Dancing With the Stars

Season 2 Episode 11

Episode 206

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the show's introduction, the remaining celebrities were labeled as follows:

      *Stacy Kiebler- The Natural
      *Lisa Rinna- The Underdog
      *George Hamilton- The Entertainer
      *Jerry Rice- The Class Act
      *Drew Lachley- The Boy Wonder

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: ( to a crowd of fans in Detroit for the SuperBowl) I'm looking for the dancing studio.

    • Anna: (at rehearsal, hands him a coin) A quarter.
      Jerry: (Looking confused) So...?
      Anna: Hold it between your buttcheeks.

    • Tom: (after Jerry and Anna's Paso Doble) He's gotten so good with that quarter that he makes change now.

    • Tom: Let's say hello once again to the three stars of Judges' Smackdown!

    • Tom: (looking to the ceiling) Disembodied Englishman, announce...that dance!

    • Tom: Welcome back to Dancing With The Stars, where "dancing" is our first name- that's kind of obvious.

    • Tom: Heading to the floor is the man whose sleeveless samba earned him an incredible three 9s from our judges. Three 9s- it's not perfect, but it's not peanuts.

    • Cheryl: (at rehearsal, trying to figure out a solution) Why do your shoulders look like that?
      Drew: (frustrated) 'Cause those are my shoulders.

    • Edyta: (whispered to George, during rehearsal) Forward...to the side...back.
      George: Okay, thank you.
      Alec Mazzo: For what count, my count?
      George: (to Alec) She said call her later.

    • Bruno: (to George and Edyta, post-Rumba) Tonight the production was Dinasty: The Musical.

    • Len: (to George, post-Rumba) You're just standin' around; Edyta's just flatulating around you. It wasn't enough content.

    • Tom: For those of you just tuning in, you missed "Din-asty" and "flatulating'; now you're up-to-date.

    • Samantha Harris: (to Lisa, post-Quickstep) You're an emotional person; you wear your heart on your sleeve.
      Louis: (wryly) Are you kidding? Emotional? No.

    • Tom: (to Stacy and Tony, post-Jive) Can I just make the observation- while that was all wonderful, a man of Len's advanced age might not be able to handle [trails off]

    • Drew: (after being invited to join Stacy and Tony; jokingly) They wouldn't let me have it by myself! They couldn't give it to me! (comically gritted out) They snatched it away from me!

      Jokingly sobs into Tony's chest.

    • Len: (about the Viennese Waltz) It's like the 400 meter Circling.

  • Notes

    • According to the judges votes tonight, Stacy Keibler & Tony Dovolani tied with Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke for first place with a score of 30. George Hamilton & Edyta Sliwinska and Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya ties for last place with a score of 23.

    • Dances, Music, and Scores - Week 6

      Jerry & Anna - Paso Doble
      "Espana Cani" by Erich Kunzal
      Carrie Ann...8, Len...7, Bruno...8
      Score: 23

      Drew & Cheryl - Tango
      "Shut Up" by Black Eyed Peas
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno...10
      Score: 30

      George & Edyta - Rumba
      "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps" by Doris Day
      Carrie Ann...8, Len...7, Bruno...8
      Score: 23

      Lisa & Louis - Quickstep
      "9 - 5" by Chic
      Carrie Ann...9, Len...9, Bruno...9
      Score: 27

      Stacy & Tony - Jive
      "Wake Me Up Before You Go-go" by Wham
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno...10
      Score: 30

      Group - Viennese Waltz
      "Fallin'" - Alicia Keys

    • The following professionals gave an exhibition of the dances to be seen in the episode:

      Louis & Ashly perform the Jive to "Faith"
      Jonathan & Anna perform the Tango
      Maksim & Edyta perform the Rumba to "My Heart Will Go On"
      Tony & Cheryl perform the Paso Doble
      Nick & Andrea perform the Quickstep to "Sing,Sing,Sing"

      The Group Viennese Waltz was performed to "Fallin'" by Alicia Keyes'

  • Allusions

    • Bruno: The Emancipation of Lisa is complete.-- a reference to Mariah Carey's Grammy-winning album, The Emancipation of Mimi.

    • Bruno: (to Len, after Jerry and Anna's Paso Doble) You are turning into Judge Dread!--refers to the hyper-violent comic (and movie)about a future law enforcer named Judge Dredd.

    • Tom: ...Judges' Smackdown!--references WWE Smackdown!, and to a lesser degree, Stacy, who works for the WWE. It also references the verbal brawls from last week's show.

    • Tom: ...it's not perfect, but it's not peanuts.--refers to Drew's statement that he'd come on this week, if he made the cut, in a "rubberband and a peanut shell."

    • Bruno: ...Dynasty: The Musical--reference to the elegant nighttime soap from ABC in the 80s.

    • Tom: Next week, we might take a cue from Spinal Tap and turn the paddles up to 11.--references the mockumentary about a fictional band, who happened to have amplifiers that were able to be louder than other bands due to their amps going to '11', supposedly.

    • Bruno: Gonna have to go with Obi-Wan Kenobi because the Force is with him.--references to the Star Wars series of films. Obi-Wan is a main character as well as a Jedi, and The Force is , well, a force that manifests a Jedi's power.

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