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  • Name change?

    When will the name of the show change to the more appropriate name of The Cult of Abby Lee? Abby sees herself as God and Maddie is Jesus, in her own mind that is. In reality Abby is someone I wouldn't let near my children. She's nasty and treat the kids like crap. She demands complete loyalty from both her students and their parents, while showing very little respect for her paying customers and their children. I've had some very tough and demanding dance teachers but not a single one of them would ever belittle or demean children the way Abby does. Nor would they expect any of their students to side with them against their own parents. Quite the opposite, they expected us to treat our parents with respect. Abby keep repeating that all the kids can be replaced, but I think she forgets that the kids did just fine and won when Abby wasn't there for 2 weeks, which shows that it's not just the kids that can be replaced.

    Despite everything, it's hard not to watch Dance Moms. I want to know what happens next.
  • Candy Apples

    I wish they would put them candy apples slice them lie the apples they are I can't stand Kathy see makes me sick rotten to the core.
  • What wonderful Dancers!

    I like Abbey. She knows what it takes to get to the top and she gets results! On the other hand, that Cathy (Candy Apples) woman is a complete nutcase. She spends so much time stealing Abbey's castoffs and plotting how to bring Abbey down and it makes her look petty, unprofessional and obsessive.

    And the girls, everyone of them is awesome! I love them all.

    Good luck Abbey and Dancers and thank you for sharing yourselves on . so we can all see the hard work you put into each and every dance.
  • love u girls

    i love your show abby lee. people write stuff like a fat old lady but your fat and your proud. thats whats my mom always tell me. and your yelling is for a reason your trying to push the girls to work harder. thats why u r always first place. also people r saying oh she is always giving more attention to maddie thats true but people dont see the point she works harder ,give energy the looks the faces thats perfect thats why abby lee always picks maddie she got her own vido with sia. that show she works harder than the other girls. i think abby lee is a great teacher good luck girls
  • Awesome

    Love it

  • 1 word HORIBLE

    This show is cruel and crappy like Who wants to see drunk lady's in their 40's scream swear and fight at each other and that fat ass lady Abby lee keeps yelling at 7-10 year old and they cry and she doesn't care if they are humiliated on public TV and those moms always brag about their kid getting first place its stupid. And also theirs this weird crack old lady that is just a jerk who wants attention. So i hate this show its so wrong I will call this show drunk moms i feel bad for the kids they get tortured by a fat old lady. Cancel this.
  • She would be great as a prison officer

    What an unhappy bunch of girls. They just want to dance and to do so are taught by a tyrant. They are permanently upset and living in fear. Give Abby Lee Miller a job in a prison, I am sure inmates would not want to return. Ms Millers favourite saying is " you can always be replaced" She forgets that so can she. The show is called "Dance Moms" not the Abby Lee Miller show. Find a dance teacher with a human heart and one that can also portray and dance the routines themselves. I look forward to the girls dancing, they are so graceful especially Chloe (didn't she win the ballet scholarship? The girls are all very sweet, but I fear Maddie is getting a bit big headed, all Abby's fault of course. The mums are all at their wits end and no one is listening to them. Kelly has spent most of her life under Abby Lee's spell, she must free herself from this torment for her own sanity, if it is not already to late.
  • Crazy lady

    I wouldnt watch this show if you paid me. Abby is way to mean to the kids.
  • Best Show Ever

    I am addicted to this show!
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  • This show is like watching a train wreck in slow stop watching it.. but can't

    I have watched this show since the beginning. I really believe that Abby has let the "fame" go to her head. She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips, but she's just a loudmouth annoying biatch who I would never let any kid I cared about go near. She may have had some dancers go to Broadway, but she's just gotten lucky that they were also didn't "create" them, only "taught" them. I have always enjoyed the show and the great dancing, but cannot continue to watch the way she ABUSES the everyone can see Matty is her favorite, but Abby needs to quit throwing it up in the kids faces every minute. All she is doing is embarrassing Matty and hurting the other girls. If I was a mother there, I would have been in Kelly's shoes a long time ago, because Abby would have only mouthed off and disrespected me once!! That is exactly what is missing It is sad that nowadays kids are learning poor attitude from those we pay to teach them; bad Abby forgets she is there to be a role modelnot a parole model!!!! I'm DONE with watching her abuse those precious girls, and think the dance mom's need to go elsewhere to get their girls dance kids will thank them for it someday!
  • People often hate things they simpy don't understand

