Dancing With the Stars

Season 4 Episode 15

Episode 408

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2007 on ABC

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  • Certainly entertaining...

    This was a very interesting and entertaining episode to see. I was impressed with the dances, especially Apolo and Julianne's. They were really really good. I didn't care for Joey and Kym's Mambo. I liked how Len and Bruno called it Pimp my Mambo, lol. That was just too funny. What was Len's problem? He was really strict and grouchy that day. I liked the fights Len and Bruno kept getting into. They're always entertaining. I was shocked and pleased when he gave Apolo and Julianne a 10. Carrie Ann's mishap was interesting. I wonder if it's the first time that's ever happened. Another funny thing was when Joey danced for the first time that night was waiting for his scores. Carrie Ann and Len gave him a 9, but then Bruno gave him a 8. The look on Joey's face was priceless! It was nice of Laila to dedicate her waltz to her father, Muhammad Ali. I liked how Billy Ray Cyrus went up to him and started "fighting" him and telling him that he was his hero.