Dancing With The Stars (Australia)

Tuesday 7:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Oct 05, 2004 In Season





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  • I love this show! I have only been watching it for the last 2 seasons and the current one.

    This season is not as interesting. I think they should put some bigger stars on the next one. I have hardly heard of any of these people. I think the only one that I had actually heard of was Lance Bass. I don't know if they can't get bigger names on there or what! I think they should try to get people like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Phelps, Johnny Depp, etc. I think there would be more people tuning in and voting. If they have more no names on there next season, I doubt that I will watch it anymore. It needs more people that everyone will know. I think Paris Hilton would be a good idea. Everyone in the world has an opinion of her. Some can't stand her, while others are in love with her. That would be an interesting show!!!