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Tuesday 9:00 PM on Lifetime Premiered Jul 13, 2011 In Season


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  • I know nothing about dancing but I love this show. But be warned, it is highly addictive and likely to become your newest guilty pleasure.


    I know nothing about dancing but I love this show. I love the intro (complete with the laughable pose made by Abby Lee at the end). I love the INSANE moms. I love how one of the moms (Holly) looks and sounds like a real life version of Stevie's mom from Malcolm in the Middle. I love that all the little girls are sweet and nice juxtaposed to their (mostly) insane mothers. Okay, Maddie is a little full of herself, but everyone is CONSTANTLY telling her that she's better than everyone else and she's always getting preferential treatment so it's to be expected. (She's really not bad all things considered.)

    My love for Abby Lee's insanity is it's own category. She may have been working with children, but she does not understand them at all. She's constantly yelling about how "If you/your daughter ever works on Broadway it will be ten worse!" Yeah, but they're ten. They can ease into pressure as they get older. Or saying that "kids should cry if their arm is broken and it's hanging off, or if somebody died. That's it." when a nine year old girl started crying from being under too much pressure.

    Full disclosure: Some of my love might stem from doing competitive sports as a teenager and seeing some of this behavior myself, but I like to think that anyone can appreciate (and become addicted to) this show.