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  • MTV's DanceLife produced by JLo that takes you through the lives of six dancers trying to make it in the professional world of dance. Featuring well known recording artists and dance choreographers for whom the six audition/dance for.

    Spectacular dancing! BUT, the show is way too scripted. The obviously staged scenes combined with some of the melodramatic storylines, awkward transitions between scenes and the realitically unfeasible inconsistencies are a major turn off. The dancing however is amazing and getting to see auditioning process and the big names in the entertainment industry in action is, I admit, insightfully intriguing. Unfortunately they cut away from the dancing too much with ridiculously horrendous acting *ahem* I mean "reality" scenes. I really wish they were more candid on the show giving the actual dancing more camera-time instead of the painful dialogue.
  • I love everything about this show.

    This is a very entertaining show. The main characters are all very likable and the dancing is fabulous. The ups and downs of being a dancer are definitely shown and it is very real. I have nothing bad to say. My favorite show right now, period. This is a winner and hopefully there will be many more episodes. Thanks to MTV for showing reruns early in the evening several times during the week, for those of us who can't catch the later pm original broadcast. A special thanks to Jennifer Lopez for creating and producing such a great show. Thank you.
  • is this really a reality show?

    Dancelife, is an okay show. but i still wonder if its really a reality show. because it seems like everything is just being played out, and its as if there is a director behind the scenes telling them what to do. for example, in the episode i watched today, celestina, was on the phone in a bathroom, talking to her boyfriend, and after the call, she came out of the bathroom, looked into a mirror and just started dancing a whole routine, out of nowhere. no one would actually do that in real life. but oh well, i still watch this show once in a while, because i'd watch almost anything that has to do with dance. since i love to dance.