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Saturday 6:50 PM on Premiered Jul 14, 2007 Between Seasons


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Dance X

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Let the dance-off begin on BBC-1 as this energetic contest show pits one outstanding dance talent with another in front of a live audience. Fans of Strictly Come Dancing and Strictly Dance Fever will want a front row seat alongside judges Bruno Tonioli and Arlene Phillips. The judges are looking to create an all-singing, all-dancing troupe of young talent, along the same lines of Hot Gossip. After many open auditions around the country, the judges select finalists to compete against each other in live themed shows where each judge's group has to perform a dance, a song and then a dance and song combination. A member from the least popular group, as chosen by the public, will be forced to leave the competition. At the end of the seven-week run, those winning contestants will have a shot at stardom in their own talented group.
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  • BBC's New 'DANCE' show in which we was treated to 60 minutes of ...well not dance...and were dancers, had to be able to ....well try to basically the plot is...erm..not to sure!moreless

    The BBC used to stand for something in the UK, a kind of heritage of british society, an example to what the UK has to offer...and then they give us Dance X which should just so be named..'if it works for tv your in! x' because thats what the 60 mins was all bout ...the tv side.

    I understand they have to make a show, but come on we are not that stupid as a nation to be watching a show about dance and then be told they are also going to sing...i mean do you ask a butcher if he can mend yor car...or do you go to asda and expect them to provide! so why should we be fooled that people who applyed for a dance show..should be instant singers.

    I actually went to the auditions with a friend who got through and went also to the london call back and watched it all unfold, and boy what a drama it was, from 'cut' shouted by some man standing in the background whilst bruno touched up his make up, to ' action ' whilst arlene tried to move her kind of non moveable face and pretend she knew what she was doing, pure self indulgent tv...made for two minor tv stars who the bbc cant find anythng else to do with them. So they are now trying ot find a new super group all singing and all dancing to bring back what is so call lost...but to be honest all singing all dancing bands have never gone away, take Liberty x, Girls aloud, Westlife - oh actually ill take the last one back, but you get my drift, its reality TV who have stopped these bands emerging as the norm, because reality now is that, you go on a show they fast track you to fame until the new series starts and then ...BANG...your out of it again ...

    So all i can say is well BBC you really gone and done it now..i think were heading in the line of Big Brother, which i must admit i watch and it keeps the nation entertained, but isnt really an example of british life. Get back to the old way of things and stop giving us silly drivle like this show, after all the advertisment for the show auditions said it all, they wanted amazing dancers...who could sing a bit..but not essensial, so back to my butchers quote...ill have a pound of beef, and if you wouldnt mind changing my car engine as well expeince necessary.moreless