Dancing With the Stars

Season 2 Episode 15

Episode 208

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2006 on ABC
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Episode 208
With Lisa Rinna out, the other three stars are left to battle it out in the finals. Each couple must dance two dances, which will include a freestyle dance. Also Samantha Harris Makes her Ballroom Dancing Debut.

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  • Stacy and Tony what happened?

    I rated this eppy 8.6 because it really didn't need to be 2 hours but none the less it was a really great episode. Luckly I tape dancing with the stars because I watch survivor too. So since I taped it I didn't have to sit through some of the first hour. I did however like the look back, that happened in the first hour. I enjoyed hearing te couples talk about their pervious dances.

    The second hour was awesome! Top notch performaces except for stacy and tony's freestyle. I really don't know what was going through Tonys mind when he made up that dance. It was slow and kinda boring at times. I was sitting on the endge of my seat waiting for something AMAZING to happen and was disappointed. However I do still really like Stacy and Tony, there jive was awesome!

    Before I wrap this up, I just have to say I was soooooo impressed with Drew and Cheryl their freestyle had everything I was hoping for! Way To Go Guys!!!! You really deserve to win and I have a strong feeling you will.

    To Jerry, way to hold your head high throughout the competion! Jerry and Anna's free style was great too, really showed off Jerry's stregths.

    So here is how I think it should go down. Drew and Cheryl should win! Stacy and Tony second and Anna and Jerry third. However I think Jerry will come in second and Stacy third.

    Make sure you tune in Sunday to see Drew and Cheryl win ;)!moreless
  • After an hour of filler, the couples improved on their best dances, and had mixed results with their freestyle dances.

    This is totally what a finals show should be!(Except for the hour of rehash that was the 7-8 PM hour for us in the Central U.S.)

    Still, the favorite dances were improved on, but moreso with Jerry's more graceful Foxtrot- now with 50% more foot movement! *g* It was a lovely improvement that the judges appreciated.

    Stacy'sJive didn't look too upgraded, but supposedly it was tweaked into a tighter shape. Personally, I thought she should've done her "Bootylicious" Samba again; it seems most like her and was her first 30.

    Drew's Thriller Paso Doble, on third dance/sixth viewing, wasn't a surprise, but still smooth and clearly a fun experience for him.

    The freestyle did just that!

    Jerry and Anna's Afrolicious "Celebration" enthusiasm flowed even backstage! Anna dancing around while Jerry was talking earning her a cute warning was hilariously relaxed and entertaining. Plus, Jerry did a few very nice lifts and got to show off his strength- bonus!

    Stacy and Tony's disco choices put a crimp in their plan to keep "Stayin' Alive" in this competition. Tony's dull choreography, whether a recreation from Saturday Night Fever or not, did nothing to showcase Stacy's strengths or personality. A clunky lift and Tony's snotty retort to Carrie-Ann's critique did not help things.

    Drew and Cheryl's ode to New Country,Big N' Rich's "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy", was a fun wonder to watch! It had so many country, ballroom , and just general social dancing moves it was fun trying to figure out all the elements- when you weren't mesmerized by the hotness and chemistry that was flying like lightning bolts in a thunderstorm! Drew's response to a poorly phrased Bruno joke may have hurt him some, but overall, with a combined score of 60/60, it's his mirrorball to lose on Sunday!moreless
  • Honestly this show did not need to be two hours.

    When I realized the first hour of the two hour show, was a recap of what Jerry, Stacy, and Drew did, I turned to watch something else. I just felt that part of the show was not necessary.

    The second hour was okay, the first dance the three danced, was one they did before. The fun really got started when they did their freestyle dance!! Drew really did his thing. I was very impressed, and from his performance he should be the clear winner. Stacy did okay, but thought her freestyle was kind of tame. Jerry did well with his dance, he looked cute with the afro.

    It will be interesting to see who wins on Sunday, but I can honestly say that Drew deserves to win. He really does.moreless

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    • According to the judges votes tonight, Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke are in first place with a score of 60. Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya were in last place with a score of 53.

    • Leaderboard for Week 8

      60 - Drew Lachey & Cherly Burke
      56 - Stacy Keibler & Tony Dovolani
      53 - Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya

    • Dances, Music, and Scores - Week 8

      Round One - Favorite Dance

      Jerry & Anna - Foxtrot
      "Why Don't You Do Right" by Julie London
      Carrie Ann...9, Len...9, Bruno...8
      Score: 26

      Stacy & Tony - Jive
      "Wake Me Up Before You Go" by Wham!
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno..10
      Score: 30

      Drew & Cheryl - Pasodoble
      "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno...10
      Score: 30

      Round Two - Freestyle

      Jerry & Anna
      "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang
      Carrie Ann...9, Len...9, Bruno...9
      Score: 27

      Stacy & Tony
      "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees
      Carrie Ann - 8, Len...9, Bruno...9
      Score: 26

      Drew & Cheryl
      "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy" by Big and Rich
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno...10
      Score: 30

    • Samantha Harris and Jonathan Roberts danced a Jive to Prince's "Delirious".

    • Two hour episode.


    • Bruno: ...and you're Olivia Neutron bomb...--a reference to the Austrailian singer-actress-businesswoman, Olivia Newton-John.

    • Bruno: (after Jerry and Anna's Freestyle) It was Shaft and Jackie Brown!--references to two movie roles- John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) and Jackie Brown (Pam Grier). Still, neither character had the large afros that Jerry and Anna sported.

    • Stacy and Tony recreate a scene from "Saturday Night Fever."

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