Dancing With the Stars

Season 4 Episode 19

Episode 410

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 21, 2007 on ABC
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Episode 410
It's come down to the finals. Laila, Joey and Apolo will each have to dance two dances this week. They will have to dance to a judges choice dance style and a freestyle dance.

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  • The freestyle makes a hit.

    Well it seems the judges wanted each couple to redo one of their previous dances that was not done to the judge's expectations. Laila and Max improved, but the other two couples did not fair so well, at least according to the judges. Then everything took a complete u-turn because Laila and Max flopped on the freestyle dance and Apolo/Julianne and Joey/Kym amazed us all. Apolo; he was the man out there showing us he can do anything. Joey was once again spectacular on the floor. Those were the top two in my opinion. It is hard to say who will win but Joey was in the bottom two a couple of weeks ago. Unless he has gained fans on his side he might come shy of some votes. I do not know what happened to Laila; maybe Max never being in the finals before did not know how great freestyle could be and did not prepare what they needed to be on the top.moreless
  • With only three teams left anyone of them can take the win. It’s not only up to who can dance the best but also who knows how to please the crowd.moreless

    Starting of the night was Laila and Maksim their first dance was the Paso Doble which scored a 29 and their freestyle scored a 26 giving them a total of 55 for their dances. As usual Laila and Maksim did well and their Paso Doble was really good but it didn’t seem they were fighting to win, don’t get me wrong they are good dancers but it didn’t feel like they gave it their all. Last week was the first week that it seemed like Laila and Maksim really wanted to win and I just didn’t see that this week.

    Next up was Apolo and Julianne their first dance was the Rumba which scored a 28 and their freestyle scored a 30 giving them a total score of 58 for their dances putting them in first place. Their freestyle was great it was exciting and they had a lot of energy Apolo was even break dancing which was surprising good. They looked like they had been dancing together years not months and they bring such a youthfulness to the show which is refreshing. The last few weeks they have put it all out there and it’s paid off they are in the finale and could very well win it.

    Last but not least was Joey and Kym their first dance was the Cha Cha which score a 26 and their freestyle scored a 30 giving them a total of 56 for their dance. Their freestyle was entertaining and exciting but Joey and Kym are always entertaining that is one thing that never changes they are consistently good every week. I not really sure if it’s fair that Joey is on the show with him having a background in dancing from his time with Nsync and we saw some of those old Nsync moves this week. They are good dancers but it’s unclear whether Joey wants to win or if he just want to have fun, he just seems a little too goofy which is fine from time to time but sometimes you need to get serious and put on your game face.

    If I would have to pick a winner I would go Apolo and Julianne. They kept getting better week by week and now you have this great team who works well together and always has great chemistry. They go out there and get it done with good results and that sounds like a winning team to me.moreless
  • Nail-biting time!

    Well boys and girls...here we are at the finale about to crown the next champs. Alas, it will not be wonderful, beautiful Laila.

    I was really truly hoping that she was going to win out over the men, but I have to say just when you thought what other step up is there, Apolo and Joey both blew the roof of this sucka! Man, oh man!

    Kudos to Laila for all that she has done, primarily allowed femininity and sensuality to prevail - she is a knock-out champ, no matter what.

    Joey was fantastic as always. Dacing last to "The Last Dance" was so appropriate and quite the coup. But, while that may be true, can I just say, Apolo "Oh-no he did not just Bust a Move"?!?! He was absolutely, by far THE BEST on the dance floor. He's a non-dancer, and he's break-dancing! I expect that from Joey, but to see Apolo do it, and do it like he's been doing it all his life just cemented in my mind who the winners should be.moreless

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    • (Judges comments after Joey and Kym's Freestyle Dance)
      Bruno Tonioli: Well, Mr. Entertainment is back! And doing what he does best! I loved it!
      Carrie Ann Inaba: I just loved that you brought all that you've learned in the past ten weeks and you had fun doing it!
      Len Goodman: My go? You flew off that stage like Harry Potter on a Nimbus 2000. The secret were the lifts, it was effortless - I wish we had more than tens to give.

    • (Judges comments after Apolo and Julianne's Freestyle Dance)
      Len Goodman: It was great, great choreography. Up to date, everything I would want to see!
      Bruno Tonioli: Well, the Apolo Syndrome has taken over the country! This was so original, great idea! It was a surprise! That's what a freestyle should be!
      Carrie Ann Inaba: Come here both of you! (gives them both hugs) That was great!

