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Dance 360

(ended 2005)


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Dance 360

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Dance 360 is a daily hip-hop dance competition show. Hosts Fredro Starr and Kel Mitchell pick 6 dancers out of the crowd to compete for $360 in cash and a prize package. On the "Wheels Of Steel" is Kathleen "DJ K-Sly" Taylor, providing the beats for the dancers.
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  • i miss this show!

    i use to love watching dance 360. and i really miss watching it. i thought i was the only one who knew what this show was, but everytime there is a dance battle someone starts yelling 360, and everyone just joins in. and i now know that people actually did watch this show. i wonder why they put it off the air. i just wish they would put it back. i think it used to be on channel 11 at 6 p.m. but now there's nothing to watch at 6 p.m. oh well, i guess these days, there are way too many dance shows.moreless
  • This is a hip hop show hosted by Kel Mitchell and Fedro Star. It is a dance show where come out on the "360" and dance their hearts out. Sometimes there is a kids show where the kids come out and dance.moreless

    This show is a personal favorite of mine. I like watching the ones when the kids come on because the kids are so cute. The other shows with the adults are cool but really can't dance but think they can. A lot of people win because they like their style.
  • As another dancer in another review here said, "most of these dancers are terrible"! Watching it is not worth your time. Instead spend your time physically learning how to really dance, don't use Dancing360 to judge dancing or as way to learn steps.moreless

    As another dancer in a review said, "most of these dancers are terrible"! So if you're not seriously watching it for the dancing turn it off. It's not something that is unintentionally funny either. It's insulting to hip hop and all types of dancing. It's often just a poor man's 'bump and grind' with sometimes a flip or spin. The "head to head" competition often just involves the 2 contestants being offensive mimes ignoring the music completely.

    I thought I was being too harsh so I watched more episodes, but was continued to be disappointed. Every contestant always gets a 7+ score out of 10 (yeah right) by the studio crowd, some (most?) likely paid to cheer to boost the score. The music selection works, but is very limited. The set looks like it was found in a dump or behind a parking lot. The host is a bland stereotype. Instead spend your time physically learning dancing, don't use Dancing360 to judge dancing or as way to learn steps.moreless
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    i am a music producer and publisher from Ivory Coast (West Africa)... i love the show for the high energy it shares...

    therefore i woul like to know how to get that show to my country\'s television...and if it is possible i believe we will have created a bridge that will last for long time as my people starve for US creations...and i am here to watch what is going on...

    so please get in touch with me at

    or 617-288-5897 after 6pm

    i encourage the hosts to keep that vibe..

  • When there's nothing else on but infomercials, this mix of "The Grind" and a dance contest makes for good filler.

    If you're looking for something to pass the time while doing late-night chores, and Street Smarts isn't on, then this is the show for you.

    I happened to channel surf onto this one. The show is simple: place a bunch of kids in a studio, pick some of them from the audience, have them show off their moves in the center of the group, and have the audience there vote on who stays and who goes on with a "make some noise" meter. And give a simple prize ($360 and an Xbox 360). No critics, no interviews except for where they're hailing from, and no internet voting.

    Don't expect Dancing with the Stars quality dancing either. The styles represented are what you'd see in the clubs and streets, and most of it was breakdancing flips or spins. The girls in one episode didn't do much except for the bump and grind moves. Maybe that's the trend of club dancing these days?


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