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AIRED ON 3/18/2014

Season 4 : Episode 12

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Go inside the competitive world of dance where pushy mothers force their daughters to perform while try to create their own dreams vicariously through them.


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    • Name change?

      When will the name of the show change to the more appropriate name of The Cult of Abby Lee? Abby sees herself as God and Maddie is Jesus, in her own mind that is. In reality Abby is someone I wouldn't let near my children. She's nasty and treat the kids like crap. She demands complete loyalty from both her students and their parents, while showing very little respect for her paying customers and their children. I've had some very tough and demanding dance teachers but not a single one of them would ever belittle or demean children the way Abby does. Nor would they expect any of their students to side with them against their own parents. Quite the opposite, they expected us to treat our parents with respect. Abby keep repeating that all the kids can be replaced, but I think she forgets that the kids did just fine and won when Abby wasn't there for 2 weeks, which shows that it's not just the kids that can be replaced.

      Despite everything, it's hard not to watch Dance Moms. I want to know what happens next.moreless
    • Candy Apples

      I wish they would put them candy apples slice them lie the apples they are I can't stand Kathy see makes me sick rotten to the core.
    • What wonderful Dancers!

      I like Abbey. She knows what it takes to get to the top and she gets results! On the other hand, that Cathy (Candy Apples) woman is a complete nutcase. She spends so much time stealing Abbey's castoffs and plotting how to bring Abbey down and it makes her look petty, unprofessional and obsessive.

      And the girls, everyone of them is awesome! I love them all.

      Good luck Abbey and Dancers and thank you for sharing yourselves on . so we can all see the hard work you put into each and every dance.moreless
    • love u girls

      i love your show abby lee. people write stuff like a fat old lady but your fat and your proud. thats whats my mom always tell me. and your yelling is for a reason your trying to push the girls to work harder. thats why u r always first place. also people r saying oh she is always giving more attention to maddie thats true but people dont see the point she works harder ,give energy the looks the faces thats perfect thats why abby lee always picks maddie she got her own vido with sia. that show she works harder than the other girls. i think abby lee is a great teacher good luck girlsmoreless
    • Awesome

      Love it

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