Dancing With the Stars

Season 5 Episode 18

Episode 509

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on ABC

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  • Exciting. Wonderful dancing.

    The dancing this season has been exceptional, but tonight's episode outdid the season. Every one of the dancers had two terrific dances. Two of the dancers, Mel B and Helio, had two perfect dances. Both dancers were electrifying to watch. Mel's first dance was positively exquisite. Helio's second dance was exceptionally difficult. It showed how much this Brazilian racecar driver has improved as a dancer, which is what this program is all about. Marie's dances were genuinely entertaining. The closest she came to a perfect score was a 29, and by the end of the program she was in last place. Jennie's dances were good; she received a 30 for her second dance - this from the woman who fell in one of her early dances in the program. Good for her! I did not like the segment about Jennie, her children, and Disneyland, however. It felt too much like she was begging people to vote for her, and I didn't like her exploiting her children that way.