Dance in the Vampire Bund

(ended 2010)


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  • Greatest show ever!

    This show is smart, entertaining, wise, etc. 5/5
  • An interesting take on the well trodden vampre-romance genre.

    The plot follows Mina Tepes, the vampire Queen and her bodyguard, Akira (who happens to be a werewolf) as they attempt to realise Mina's dream of establishing a Bund where vampirescan live openly with humans. Unfortunately for the ill fated duo many humans and some more extremist vampires are less than happy about Mina revealing the existence of vampires to the worl let alone her plans to establish a seperate vampire nation.

    The shows premise is a nice change from the usual take on vampire-romance shows/movies and makes for an interesting viewing experience.

    The characters are well depicted if a little 2 dimernsional and cliched in places. However, the excellent voice acting and flashy visuals make up for this.

    The animation is solid (ignore episode one as it is not representative of the series)although it can be a little too dark (literally) at times.

    All in all a solid anime show and the only reason it doesnt get a higher rating is that it strays juts a little too far from the orignal mange for my taste.
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