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AIRED ON 3/18/2014

Season 4 : Episode 12

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Go inside the competitive world of dance where pushy mothers force their daughters to perform while try to create their own dreams vicariously through them.

  • She would be great as a prison officer

    What an unhappy bunch of girls. They just want to dance and to do so are taught by a tyrant. They are permanently upset and living in fear. Give Abby Lee Miller a job in a prison, I am sure inmates would not want to return. Ms Millers favourite saying is " you can always be replaced" She forgets that so can she. The show is called "Dance Moms" not the Abby Lee Miller show. Find a dance teacher with a human heart and one that can also portray and dance the routines themselves. I look forward to the girls dancing, they are so graceful especially Chloe (didn't she win the ballet scholarship? The girls are all very sweet, but I fear Maddie is getting a bit big headed, all Abby's fault of course. The mums are all at their wits end and no one is listening to them. Kelly has spent most of her life under Abby Lee's spell, she must free herself from this torment for her own sanity, if it is not already to late.moreless
  • Crazy lady

    I wouldnt watch this show if you paid me. Abby is way to mean to the kids.
  • Best Show Ever

    I am addicted to this show!
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  • This show is like watching a train wreck in slow stop watching it.. but can't

    I have watched this show since the beginning. I really believe that Abby has let the "fame" go to her head. She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips, but she's just a loudmouth annoying biatch who I would never let any kid I cared about go near. She may have had some dancers go to Broadway, but she's just gotten lucky that they were also didn't "create" them, only "taught" them. I have always enjoyed the show and the great dancing, but cannot continue to watch the way she ABUSES the everyone can see Matty is her favorite, but Abby needs to quit throwing it up in the kids faces every minute. All she is doing is embarrassing Matty and hurting the other girls. If I was a mother there, I would have been in Kelly's shoes a long time ago, because Abby would have only mouthed off and disrespected me once!! That is exactly what is missing It is sad that nowadays kids are learning poor attitude from those we pay to teach them; bad Abby forgets she is there to be a role modelnot a parole model!!!! I'm DONE with watching her abuse those precious girls, and think the dance mom's need to go elsewhere to get their girls dance kids will thank them for it someday!moreless

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