    • (Judges comments after Laila and Maksim's Freestyle dance)
      Tom Bergeron: (to Maksim after Laila ripped his shirt off at the end of their dance) That's some marvelous acting, you looking embarrassed with your shirt ripped off! That was a freestyle!
      Laila Ali: You know you liked it, Carrie Ann!
      Carrie Ann Inaba: I gotta tell you, I loved the fly girl moves. I would have really liked to see you be a little more sophisticated and elegant which is something guys can't bring into the freestyle. But I did really like it.
      Len Goodman: Well, you know, I realize that he's got a fine body. He's not Arnold Schwarzenaegger. But I think you did a very good job, I loved your spins. But a great job, well done!
      Bruno Tonioli: A trip down memory lane, a strip tease always helps. But I tend to agree, you strength is sex appeal and sensuality.

    • (Judges comments after Joey and Kym's Cha Cha)
      Carrie Ann Inaba: Joey, you're such a crowd pleaser, you know how to make everybody go crazy. But I have to say that for a Cha Cha, it wasn't quite right. I felt more like it was a freestyle.
      Len Goodman: It was far too theatrical, it was like a freestyle routine. The more tricks you do, the further away you get from the dance. There wasn't enough content. It was all content.
      Bruno Tonioli: It was strangely odd. It wasn't cheeky. For once, I agree with Len. It was an odd Cha Cha, but not that Cha.
      Tom Bergeron: If you've done anything, you've brought them back together!

    • (Judges after Apolo and Julianne's Rumba)
      Bruno Tonioli: It was like watching American Gigolo and Betty Doll teasing each other and then blending into each other's arms. You have such chemistry, you two together, you are such a joy to watch.
      Carrie Ann Inaba: I thought you over performed it just a hair. It felt a little pushed and a little awkward. Still a very good performance, but not your best.
      Bruno Tonioli: Oh, please!
      Tom Bergeron: Okay, Len, tie breaker?
      Len Goodman: Not a tie breaker, I am one hundred percent with Carrie Ann. It lacked any romance.
      Bruno Tonioli: Oh, stop! They made love on the dance floor!
      Len Goodman: I've had enough of him! I can never give my critique because Big Gulp here can never shut up.
      Bruno Tonioli: You are talking nonsense!
      Tom Bergeron: Bruno, Bruno, Bruno! Let him talk.
      Len Goodman: The Rumba is a slow, romantic dance. That for me was too fast. It was too hectic. I didn't like the hands. I can understand people liking it. But I didn't.

    • (Judges comments after Laila and Maksim's Paso Doble)
      Len Goodman: Last time you danced the Paso, we all felt it lacked passion, fire and aggression - not tonight, old girl! That was fantastic! You danced it absolutely beautifully. A great performance.
      Bruno Tonioli: For me, this was a tidal wave of passion and drama. Dripping with emotion, totally captivating! Your best performance to date.
      Carrie Ann Inaba: I'm gonna agree. I'm so proud of you, Laila. I've seen you come miles from even just last week. Your stature was great and I love that you pulled the punches! I've been waiting for you to throw a punch at him!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Leaderboard for Week 10:

      58 - Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne Hough
      56 - Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson
      55 - Laila Ali & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

    • Dances, Music and Scores - Week 10

      Round One - Judges Choice
      Laila & Maksim - Paso Doble
      "Espana Cani" by Erich Kunzal
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...9, Bruno...10
      Score: 29

      Apolo & Julianne - Rumba
      "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Night & The Pips
      Carrie Ann...9, Len...9, Bruno...10
      Score: 28

      Joey & Kym - Cha Cha
      "Groove Is In The Heart" by Deee-Lite
      Carrie Ann...9, Len...8, Bruno...9
      Score: 26

      Round Two - Freestyle
      Laila & Maksim
      "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" by Michael Jackson
      Carrie Ann...9, Len...8, Bruno...9
      Score: 26

      Apolo & Julianne
      "Bust a Move" by Young MC
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10Bruno...10
      Score: 30

      Joey & Kym
      "Last Dance" by Donna Summer
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno...10
      Score: 30

    • In the audience tonight are Lance Bass, Florence Henderson, and former Dancing With The Stars contestants Harry Hamlin, Jerry Springer, Mario Lopez, Karina Smirnoff, Stacy Keibler and George Hamilton.