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New Editor, New Submission/Forum Guidelines

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    [1]Aug 26, 2008
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    Hello everyone, I am the new editor of "Dance on Sunset" to replace crzza. I'm not too strict, but I do enforce rules when needed. Everyone can call me Jake.

    Forum Guidelines:

    Spam will not be tolerated. Limit this, even in the off-topic thread. I'm not too strict about off-topic, but if it gets out of hand, I will take control.

    No flaming/insulting other users. The post will be deleted. Mild hate threads will be put through, but if I think it's too extreme of will cause a fight, it will be locked and/or deleted.

    Please keep swearing very mild. Any extreme swearing and I will take action.

    The Off-Topic thread will be used for anything you want to talk about. Again, no spamming. I don't want to see 20+ new posts of the same person.

    Submission Guidelines

    Please put the correct HTML codes for quotes. For a name, put < B > without the spaces in front of it, and < /b > without the spaces behind it the last letter. Example: < B >Tony Testa< /b >: (Remember, no spaces in the code)

    For all information you submit, please make sure you have a trustful website. Example; TVGuide, Cabletvtalk, and Nick. Information from IMDB and Wikipedia will not be accepted.

    All quotes must have correct grammar. Incorrect grammar will be rejected. If it is your first time submitting for the guide, I will let you off with a warning, accept it and edit it myself.

    Submitted Links

    All links must contain valid information.

    Thank you for your patience in reading this, and I hope I can become a great editor for this board.

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