Dance-a-Lot Robot

Disney Channel Premiered Feb 27, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Let's Program the robot to do the Macrena,not this junk.

    Just when Playhouse Disney couldn't be any worse,they make this piece of junk 5-minute show. Dance A Lot Robot is about a cyborg teaching kids dances. Now,you think that sounds great,Right?WRONG!!! Instead of teaching these kids the Chicken dance or the Y.M.C.A,he decides to teach kids dances that will get you made fun of in public. For example,The Flower dance(WTH?),The Race car dance(Oh my god) and worst of all,The Clock dance. What kind of dances are these?Let's see what happens in public when someone attempts this. They will just get made fun of. Here's something they should do:Why don't we just reprogram the robot and instead of doing these ridiculous dances,program him to do the Caramelldansen or the Macrena?That would be better for the kids.