Dancing With the Stars

Season 5 Episode 1

Episode 501

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on ABC

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  • Why I watch!

    So far the show is off to a great start and that the show is popular for it's great starts and great finishes most of all. And that glad to see Drew Lachley, a winner of 2006, fill in for Samantha Harris. He also has potential as a host I think. Meanwhile, the dancers got off to a great start. In particular, Jane Seymour who I think if she can keep it up like she did. Will win the whole thing. Wayne Newton, I think has a lot to learn. Sure he may be Mr Vegas, but he needs to really play catch up in order for him to make it on here. But nonetheless, the show is great!
  • Off to a good start

    The introduction of the stars and there partners was very helpful for those who don't know anyone. I have a feeling ( now I know I was right) the model would be the first to go. Mark Cuban will be next to go. This time around the judges will be a little more strict this is ballroom as Len pointed out, the Hip Hop is ok but getting the ballroom part down is the most important in there mind. For everyone at home yes you do have to put on a good show and so far so good. I'm impressed by the newe younger group of dances this should be a great season as time good on.
  • Gotta love it...Yummy Mummy!!!

    Great season openner! Bruno livens every episode with his fantastic, unique one liners. This episode was no different. Yummy Mummy! I've already added it to my lexicon. As for the dancers, I'm pleased to see Kelly Taylor, Mel B, Marie, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I'm also really pleased with their performances. It was a great start to what should be a great season. Jennie Garth was just hot on that dance floor and nothing was more endearing than seeing her husband and daughter applaud her on. I'm not a dancing expert so I thought her footwork and moves were great. Marie was indeed graceful. She should stand as a testament to those in their fabulous fifties. Cheetah girl was fantastic too. With her fancy footwork and sharp, crisp dancing, she reminded me a bit of Apollo. She should go far. Anyone see a bit of flirting going on there between her and her dancing partner? Who knows? All else, as mentioned, were great.
    P.S. I also liked seeing Drew Lachey. If I'm honest, I think I'd rather have him there but it'll be nice while it lasts.
  • Season 5 begins with a bang as the ladies come out and show their stuff. Drew Lachey fills in for Samantha Harris. The bar is set high. New and exciting pros pair up with a cast of stars who have wonderful potential for the bet season thus far.

    I was totally blown away. It's obvious that the contestants have studied the past seasons and have set the bar high from the start. To me, each lady gave a good performance right out of the starting gate. I didn't feel like I was watching first timers and the potential for all of these ladies is definitely strong. Even the weakest of them was entertaining. I was riveted to the television. It's difficult to pick a favorite yet, because it's still early, however, Jane Seymour, Sabrina (from the Cheetah Girls) and Marie Osmond are no joke. Can't wait for more. This is going to be a really good season.
  • Great start to the season.

    I must confess, I have caught previous seasons halfway through, so have never witnessed a full competition. After last year's thrilling final weeks, I was interested in checking it out this year, particularly because of the women. There are more familiar faces this year in the women than in the men. And what great choices. Marie Osmond and Jane Seymour were definitely my favourites tonight. They looked great and were so graceful on the dance floor. Jennie Garth did well considering she was the first to dance. Interesting to have another 90210 alumnus in the competition this year. Scary Spice also did well. Maks will teach her a lot. My two least favourites are Miss Cheetah Girl and Miss Maran. Coincidentally, they are the two youngest female competitors. Perhaps some things are just better with age.

    Overall, a great start to the season. Now let's see what the men can do tomorrow.