Dancing With the Stars

Season 4 Episode 15

Episode 408

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2007 on ABC

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  • Get rid of the judges

    I'm very disappointed with the way the judges treat Karina. She puts on some of the most entertaining, engaging displays and then they give her and Cyrus low marks. It's obvious they worked very hard on the dancing and complex choreography, and perhaps the judges are basing their judgement on Cyrus, but even if his dancing is abysmal, hers would certainly bring up the score big time.

    She got the shaft with her dancing partner, Mario, on not winning last year's competition, and she's getting the shaft again. This time she didn't complain, Cyrus did.

    And then it's laughable who the judges rave about. They'll take a pair that has considerably easier dance moves and give them 9s and 10s because that's the celebrity of the hour.

    Throw out the judges. Bunch of deadweights. They fail to be entertaining and fail to judge with any common sense. They do not carry their weight on the show.