Dance on Sunset

Season 1 Episode 10

Girl Group Dance-Off

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 31, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • You got served!

    I like it when the girls had split up into a three girl competition to see who's the better of the three. Ashley's team is "The Glam Squad." Aubree's team is "Nerdy by Nature," and Karen's team is "the sneaky Ninjas." I was rooting for Aubree's team, although I found that the team could be better if they remove their glasses. the team might be nerdy, but I lioke to see the glasses come off. Aubree's team won. And so did the kids in the audience because Soulja boy perform "Yahhh!" for the crowd. I don't care much for the group, but there you go.
  • the clique girls join the show as well as soulja boy and the girls face off in a dance off while the guys have a "man challenge"

    this was a very interesting ep but not exactly my fave..i mean it got my interest but yeah it wasnt the best in my opinion..spoiler..the girls had their own contest and i must have missed a part b/c im not exactly sure how they picked the girls to join them but those girls were really good..i also liked the outfits they chose..the ninjas thing was alright but the glam was so cute and the nerd was dead-on..i was happy the nerds won..they were really the best..and then the guy challenges were funny b/c they werent exactly guy challenges except for the burger but watching them be all competitive and doing the stuff was hilarious..not really too much dancing in this one
  • The boys have a trio of challenges and the girls have the dance-off.

    I laughed till I cried in this episode. I loved the boys' challenges- I knew I could've probably beaten them to the hoop, but I would've given myself a concussion with a basketball. They had a mental challenge with 2 items from each of the girls, and they had to match to who it belonged to (Hefa got a bit cocky, I believe), but I really liked the last challenge, though- Shane, Hefa, and Johnny all made some nasty burgers and I probably wouldn't have eaten all three of them. (sorry, I don't like cottage cheese or chocolate much.) The girls, however, had the danceoff, and Karen and her team weren't "good enough" for the audience. (I thought they were rather good, though.) Ashley and Aubree both advanced to the last round, where Aubree's team beat out Ashley's. In the midst of all this, Soulja Boy performed "Yahhh!", there was 2 freestyles, and the No. 1 song was J. Lo's "Hold It Don't Drop It" and it was finished off with a awesome performance by the Nick 6.