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    crzza wrote:
    ruggedwonders wrote:
    crzza wrote:
    ruggedwonders wrote:

    my mom wants to go to the beach this summer; I suggested California. she asked where we would get the money, I said, "Child support?"

    I'm crazy. XD

    oh, btw, has ANYONE noticed how Shane did that "Tony Testa" face in that one ep (can't remember the name), and he looked almost like him?

    I did!

    I just looked at him and went, "Oh... my... Gosh!! He looked IDENTICAL to him when he did that!!"

    I was ROFLMAO.

    I was more ROFLMAO ALOT!

    psht as if. lol. I've seen that ep like 2 times & I've laughed so hard I cried. & everytime I see them I go, "There's Tony Testa & Jr. Tony Testa..."

    oh, and have you ever thought about NASCAR drivers- "You spin me right round, baby
    right round like a record, baby". (sorry, totally pumped up on Full Throttle... XD)

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