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  • A pretty good show that didn't even last.

    One of the best reality shows ever made on Nickelodeon and one of the best dance reality shows ever made too.All of those dances were pretty cool and dancing to songs were cool too.This is one of the best shows ever made with all the dancing and moves that they did on this show.It didn't even last like all of the other reality shows ever made because they might wanted to have some new shows.Well,I want to have new episodes of this show because it's so cool of all what it has done all the time.One of the best shows ever.
  • Don't be sucked in by the evils of pop culture!

    Okay so this show is (obviously) a dance show. The (unheard of) Nick Six Dancers talk about there "stardom" we learn horrible dance moves you'd never bring yourself to do in public from the (uncared about) Tony Testa. This lasted about six episodes I belive, the only thing that kept one from wondering why they couldn't just stage there own dance party or from each and every episode being completly repeative was a musical guest (actually heard of musical guest, that is). The cheography (as mentioned) outright sucks, and the big finale dance held at the end of each episode just doesn't live to the in-episode hype. Viacom's attept to brainbrash you all into pop culture zombies! Be aware friends, be aware!!!
  • On the exterior it looks like the great, yet average dance show. On the inside, it falls short on the actual "dance" though.

    When news came out Nickelodeon was coming up with this dance show, it was a train wreck waiting to happen, in my opinion. I forced myself to watch a few episodes, and basically, I wasn't as disgusted as I thought I was going to be. Sure, this show isn't any "So You Think You Can Dance" or "Dancing with the Stars", or even "America's Best Dance Crew", but it gives kids, tweens, and maybe some desperate teenagers something to learn dance from. The actual dance however, just fails miserably for me. I don't know whether it's the bad choreography, or how when they all freestyle some of the people are just waving their arms around. Either way, it this show manages to continue they have to improve their dance, technically. The one thing that stands out in this show is how they have a special guest performer every episode. That's decent at least.
  • Good show

    Each week, six young dancers get a chance to learn a new dance from a top choreographer, Tony Testa. The dances are both new and old, an eclectic mash-up of just about anything Tony can think of. A Sunset VIP is chosen from the audience at the end of each episode who then gets to dance with the Nick 6. Nick 6 : Johnny Shane Hefa Karen Aubree Ashley This show is great great great. It wasnt very good at first but the last couple of episodes have been awesome. I cant wait to see more dance on sunset in the future.
  • I like the idea of the show but they need better dancers.

    Like i already said, its a great idea for a show but get real. Their dancing falls short or maybe its the choreography that needs fine tuning. The host could have something to do with it. I like how they have celebs sing or perform. That's probably the only reason why i keep watching this show. Tony Testa is cool and all but i think he should improve on the dance moves. Most people in the audience though have no rythm so maybe theirs no need for change. I don't think this show is gonna last that long but hey i could be wrong.
  • I would prefer Dance Dance Revolution games alot more than watching this show.

    Personally, I do not find this show very interesting. First of all, the dances do not really get you moving. It is mostly just showing off some famous dances that are hard to follow. Dance Dance Revolution on the other hand, gets you moving, and you can have so much fun that you can dance till dawn! I have alot more fun with Dance Dance Revolution, than watching Dance on Sunset. The good thing about this show is that famous celebrities appear on the show, and sing some songs that the Nick 6 dance to. The bad thing about this show is that the dances are hard to follow, and get boring over time. Overall, average show, hard-to-follow dances, and forgettable themes. Play Dance Dance Revolution on your PS2, Wii etc. and you will have alot more fun.
  • Aubree Storm is my favorite Dancer!

    I don't usually watch Nickelodeon, except for cartoons like the new cartoon series "The Mighty B!" "Dance on sunset" has my attention. I like the dancer on the series, but my favorite dancer is Aubree Strom. She's not only my favorite, but she the best thing in the dancing series. When i see these kids dance, I'm in heaven. I watch at 8:30 pm every sunday night, except for a movie. This is a type of dance show that we need now. Kids dancing to the current hits. We need that now. Also another shout off for Aubree Strom! She's my favorite.
  • Unique show, should get your kids moving.

    This is a great show for kids between the ages of 9-13. I don't think it is meant for anyone over that age, so I find it comical that someone named "collegebound" is going through all the effort to review each episode when it could hardly have been meant for him/her. In a time where kids aren't getting up and moving quite enough, hopefully a show like Dance on Sunset will give them the incentive to get off the couch. The Nick 6 seem to be a very talented group and should be great role models. Better than Sponge Bob is all I can say.
  • Alright

    well this show is called dance on sunset it's basical about dance go figure anyway this so is ok the dance moves are good and they have good musical guest and great music. this show is proably something you would want to watch when there's nothin on t.v. the cast again are good dancers espeacially the guys... they get extra points because there cute. the cast fashion sense is pretty good..... the show in my opinon won't last long well maybe 2 seasons are maybe more i don't.... nick did an ok job on this show maybe next time they can do a little better.
  • the nick six teach a new dance while either the nick six or some special guests pick the winner for the week; then a special musical guest performs

    ok this show feels like its been done kind of like a million times..i mean there are so many shows out there like this..did nick think they were getting another original show? see this is why nick is going downhill..all the good shows are getting pushed out of the way for shows like this..half of the people who perform i havent even heard of or dont like at all..and i saw the first dance and im like that is so stupid..the dances on other shows and hsm are way better..i just dont like this show and im only watching it now b/c im bored and waiting for zoey 101 promos
  • It's alright.

    The show is alright, it's definitely not something I would watch everyday, maybe once in a while, the host of the show seems to be pretty good. I love that Natasha Bedingfield(sm) performed on the last episode. But seriously I don't think it going is going to stay on that long, the show will probably stay on for one season or maybe two and then get canceled. Like I said the show is alright, but not that interesting. The show seems to mostly be geared towards 9-13 year old. I'll watch it every once in a while when I have nothing else to do.
  • Step in the right direction

    The first time I heard about this show I banged my head against the wall saying to myself "What is Nick thinking making another attempt to rip off Disney instead of once again overtaking it." I was wrong. Now don't get me wrong this show definatly does have the current kids tv fad of singing and dancing but it is bizzarly different in presentation. Nickelodeon made a smart move with this show with its hip style and *gasp* it actually has real music and not bubble gum pop created by the network for the network. As I said before this show is definatly a trend follower with the sing and dance format but something about it reminds me of the Nickelodeon of old. Perhaps it is its lighthearted competition segments or the cast of kids who actually don't seem like these star child actors but are actually normal. The only complaint I have is that the format could use a bit of tweaking maybe make an hour long show devote half to the music and half to the competition aspect because the 30 minuite format seems a bit too rushed. But anyway anyone who misses Nick's golden age should look into this speck of hope or anyone who likes todays kids tv this is a must watch because of its marriage of two generations of kids tv.
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