Dancing With the Stars

Season 5 Episode 15

Episode 507A

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on ABC

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  • Death puts things into perspective.

    Hate it that Jane got kicked off the show after all she has been through. As one reviewer says that death can't seem to stay away from the death floor. As now not just Jane's mom but Marie's dad now. As his death hits the floor and that I think the deaths of both of these women are really hitting like a punch in the gut. Jane got the lowest score but also her mom's death affected her led her to get kicked off. After a strong support in the beginning, it just went downhill from there for Jane. Marie is trying to recover after falling hard on the floor.
  • Death Returns to the Dance floor!

    Death can't seem to stay away fro the Dance floor. This time it's Marie's dad who died. three weeks ago it Jane Seymour Mother who died, now it's Marie dad turn. she was there tonight, be someone who was is Le Ann Rimes who did a few songs to fill up time. Jane Seymour got the lowest score so she got kicked off the show. that's too bad. Jane is the oldest of the dancers. I was hoping that she can get the victory, but that not to be. Not going to watch Monday's show, I'm going back to "Prison Break," where it got enough surprises to make anyone faint.
  • No real surprises this time.

    It was sad to hear about Marie's father passing away. It was obvious that by the way they did the eliminations - not identifying a bottom two, that Marie would have been in that position. Unless she has a very strong performance or gets a strong sympathy support, it appears that Marie will be the next to go. It's not that she's a bad dancer, it's just that the rest of the bunch appear to be alot stronger. Love the Dance Center report. Kenny Manyne, Jerry Rice and Lenny did a fabulous job! They had me in almost in tears laughing. Look out for Mel B, she just keeps on getting stronger and stronger in her performances.
  • Marie misses this one.

    I have only seen a few minutes of a few episodes. I was curious again after seeing in the news Marie Osmond fainting. I was surprised to see Jane Seymour here. She was to be on a new tv series this season, but apparently it was pulled. She closed her myspace account soon after her birthday for some reason too. Anyway, I loved the ESPN analysis of the show. Jerry Rice was there and it appeared the English judge was cringing as he was (jokingly) critiqued on sitting there while Marie passed out. I don't intend on seeing this show much in the future, but for me, this was a special episode.