Dancing With the Stars

Season 4 Episode 15

Episode 408

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2007 on ABC

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  • Certainly entertaining...

    This was a very interesting and entertaining episode to see. I was impressed with the dances, especially Apolo and Julianne's. They were really really good. I didn't care for Joey and Kym's Mambo. I liked how Len and Bruno called it Pimp my Mambo, lol. That was just too funny. What was Len's problem? He was really strict and grouchy that day. I liked the fights Len and Bruno kept getting into. They're always entertaining. I was shocked and pleased when he gave Apolo and Julianne a 10. Carrie Ann's mishap was interesting. I wonder if it's the first time that's ever happened. Another funny thing was when Joey danced for the first time that night was waiting for his scores. Carrie Ann and Len gave him a 9, but then Bruno gave him a 8. The look on Joey's face was priceless! It was nice of Laila to dedicate her waltz to her father, Muhammad Ali. I liked how Billy Ray Cyrus went up to him and started "fighting" him and telling him that he was his hero.
  • Ohno? Oh-yes!

    Wow!!! What a spectacular level our stars have risen to - well, most of our stars, anyway.

    Poor Billy Ray...can he please be voted off already before he gets any more beligerant? Not that he didn't have reason to respond the way he did. He has for themnost part been a Southern gentleman, but even they have their breaking point, and yesterday's "crap" comment was the last straw. Can we please vote him off now? I don't want him to endure any more ridicule. Some people just cannot dance, no matter what you try to do.

    I want to just gush about Apolo and Julianne, but I'll go through the list and save them for last.

    Ian and Cheryl - bless his heart for trying. But perhaps that is the problem - he's trying too hard to generate emotion. He just needs to let himself feel the music and feel the connection with her, and I'm certain it will translate to their dancing. I thought he did a pretty good job though especially on the waltz, so I must admit I was disappointed for him, especially since he works so hard at it.

    Laila and Maks - she dazzled again this week with her waltz for her Dad, and was floatin' like a butterfly during the jive, but somehow or other I think that it's gonna come dow to Joey and Apolo.

    Joey and Kim - I agree with the judges that sometimes he has far too much fluff going' on with his dances. He is a very good dancer, clearly, and doesn't need all the other stuff that he throws in. That being said, I think he's going to be one of the finalists, but the coveted Mirrorball tropy is going to to go...

    Apolo and Julianne - WOW! KA-POW, and WOW again! Can you say FAN-TAS-TIC? Granted, the tango they danced was not a traditional tango, but I definitely say a big huge KUDOS goes to Julianne for being so inventive. While she clearly ahs a great student to mold, those moves are not easy, and she needs to be given best choreographer of the season! And their Paso? Electrifying. From the opening note of the music, it had my heart pounding. Did I salready say fantastic? I'm running out of superlatives here.

    Who will be voted off tonight dear loyal fellow DWTS watchers? I'm sure whichever couple gets voted off, it will be er, um achy-breaky to watch.

    Geez! Anyone got some wine to go with my cheese?
  • Get rid of the judges

    I'm very disappointed with the way the judges treat Karina. She puts on some of the most entertaining, engaging displays and then they give her and Cyrus low marks. It's obvious they worked very hard on the dancing and complex choreography, and perhaps the judges are basing their judgement on Cyrus, but even if his dancing is abysmal, hers would certainly bring up the score big time.

    She got the shaft with her dancing partner, Mario, on not winning last year's competition, and she's getting the shaft again. This time she didn't complain, Cyrus did.

    And then it's laughable who the judges rave about. They'll take a pair that has considerably easier dance moves and give them 9s and 10s because that's the celebrity of the hour.

    Throw out the judges. Bunch of deadweights. They fail to be entertaining and fail to judge with any common sense. They do not carry their weight on the show.
  • As the finals approach the dancing gets hot, hot, hot.

    According to the judges most of the dancers stepped down a notch. Although I could see some of their points but not all of them, I thought tonight was really great.

    Ian did step back not looking as comfortable with his movements as he did last week. At this point I cannot see him winning, but he does have a strong partner to continue working with him if he can ever relax and enjoy.

    Laila looked wonderful with Max. I believe they have a great chance of being in the finals. It was nice seeing her father there to support her. I personally liked the rose pillow touch in the 1st dance and also liked the extra touches Max done at the beginning of the 2nd dance but I am not a professional so what do I know.

    Joey and Kym were fabulous again. They definitely are amazing together. Their 1st dance was wonderful and very proper, and the 2nd dance rocked. Joey needs to continue doing his thing and I believe they also have a great chance of being in the finals.

    Apolo and Julianna were at their best again tonight and they sizzled on the floor for both dances. Another one for the finals. I believe Laila, Joey and Apolo are going to have to bring it from now on because this is going to be close.

    I am a personal fan of Billy Ray and I do realize he is not a professional dancer and this will probably be his last week. He however is an excellent entertainer and a gentleman and did not deserve Bruno's horrible remark tonight. Everyone comes and works very hard practicing every week and does their best and they do deserve proper respect at their attempt to dance no matter how it looks. Dance contestants do not need insults from the judges, just their help and correction will do.