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Dance Moms and the new Dance Mom

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    OMG!!! I cannot believe the nerve of the new "dance Mom" who, despite having her own studio, brings her daughter "Vivvi" to Abbey's studio and then tries to sabotage anything Abbey wants her to do. i do not think her daughter has any talent and what talent she has could only be enhanced with a genuine effort to do things Abbey's way. Abbey has gone out of her way to make her feel welcome despite it causing dissent amongst the other Mothers, who's daughters are genuinely talented and willing to work HARD to get to where they want to be. The new Mom plays the "colleague card" way too often and it is only a matter of time until Abbey tells her what she really thinks about her being a 'colleague" her not being in the same league and all. So "new Mom" suck it up and let Abbey teach your daughter to dance, something you have been unable to do, or get the heck out of there with your no talent daughter, the one who tells you she doesn't WANT to dance.

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