and bad luck. Actually good and quirky, in each episodes. Every episode has a nice plot.

    Characters: They are great and really funny, complete detailed in almost every ways. Voice acting and dialogue is both great.

    Humor: It's great and family oriented, why is it on PG? Well thought. No problems.

    Art: Cartoon and comical style, great. Animation is great too.

    Overall: 10. One of the most perfect shows around, glad we can still find shows like this.
  • Good, awesome, sweet and it should be rated g

    This show is really good, I have to say I look forward to watching it most days, although I never got to see it in a long time and how is this rated pg? This should be like g or something cause this show is not inappropriate at all, thought maybe there's a little violence but not inappropriate I mean for real, this show looks likes as if it's for people all around the world even kids, I mean a lot of kids watch the hub so this should not and I mean not be rated pg and I like how at the be Dan says the thing he's going against and then it says DAN vs. (whoever he's going against) I like Chris he's a cool character and his wife Elise Is cool to I just realized Elise has a French name and she sund French at all but anyways this show is funny, the best episode is the one when the man mistakes Dan's order it was cool and it's kin sad how Dan's girlfriend had to leave him because she got promoted and she has to move to another state,and I also like the episode with the evil kids selling lemonade and then all their money goes to charity, I Lol'd at that because they deserved that and it the dentist episode was really funny the women kept calling him Danny and he's like it's Dan, I cracked up too much at that man what were they thinking when they announced this was gonna be pg?
  • this just gets better & better

    I LOVE this show to death! it's a very addictive show, it's very funny! great humuor and it's one show that doesn't try too hard to be funny. it's also original. a man name dan who thinks the world is against him so he comes up with these plots with his best friend chris, to get revenge on whoever is after him. the plots are pretty good. the animation is decent. and dan is just a funny character. i love how he talks. and i hope this show stays on for a while. anyways dan vs is an awesome show. 10/10. im out.
  • Dan Vs.

    Dan Vs. is one of my favorite children's shows. The whole idea is about a very angry man who decides to get revenge on something different each episode. He usually succeeds in most episodes, but in the long-run he's a loser. It's actually a bit to intelligent to be a kid's show. I recommend everyone watch this show. It, along with Hey! Arnold and Rocko's Modern Life, are probably some of the greatest kids show. Oh yeah, and Invader Zim!
  • Really good show better than regular show and spongebon and adventure time.I love this show its original sorta like my scott pilgrim cartoon animated series.But is it better tha king of the hill and the simpsons HECK YEAH.Better than south park its a tie


    Dan Vs is just a cool down version but funnier sorry south park.Spongebob watch out this year dan vs is gonna be on your head and better than ever for season 2. Show is gonna have season 3-4 if season 2 does good. It will already has alot of fans this show is amazing good animation to.

  • Dan is like Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes) if he grew up and something went horribly wrong during his life.

    Dan is one crazy dude. He thinks that the world is out to get him. His enemies include states, burger restaurants, magicians, and even himself. Is Dan is crazy or is he on to something? Much like his nonchalant best (and seemingly only) friend, Chris, and Chris's wife, Elise who has secrets of her own, you can't wait to go along for the ride.

    As well can I. I love the escapades that I go along with Dan as he vows revenge on his foes. You will love it too. Completely original and stellar, it's a breath of fresh air and you don't always get to the chance to see it. Dan is that annoying cynic that you love to hate. Chris is the realist but Elise is the secretive gal who goes along with the ride surprisingly or discourages. Though the artwork is subpar (compared to Young Justice), it works wonders especially for this show. The jokes are geared to an adult audience but at the same time, the adventure is for the kids. My final opinion is: don't miss out on this underrated crystal jem.
  • A insanely funny show that will make anyone laugh till they pass out.

    I came across this show on The HUB and after seeing all of the positive reviews, I gave this show a try. Once I saw an episode of this show, I was literally laughing at the funny storylines that this show does. This show is about Dan, a grouchy teenager who has anger issues at certain situations. Along with his friend Chris, he vows to get revenge on the situation by blowing up something etc. A lot of the situations range from Traffic to Canada to Animal Shelters etc. Thse situations will make you laugh till you pass out. The animation for this show is good. It seems to have good color and good scenery. The humor in this show is great. Dan's anger issues are really funny and his friend Chris mostly does not approve of these plans by Dan. Another great thing about this show are the sound effects. The sound effects sound realistic and are very clear. Give this show a try and I think that you will be laughing once you see an episode.
  • A one-joke cartoon that belongs on any DVD compilation entitled "The World's Stupidest Cartoons".

    Dan is a seriously screwed-up dude who thinks the whole world is against him. Somehow, he gets the only friend in the whole world, Chris, to join him on his idiotic escapades. And in one episode (Dan Vs. The Animal Shelter), Dan even gets a cat for a pet and calls him Mr. Mumbles. I was glad that Cartoon Network turned down this poor excuse for an animated series, but can't understand why a cable TV network formerly known as Discovery Kids (now renamed The Hub) would waste their money on a program that is obviously inappropriate for young children, even if the foul language is absent. Dan is not a role model anyone should look up to. What's even sadder, Dan Vs. will go down in the cartoon annals and still fare no worse than dreck like Fanboy and Chum Chum, Bob's Burgers or any short-lived series from the 1990s, such as Family Dog.
  • Each episode is witty unique & entertaining in it's own right & even states aren't immune from Dan's wrathful eye. Hilarious & over the top fall out of your chair laughter, Dan stands & delivers without fail.

    In a sea of the tired animated family sitcoms & shows spoofing other shows, Dan vs is a breath of fresh air. This is one of the few animated shows I can sit & enjoy a laugh instead of thinking 'Well, that's been done before.' If you don't want something indulgent & as edgy as a tv-pg show can provide, then this show isn't for you & you're best sticking with Dora the Explorer or for the parents the wonderfully bland talk shows or what have you. The characters are fresh & unique, each with their own delightful quirks & personality thus each adding a vital element to this ground-breaking gem. Dan is always eager to take on any foe in his way & takes on a self-fulfillment type stance to the viewer in the most hilariously entertaining way possible. If you can't take a moment to break from the prudish routine of scrutiny & paranoid hate-mongering in favor of an uproarious good time, then you won't enjoy this marvel which shines amidst the glaringly mediocre.
  • Dan: TV.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sooooooo this show follows Dan, a seriously f**ked up dude who thinks the whole world is againt him and makes various plans to take revenge on everything that wrongs him, from Wolfmen to ninjas to the whole state of New Mexico. He is always joined by his "firend" Chris, who doens't like being bossed around by Dan yet loves going on this adventures with him. You also have Elise, Chirs' wife, who has some kind of double like as a freakin ninja. And recenlty you have Mr. Mumbles, Dan's cat who is the single thing he is not cruel at.

    Overall: It's a nice hilarious new show. I highly recommend it. 8.5/10.
  • A show that is absird without breaking the suspension of disbelief. Unexpected coming from the Hub.

    I wanted to see the show after seeing an interview with Dan's Voice Actor Curtis Armstrong. He talked up the show to such a degree, and considering the Hub is aimed at kids, I wasn't expecting much. I watched it and loved it after one episode (Dan vs. the Ninja). Now I watch it whenever it's on. In particular, Dan's apartment is next to every building that could possibly be annoying short of a prison, Elise is amazing yet too convienent in some cases, and Chris is unemployed. Again. It's taught me that awesome shows can come from anywhere, and when you go in with low expectations, a show can soar. -9.5