Dancing On Ice

Sunday 6:50 PM on ITV Premiered Jan 14, 2006 In Season





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  • Great TV and really exciting!

    Although I will admit that part of me wants to see some of the celebrities fall on the ice, Dancing On Ice has me gripped to see who's going to give the best performances. The show gets more and more exciting every week as the celebs and their partners try more exciting and dangerous moves.
    The costumes and the music and lighting effects are great and really add to the performances during the show. The sequins and glittery make up is all a bit camp, but that's why I love Dancing On Ice and what makes it great weekend TV. Torvill and Dean are always amazing to watch at the beginning of each show with their opening routines. Even after all this time, they still make them look effortless.
  • Dancing On Ice is deadly!!

    Dancing On Ice series 2 was really cool and very exciting. Kyran & Melanie were absolutley brilliant. My favourite professional skater is Kristina Lenko and my favourite celebrity was Bonnie Langford in series 1 and Duncan James in series 2. I love at the end of the series when the couples make up their own Bolero and I love when Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean do the original Bolero it's brilliant. I love doing ice-skating at Christmas time but I could not last year because my baby cousin Saba died. Anyway, Dancing On Ice is very good & Really interesting to watch.
  • Fourteen celebs partner with ice dancing champions to compete against each other week by week by elimination. One is crowned champion on week 9(?)

    yeah so its the final today, and i just find it so like suspensive! they are all amazing, and as i said, its a decent show, im not gona like make a song and dance about it cos like its not one of my faaves. i dont like that it takes so many weeks to get to the final, i mean talk about playing it cool! i love torvel and dean! they rule, and the fact that they do the bolero on the final and that the two final conestants -kiran and claire, to bad about duncan, he was my fave, after kieran- can get to do the bolero, its amazing!!!
    go duncan i wish he didnt have to go, cmon, bring back the afro, that rocked man!
  • Never watched season 1 but hooked on season 2

    I never watched the first season but wish I did I'm now hooked on the show and have watched all of season 2 The idea of taking 11 celeb's and training them to skate (like a professional) then have a weekly show where they perform for a set of 5 judges who rate them (like the professionals) out of 6 with their scores combined with a public vote.

    The 2 with the lowest vote are then forced into a skate off and the judges decide who to save The only problem with this format is that several times the public vote portion can save the worst skater