Dance Academy

Monday 5:15 PM on ABC1 Premiered May 31, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • I'm too old to love this show so much

    Why I'm I crying like a child when Sammy dies? I'm a grown women with children of my own to teach to dance and I'm addicted to this show like its a drug. Whoever wrote this is a genius.
  • Ethan and Tara would be better of together

    I like the show but why did Tara end up with freaken Christian she would me much better of with Ethan.

    Maybe she if she would ended up with Ethan my like would have been changed to love and the 9.1 reating would have been a 10.

  • I'm not getting emails. Disappointed

    The episodes are wrong and season 3 came out a while ago and it's not even present here.
  • season 3 has already started...

    they have begun season three and are now up to episode 11 :)
  • Anyone watching Camp?

    I was pretty disappointed not to get new episodes of Dance Academy. That show is wonderful and the characters are terrific my favorite of course is Abigail, the dancing was out of this world and took me back to my younger days of dance. Now, a couple years later and I'm still sad that show didn't continue. However...

    A couple weeks ago while watching the new series Camp on nbc I noticed some familiar faces from Dance Academy. So far just line dancing, but you never know.

  • Excited for season 3

    I love the show! Huge fan! Excited for season 3. When will it be coming out? I can't wait!
  • i love this show!

    i love the show. but i am upset that Sammy died!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would the writers do that?! :'( he needs to be brought back!
  • Season 2

    I love this show so much! I think Tara would be so cute with Ethan. But then again tara and christian are so cute together I think abigail and sam make a really adorable couple
  • Now on iTunes US!

    Dance Academy, Season 1&2 now available on iTunes! Check it out and enjoy!