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Dancin' On Air

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DANCIN' ON AIR -- produced from 1981-1987 by Michael Nise and his father, Frank -- was the forerunner of DANCE PARTY USA. Initially, DANCIN' ON AIR was broadcast LIVE to 7 states. The show's creators / producers worked out of their Camden, NJ offices. The show's TV studio was located in Philadelphia. Frank Nise was 70 years young when DANCIN' ON AIR first broadcast. That makes Frank the "oldest living teenager" at the time, and an excellent candidate to claim the honor of being, "the oldest executive producer of a young adult music TV program." Over 20 years later, Philly's "kids" are still Dancin' On Air. The daily TV teen dance show celebrated its 23rd anniversary on October 12, 2004. The program that brought teens from 7 states rushing home after school to hear the latest music, learn the coolest dances, see the hottest stars and watch their heartthrobs (the show's "regulars") is still getting fan mail. "It was more than a dance show, it was a teen lifestyle program that preached old time traditions of honesty, integrity and good, clean fun," says Michael Nise, the show's executive producer / producer. "Its theme and success were absolutely magical. Our "kids," who are having kids of their own now, long for their innocence of the ‘80s." In February 1999, a Dancin' On Air / Dance Party USA Reunion was held at Club Egypt in Philadelphia. The event drew over 4,000 people which broke all the Club's previous and current attendance records. Dancin' On Air, and its sister show, Dance Party USA, became the longest running daily dance shows in the nation, a close second only to American Bandstand. Due to the cancellation after 35 years of American Bandstand, Dance Party USA became the "heir apparent" to the daily, dance music program. Best kept secret!: Michael Nise holds the world's record for executive producing / producing the most number of TV dance shows in any one lifetime / career.. anywhere in the world.. in the history of TV. OTHER FACTS & RESEARCH DATA: In the first 4 months, DANCIN' ON AIR went from a 1.7 on October 14, 1981 (2 days after its premiere to a 6.1 on February 17, 1982. Including prime time, DANCIN' ON AIR was WPHL's sixth top rated program -- amazing, when the show had an exclusive, and an elusive, target audience. In November, 1986, DANCIN' ON AIR achieved the following an 8 rating in women 12-24 a 5 rating in persons 14-24, Ratings twice as high as any other station in women, 12-24 a teen (over 6 years) rating average of 10 against Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Charlie's Angels, Magnum and Oprah, Received 1,000,000 written votes in a national cheerleading contest; probably a record for a regional television program. DANCIN' ON AIR maintained a 3-5 rating average over 6 years. " ... Mike (Nise) has displayed the professional acumen so vital to achieving success in this industry. His high standards of honesty, sincerity, and perseverance have made him a pleasure tantrum, all endemic to the entertainment world. Thanks to his astute business judgments and his creative outpourings, our association has been exceedingly successful..." Zvi Shoubin, Station Manager, WPHL-TV In 1986, DANCIN' ON AIR tested its potential for a year on KDOC, Los Angeles, California. It worked for KDOC in Los Angeles for over a year, where DANCIN' ON AIR zoomed to the top of their programming schedule from all viewer and rating indicators. KDOC received more mail and more phone calls in response to DANCIN' ON AIR than to any other program on their schedule. After the one year experiment, DANCIN' ON AIR still received letters begging to put the show in Los Angeles again. At KDOC, DANCIN' ON AIR became one of two programs on their entire schedule to draw a rating and at times was their number one program, drawing a higher rating than their local prime time, exciting, controversial and wider demographically based, Wally George Show. "...In the nine months we have been airing DANCIN' ON AIR, the program has built a loyal audience of teens as well as adults. DANCIN' is definitely one of our more successful shows" Claudia Draeger, Program Director, KDOC-TV In a survey taken in the Los Angeles market, kids preferred DANCIN' ON AIR over a local production by an amazing 98 percent! And when KDOC's transmitter went out during a storm, some people called the station asking if they were still on the air, but 71 percent more wanted to know, "Where's DANCIN' ON AIR?" In addition, six months later, the LA Times printed a query representing many others expressing the writer's concern about DANCIN' ON AIR's possible return. Visit TV.com's page for "Dance Party USA" to get more information on both Dancin'On Air and Dance Party USA. OMNI 2000 INC is working to bring back the excitement! including home videos, the radio show, picture book, reunions events, sales of memorabilia and AMERICA'S BLOCK PARTY. Feel free to visit the official website for DANCE PARTY USA and DANCIN' ON AIR at www.omni2000.com. Dancin' On Air's official fan club is at: tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/DANCIN_ON_AIR/?yguid=141300301. Members of this official Club are the first to hear the news about DOA activities. DANCE PARTY USA and DANCIN' ON AIR are copyrighted & trademarked to OMNI 2000 Inc. All previous and current copyrights held. All rights reserved.moreless