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Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 105

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Episode 105
Team Bruno and Team Carrie Ann face off again, and the team with the lowest number of votes must eliminate a member. Taylor Swift is the special guest star, performing her hit single "Our Song". Drew Lachey hosts.

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  • Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann is a great concept, giving 12 performers the change of a lifetime

    like this show. There are definitely some things I would change, like Bruno's fake accent! All in all though, I think the show was a good concept. They have discovered some amazing vocalists like Lacey and Mariel. I'm sure if either one of those girls got a solo record contract, they would do great. I do agree that the name of the show is a little misleading. It's called Dance War, but it's about singing and dancing. With that aside, I think this concept gives AI and SYTYCD a run for their money because the contestants have to be a double threat. I also think that team voting and then the captain choosing one person to kick off is not fair. It's obvious that putting Zack in the bottom 2 this week was a scare tactic for TB to get some sympathy votes next week. Maybe there should be more than one voting option; best team, best individual performance, worst individual performance. That way captains know which team is best and which performers were best and worst according to America.moreless
  • "Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann" was a good idea to start, but it seems to have taken a very dark turn for the worst.

    When I first started watching this show, I was thrilled about getting a chance to see real entertainment - people who sing AND dance. "American Idol" always struck me as a joke because it was clear the show was more of a popularity contest. I hate to say it, but after Week 5 it would appear that has come to pass for "Dance War" as well...with a twist. The contest seems not so much about the two teams facing off against one another, but the two people managing those teams.

    "Dancing With The Stars" is a great place to have judges as diverse as Carrie Ann and Bruno. The two of them taking sides in competition? Not so much. At the beginning of the show Bruno came off with too much ego, which is perfect for going head to head with Len Goodman. Len Goodman's staunch perfectionism and colder personality requires someone as creative and full of life as Bruno to keep him in check. This type of "A" personality against Carrie Ann's softer "earth mother" with tough love personality is clearly a mis-match, which Bruno's team is suffering the brunt of.

    After watching these five episodes, one gets a very clear picture that the architecture was wrong to begin with. When you only have six people to compete with, taking down contestants does nothing to enhance the excitement of the show. Instead, it creates a huge imbalance which is exacerbated by one team losing two weeks in a row. I came here to see some singing and dancing, not good people unfamiliar with Hollywood tactics unmercifully toyed with.

    Had the creators of the show been thinking, they would have kept both teams to the end (which is what I had thought would happen) and given them consecutive points for each performance. I realize that may have overloaded their phone system, having several things to vote on, but it would have been more realistic. It would have been easy to program online. If people had to think about each performance, maybe take notes on a form downloadable/printable online for each individual team performance, there might be more excitement. Also having a 1-5 rating system in specific categories (singing, dancing, star power, etc.) might have created a fairer fight in the long run.

    A voting category for best performance of the night male and female would be nice and perhaps something at the end of the competition for the performer from each team who has come the farthest. These types of things could be rewarded with trophys as opposed to kicking someone off the island and make the viewers feel like they have a little more say than just "Bruno" or "Carrie Ann." More importantly, we would have seen a lot more singing and dancing from larger groups of people.

    Yes, a lot of those things would have made it a better show, but that's not what we got. We got people having to decide between a dictator and a mother. Being that most people who enjoy this type of entertainment are not warrior types, it's easy to see who is most likely to win.

    When Bruno and Carrie Ann had to choose their teams, I felt certain that Bruno had the advantage. His team members were stronger out the gate, while Carrie Ann's clearly needed some work. She was right in saying that Bruno's team is composed of the best and brightest who you expect to be a polished group of performers. Carrie Ann's team has really come into it's own, but their vocals are not as strong as Bruno's. I say these things a someone who has always been incredibly hard on their own performances (hence, why I'm not in "the business"). I can spot a slip in pitch by a millimeter of difference. My eyes automatically draw towards the person who's not as limber or been trained to be a dancer.

    I would have been happier with this show if it had followed the format of Dancing With The Stars more closely in putting the easier dances first. America would probably love the show more if the kids were allowed to do well at simple things and then raise the bar when they are capable of hitting it. There are more bad vocals than bad dancing, and bad vocals will turn someone off faster than the latter.

    This is the type of show I'll watch on the internet. It's not good enough to spend the multi-minutes in live commercials with everything I have to do. I really like the idea of working with kids to make them singers and dancers. There are obviously kids in these two groups that deserve their chance in show biz. It just appears ABC didn't do a lot of thinking before they threw this show together. They are working with a smaller group of people. They need to change the show format to include spotlighting the talent the kids DO have until they've reached the next level. "Dancing With The Stars" is a bunch of contestants who already understand being in the spotlight. Dance War is a much steeper hill for contestants to climb.

    As far as Bruno and Carrie Ann, I feel Bruno still has the stronger team even with only four people left, but when it comes to the every day management of the teams, Carrie Ann wins hands down. It's hard not to vote for her at the end of the day. If this show goes into another season, I hope ABC will look harder at the formula. People want to be entertained. Just give us more good entertainment and less "all about winning."moreless

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    • Songs featured in tonight's episode:

      Group performance: "Loud"- Big and Rich

      Team Carrie Ann: "Devil Went Down to Georgia"- Charlie Daniels and "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"- KT Tunstall

      Team Bruno- "Life is a Highway"- Chris LeDoux version and "These Boots are Made for Walking- Jessica Simpson version

      Bottom Two- "If Tomorrow Never Comes"- Garth Brooks


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