Dance in the Vampire Bund

(ended 2010)


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  • Season 1
    • Special Episode
      Episode 13
      The Bund is finally enjoying some well-earned peace when chaos visits once more - the Three Clans have appeared in the Bund, putting Akira's life in grave peril.
    • 4/1/10
      With dawn fast approaching Akira struggles to return to Mina's side before it is too late but first he must face off against Telomere and the treacherous Meiren. Meanwhile, as the two therianthropes battle against each other on behalf of their respective Queens, Mina is making plans of her own to regain power from the Three Clans.moreless
    • Underworld
      Episode 11
      Akira has had enough of running from the Three Clan's assassins and with a little help from Alphonse he decides it is time to fight back. However, Akira soon finds that not only must he deal with the vampiric assassins sent to kill him but also with a love-sick Meiren and the re-emergence of the last of his missing memories. Meanwhile, Yuki encourages Mina to put her faith in Akira and fight against the Three Clans in her own way.moreless
    • Walpurgisnacht
      Episode 10
      With the terrorist threat over peace finally seems to have descended on the Bund. Even Shinonome is now fully rehabilitated and has started working as one of Mina's maids. However, all that starts to change when the Three Clans; Lord Rozenmann, Lord Li and Lord Ivanovic, arrive in the Bund, and Akira's life is put in mortal danger.moreless
    • Walpurgis Night
      Walpurgis Night
      Episode 10
      The Bund is finally enjoying some well-earned peace when chaos visits once more - the Three Clans have appeared in the Bund, putting Akira's life in grave peril.
    • The Lost Boys
      Episode 9
      Akira's curiosity about the concept of eternity leads him to ask Mina questions that are difficult to answer. Though it may sound promising, eternity is not without its harsh realities.
    • Lost Boy
      Lost Boy
      Episode 9
      The Earth Clan are tasked with tracking down Hysterica's army of unwitting suicide bombers who are believed to plotting a series of attacks against the Tokyo subway system. Meanwhile, Mina decides it is time to deal with Hysterica for good and manages to lure her out. It is then up to the unlikely duo of Vera and Yuzuru to help put an end to her plans.moreless
    • Near Dark
      Episode 8
      It has been one month since the incident at the chapel and the formation of the Bund. Although things at the school are going well, the same cannot be said for the Bund. Several potentially dangerous vampires including President Shinonome appear to have escaped back into the city. However, Mina's search for answers soon puts her life at risk, requiring the Beowulf Elite Eight to come to her aid.moreless
    • Innocent Blood
      Episode 7
      With the student council members trapped in the church with the rogue vampires Akira rushes to try and save his friends. Meanwhile, Mina has already arrived at the church and confronts the rebels, who call themselves Telomere. However, when Mina gets in over her head it is up to Akira to save her. The two of them must then settle their differences before they can move forward.moreless
    • 2/11/10
      Akira becomes disillusioned as he begins to learn of the treacherous depths that Mina will stoop to in order to realise her dream of establishing the Bund. Akira's loyalty to the Princess is further tested when he learns that vampires have infiltrated the school and that Mina has known about it all along. To make things even worse his plan to help the student council eliminate the vampires from the school is interrupted by the appearance of a bloodthirsty President Shinonome.moreless
    • 2/4/10
      Mina and Yuki have a falling out regarding Akira when they are paired together during home economics class. Meanwhile, the disappearance of President Shinonome causes problems for Akira when the Student Council receives proof that vampires are responsible. Mina has problems of her own to deal with when it emerges that the Prime Minister plans to dissolve Parliament and reject her plans for the formation of the Bund forcing her to take drastic action.moreless
    • 1/28/10
      Mina has decided to hold a press conference for the world's media in order to allay fears about the formation of the Bund. At the last minute Marquis Juneau Dermailles and his men arrive to take over security for the event from Sir Wolf, Vera and Akira. Unfortunately their is a traitor amongst Dermailles's team and it falls upon Akira to protect both the Princess and the media.moreless
    • Teen Wolf
      Episode 3
      Akira is having a hard time dealing with his fragmented memories and rediscovered identity as a werewolf. To make matters even worse for the confused Akira Mina has just transferred to his school. Not only does this outrage the Student Council, in particular President Shinonome, but it also draws attention to Akira's relationship with the vampire world. Meanwhile, Mina is more concerned about her political dealings with the Japanese Government than Akira's school life.moreless
    • Howling
      Episode 2
      The whole world is talking about Mina's recent revelations, all except high school student Akira Kaburagi who just isn't interested in vampires. However, when Akira gets caught up in an attempt on the Princess's life he begins to realise that he has met Mina before. He also realises that he must protect her at any cost and that he has the means to do so.moreless
    • Prom Night
      Episode 1
      As the guests on 'Astraea's Balance' debate the existence of Vampires two people have very different reasons for appearing on the talk show. One is a rogue vampire responsible for the deaths of numerous women, who wishes to regain something he once lost. The other is Mina Tepes, the ruler of all vampires who plans to use the show to reveal her true identity to the world.moreless