Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

ABC (ended 2008)


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  • Looked like it would be a good show, but wasn't as interesting as it seemed...

    Don't get me wrong: this was a pretty good show, but it just wasn't as good as I'd thought it would be. The auditions were awesome, but the training sessions were boring, and the performances could have been better. What I didn't like about the performances was how dingy the stage looked and how the losing team was forced to let go of a member. In my opinion, that made the show more boring and nerve-wracking. The dances and singing both would have been much better if all the original members stayed. This would have been a decent show if they changed the rules a little bit.
  • An okay show...

    I only really watched the first and last shows of Dance War. The shows ultimate goal was to create the next greatest singing/dancing pop group. However, when they preformed together the songs they sang really didn't sound very "pop," however the dancing was very good.

    During the final show, Bruno's team, although I felt bad for them for losing so many members of their team, only had negative things to say about Carrie Ann's team. The other team (Carrie Ann's) spoke positively about Bruno's team.

    As for the teams themselves, each team could sing and dance well. Each team had very strong ties to the rest of the group.

    If this show comes out again, I am pretty sure I will not watch it again.
  • Two words - Bad Karaoke

    I love singing. I love dancing. I love American Idol and I like Dancing with the Stars and So you Think you Can Dance. When this show came out, I thought it was a great idea. Singing and dancing in one competition. I was wrong. Either it was a bad idea or this show just did a really bad job of making it happen. I found Bruno and Carrie Ann to be both over the top in gushing over their teams and completely unrealistic about what anyone had to offer. In the whole season only 3 people get voted off?? What was the purpose of that. It would have been a better idea to leave the teams intact and award them points each week. The overall points winner wins the competition. Or if you are going to vote people off, it needs to be more than 3 people...

    I was thoroughly disappointed and will not tune in if there is another season. The sad reality is that the singing suffered for the sake of the dancing. And while the dancing was pretty good, the singing was often out of tune, out of breath, unintelligible or very poorly blended. Not worth watching.
  • Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann is a great concept, giving 12 performers the change of a lifetime.

    I like this show. There are definitely some things I would change, like Bruno's fake accent! All in all though, I think the show was a good concept. They have discovered some amazing vocalists like Lacey and Mariel. I'm sure if either one of those girls got a solo record contract, they would do great. I do agree that the name of the show is a little misleading. It's called Dance War, but it's about singing and dancing. With that aside, I think this concept gives AI and SYTYCD a run for their money because the contestants have to be a double threat. I also think that team voting and then the captain choosing one person to kick off is not fair. It's obvious that putting Zack in the bottom 2 this week was a scare tactic for TB to get some sympathy votes next week. Maybe there should be more than one voting option; best team, best individual performance, worst individual performance. That way captains know which team is best and which performers were best and worst according to America.
  • Judges need to keep their day jobs

    Carrie Anne and Bruno are not just the judges on Dancing with the Stars but also dancers as well. Carrie Anne used to be a dancer for the 1990's comedy skit show "In Living Color" as also starring furture stars Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez. Now these two get out from behind the judges desk and try to find the best dancers there. This is trying to be the ABC answer to Fox's very popular "American Idol" but with dancers, not singers. Really, these two need to keep their day jobs. And that they really need to leave the dancers to the professionals. Don't know why they would do a show like this.
  • I though that this was DANCE war. Where is the dancing?

    Dance was has turned into a show for a musical. Yes it is nice that these people can sing and prance around. BuT WeRe Is ThE DaNcInG? I am a big fan of Carrie Ann and want to know why she would sighn on for this? This is not auditions for Greese!! If I wanted a musical I would flip the clicker. I want hardcore dancing. Get rid of the shineys and heals and put on dance clothing and shoes. That is what this show should be not Musicals. They should really change this name to Musical War or try dancing.
  • The Judges from dancing with the stars are having a competition to see who can create the best team of dancers.

    Okay so the first time I watched this was because my mom liked the show and changed it from I was watching. I was about to leave when I saw the boys performing and I was like "Ooooo...They're hot!" You know like any normal teenage girl would. I loved the fact that some of the guys were only wearing open vests showing off their sexy abs! But then the girls came on and most of them were either fat or slutty....Some of them didn't have very good voices either. So I say ignore the girls and watch the boys. I'll keep watching this show until the cute guys are gone.
  • This is ABC's answer to American Idol? You've got be kidding me. Bring back Dancing with the Stars.

    I saw about two episodes of this show and I was amazed at how bad the concept of the show was. First of all it's a total rip off of a few other talent shows. The obvious one being American Idol. The other show that is being ripped of is "So you think you can dance." Merge them together and you get a mediocre idea. I like Bruno and Carrie Ann on Dancing With Stars because of their ability to formulate great constructive criticism and occasionally witty comments but this show just seems like a bad idea. Instead of having this show, why not bring back Dancing with the Stars?
  • Dance like a winner, and watch it like a.....what?

    If there's anything that is related to "Dance War," it is anything but. Put in "Clash of The Choirs," mix in a bit of "American Idol," add some "So You Think You Can Dance" with a dash of choreography from a broadway show you like and Presto! ABC's answer to whatever reality competition show they can think of. Each week, Bruno Tonioil and Carrie Ann Inaba pick young people to perform in a variety of styles and when the viewers vote, the losing team must send some dancers up for elimination while the winners sit back and watch. I like the concept, but it needs a bit of spark to add to these young people. I think it'll be a good show.
  • I thought this was going to be different...

    Another American Idol wannabe... I'm sick of it, seriously... I thought this was going to be a fresh dance show from the very beginning, but nooo... We have to sit (We don't HAVE to, but still xD ) through an hour of dumb auditions featuring strangers I know nothing about... And I couldn't care less about any of them... At least during the Idol or SYTYCD auditions I see some people I really like and can't wait to see in the callbacks... But here, no thanks...

    I actually started watching the show because I wanted to see who Bruno and Carrie Ann are... I mean, I know they're judges on Dancing with the Stars, but I never really watched it... (Now that the strike is in full speed, I want to watch DWTS when it returns in March). It was dumb - and those people aren't the biggest talents ever... And the host, Lachey? Geez, that man really doesn't know how to host a show, he was just one-dimensional and dumb...

    I really, really wanted this show to be good... But, I guess the only reality-competition show I'll be looking forward to next week is Idol... :(
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