    What's the purpose of watching and rating a show you don't like? There's none. But you can't keep yourself from putting a low rate, just to make it look worse than it is. There are so many shows on this earth that are much more useless than this one.

    It's just a documentary about dancing kids, the moms are just the annoying topping.
  • So happy I see so many 1's

    Might be the worst show on TV, and that's quite an accomplishment. Awful mothers, abused children, and a fat obnoxious dance instructor that probably can't even tie her own shoes, let alone yell at girls for not "moving properly". Amazing this show even existed ...
  • head spinner boy- silly and useless

    what is with the pathetic little boy on the candy apples dance team who can seem to only spin on his head like some childs toy. He is out classed by the other boys who can dance nicely and should give it up an go home or learn to actually dance. The head spinning is a totally bizarre move and does in no way fit into a dance routine or competition.
  • Bully

    Abby you need HELP professional help!!!! I have never in my life witness such abuse, Does that make you feel better yelling and insulting these kids and there mothers, does this make you feel bigger or what you can't get any BIGGER than you are right? I say someone needs to turn you big butt in to the authority's !!!! I can tell you this much if I had my daughter there or even lived in that area I would be the first one there to see to it that you got SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!!
  • Disappointed

    I have watched Dance Moms from the beginning . It's obvious that Abbey has no social skills. She has a is very outspoken, rude. and immature. But this season I feel she is out of control. The way she punishes the kids because she is mad at a mom, come on why punish the kids as a Dance Studio and wanting to be #1 she only hurting herself. The moms need to chill out. I truly believe that this season is all about being immature, parents leaving and coming back, Abbey being extremely mean to the kids. All the other season the kids were happy. This season they are a nerves reck, insecure and on edge. The sparkle in their eyes are gone. I hope Abbey forgives and forget and teach them to dance.
  • Whoever produced this show should be fired

    This is horrendous. I love a trashy reality show as much as the next American, but this isn't reality tv with crazy mothers and daughters. This is a window into psychological abuse by an obese, bitter, has-been who clearly should not be allowed anywhere near children. I was genuinely shocked that this aired, and it takes a lot to shock me. At least on other shows where kids are paraded around they look like they're enjoying themselves; however much I might disagree with how they're being raised. Here, I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of these kids commits suicide within the next five years.
  • Dance Moms

    This show is a joke. All you do is fight.
  • I know nothing about dancing but I love this show. But be warned, it is highly addictive and likely to become your newest guilty pleasure.


    I know nothing about dancing but I love this show. I love the intro (complete with the laughable pose made by Abby Lee at the end). I love the INSANE moms. I love how one of the moms (Holly) looks and sounds like a real life version of Stevie's mom from Malcolm in the Middle. I love that all the little girls are sweet and nice juxtaposed to their (mostly) insane mothers. Okay, Maddie is a little full of herself, but everyone is CONSTANTLY telling her that she's better than everyone else and she's always getting preferential treatment so it's to be expected. (She's really not bad all things considered.)

    My love for Abby Lee's insanity is it's own category. She may have been working with children, but she does not understand them at all. She's constantly yelling about how "If you/your daughter ever works on Broadway it will be ten worse!" Yeah, but they're ten. They can ease into pressure as they get older. Or saying that "kids should cry if their arm is broken and it's hanging off, or if somebody died. That's it." when a nine year old girl started crying from being under too much pressure.

    Full disclosure: Some of my love might stem from doing competitive sports as a teenager and seeing some of this behavior myself, but I like to think that anyone can appreciate (and become addicted to) this show.