Dancing With the Stars

Season 4 Episode 18

Episode 409A

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 15, 2007 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (Some comments from the couples on their competition)
      Ian Ziering: From the beginning, I've always concentrated on winning this. Being so close to the finals, I almost feel like I can taste it.
      Apolo Anton Ohno: You're getting down to the best of the best dancers.
      Laila Ali: Everyone who's left in this competition is a serious competitor because they all have the skills that can take them to the end.
      Ian Ziering: I've worked really hard and I've put a lot of work into this. I feel like I've earned my position in the finals.
      Apolo Anton Ohno: Ian works hard. And you can see it every single time he steps onto that floor. You can see that he really wants to do well.
      Joey Fatone: When he does his performances, he means business. And that's obviously a great quality. You see him doing that, he's committed.
      Laila Ali: Ian has done a great job picking up the dances, picking up the choreography, he works hard, like a dog. The best is still to come.
      Joey Fatone: Kym and I have been working our butts off to get this far.
      Laila Ali: I definitely can't count out Joey and Kym til they're out of this competition because Joey is a performer. He's sharp on his feet and he knows how to pull out all the stops.
      Ian Ziering: Oh, please, Joey brings out an incredible amount of showmanship. He puts on a great performance.
      Apolo Anton Ohno: When he's out there, you can see everything he's got. He goes out there and he's able to turn it on.
      Laila Ali: I think I deserve to be in the semi finals because I've been working very hard.
      Apolo Anton Ohno: One thing that Laila does is she works it. When she's out there, you can see her absolutely working it. She really works the dance floor, she is giving it her all.
      Ian Ziering: If there is one person I'm gonna have to keep my eye on, it would have to be Laila. She brings an elegance to her dances and she moves really well. Plus being the only woman is an advantage.
      Apolo Anton Ohno: Bruno said it best, he said I have the highest potential out of all of the dancers.
      Ian Ziering: Apolo is very sharp. All of his dances are very strong and crisp.
      Joey Fatone: His frames are dead on. He knows what he's doing, he has this great presence.
      Laila Ali: I think Apolo is my biggest threat because he's a good dancer. He has that winning spirit. He knows how to do all those dances to get the high scores from the judges.
      Apolo Anton Ohno: Winning this competition is what I signed up for. I'm really not scared of anybody.
      Joey Fatone: Doesn't everybody want to win when they say you're doing a competition? When it drops down to four, you say, okay I want to be one or two.
      Ian Ziering: Bottom line is, they haven't seen my best yet. They have no idea what's coming.
      Laila Ali: I think I was the main one in this competition who made it clear that I was here to win. And I'm gonna keep saying that until I have that trophy in my hand.

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