Dancing With the Stars

Season 6 Episode 20

Episode 610A

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on ABC
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Episode 610A
The mirror ball trophy is awarded and all the eliminated celebrities return for one last spin across the dance floor. One couple is given the boot right away and the two remaining celebrities get a chance to show off their improvements to their favorite dance of the season, which will be judged one last time. Also the Junion Ballroom Champion is crowded and Usher performs.moreless

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  • The final dance off at the end of season six.

    I must say...it was no surprise who the winner was going to be. I knew Kristi was going to win from the first time I saw her dance. She was the best one out of all the stars in this season. It was very predictable. I'm happy that Kristi won but this season lost some of its exciting flair. There was nothing special about this episode or throughout the whole season. The junior dancers were cute and a bit more exciting than the stars. Usher's performance was a little disappointing as well. The show didn't live up to all the hype. I hope next season will be better.moreless
  • Usher was a disappointing special guest but at least the best woman won!

    I have to say that I'm really happy with the outcome of the competition. Kristi and Mark really deserved that trophy, especially Mark Ballas, after last season's unlikely (& very unexpected) early elimination. But I do think that Christian De la Fuente actually deserved the 2nd place spot more than Jason Taylor did. Christian has the charisma, the awesome hip-action and a wider array of moves than Jason (who seemed to repeat the same few stances over and over all season). And the fact that Christian kept right on dancing, even after that awful injury during the Samba, proves that he has the dedication!

    All that aside, I still have to concede that Edyta finally found a partner who really clicked with her. She and Jason had great chemistry. I was also happy to see that the wardrobe department finally started dressing Edyta more like a champ and less like a chump. In past seasons she seemed to favor those strange-looking, long, slit outfits. Or the funky dresses with the faux sock-like. leg warmer thingys. Remember the Pocahantas outfit from season 5? Not the way a champ should dress. She has a couple of faux pas like that this season (the pearl outfit she wore in ep 615) but I hope she keeps up the trend towards classier dresses next season.

    Now to address the BIG PINK elephant in the room:

    USHER's performance(s). Or lack thereof.

    I can't complain about any of the choreography. The guy knows how to put on a show (maybe a bit too much? he seemed a bit cheeky). But it was painfully OBVIOUS that he was lip-synching the whole time. I know it's hard to dance and sing at the same time. It takes a strong diaphragm to pull it off without sounding like a warbling bird. So I understand why some stars won't sing live. But they tend to do a much better job of disguising it.

    I know he wasn't really singing those songs because I saw him perform on Saturday Night Live just a few days before. He did one of the same tunes and included a small portion of the same choreography. On SNL he was actually singing and you could hear the impact the movement had on his voice. But is that any reason not to try? Doesn't DWTS deserve an honest go of it?

    I would have much rather heard him sing it for real- like Kylie Minogue did (and she warbled a bit)- than dish out the lip-synching and not even try to cover it up with a better performance. It was lame.

    I have to admit that it really took a big chunk of the fun out of this season finale for me. But at least I can say this...he's been on the show and now I probably never have to see him on it again. And if the producers make the mistake of asking him back, then hopefully they will be clever enough to stick him in the middle of the season so we can really enjoy our finale!

    Congrats again to Kristi and Mark. :)moreless
  • Mark and Kristi WIN!!!!

    They were my favorite couple even before the show began so I'm really really really glad they won!!! Edyta and Jason were also good, so they deserved to come in second. Christian and Cheryl did their best and made it farther than I ever thought they would. During this 2 hour episode, all the other couples came back to dance their final dance. It was great to hear and see them all again. The first Junior Dancing with the Stars champion was also crowned. Brittany and Brandon were the winners. Everyone knew they were going to win because they were really good. It was funny how some members of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders presented the trophy to them. Brandon looked as if he were about to have a heart attack.moreless
  • All the previous couples this season come back to perform, the dance that got them eliminated, performances from Usher and a great ending for the highest-scoring Star in all six seasons. Kristi and Mark! Yeah!moreless

    The last episode. It makes me so happy that the winner will be here, but at the same time, I don't want it to end. Kristi looked nervous in the beginning.

    As Samantha interviewed the finalists, Kristi found DWTS was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Christian said that he saw that anything is possible if he worked hard enough, Jason said dancing was really different from what he normally does and basically implied that he would rather not dance again anymore in the future. Way to put yourself out there and be inspiring.

    Usher performs his "Love in This Club" and does a trick where he pulls a girl this way and that on the table. How strange. Then later on, Usher's special version of "Yeah" was quite entertaining. Although, my focus was more on the pros' dancing. I liked the tribute to Christian and Jason's friendship. It was pretty sweet and funny.

    Of course, the previous Stars from seasons past shared their opinions to make it more suspenseful, but that still didn't sway me from thinking Kristi would win. But soon we find out the couple with the lowest combined total and therefore leaving right now, is Christian and Cheryl. I really thought Jason and Edyta would be in third place, but I guess not. That was probably the biggest surprise. C&C's montage made me tear up. I really liked them more than Jason and Edyta. Jason is probably the most unemotional Star this season, except maybe Adam and Penn who would just make a laugh of it.

    Their Paso Doble was great. At least Christian didn't have that awkward arm Jason has. Penn Jilette and Kym Johnson came back to dance their Cha Cha, which I thought was quite nice and entertaining. Monica Sales and Jonathan Roberts then gave quite a saucy Tango. I would've liked to see them go on further and improve, 'cause when this all started, I thought she had similar problems to Kristi, with expressing herself and all that. But the difference is Kristi already had this innate perfectionist attitude and elegance that comes from the ice, while Monica was always used to just being brutal on a tennis court.

    Steve Guttenberg and Anna Trebunskaya also danced a Tango, although this was much better than Monica's. Adam Corolla's Paso wasn't actually that bad (once he got off the unicycle). But it looked too rehearsed and way too stiff and mechanical. And after Adam's speech about why the terrorists hate us, did anyone else see Monica's face on the sidelines? She was [not] amused.

    I'm so glad that Brandon and Brittany won the trophy. Brandon and Tom looked awkward next to all the ladies. Priscilla Presley and Louis van Amstel also gave a tango, although, I liked Steve Guttenberg's better. Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez's Mambo was pretty awesome. Marlee, dancing while being hearing impaired has certainly been an interesting challenge to watch this season. Every time I watch them dance, I cannot help thinking to myself: "Oh my god, she [can't] hear the music." Really quite inspiring.

    Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough gave a pretty good quickstep. Shannon can definitely move, and she can dance. Her steps were... well, they were quick. And we all know how difficult both the Houghs and Mark make their dances, unlike all the other pros. Mario and Karina Smirnoff gave a mambo as well, although I didn't like their moves, their style or their clothes. It was impressive, fast and precise, sure. But it was boring to me. Sorry if you disagree. And Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani's Paso was actually better this time round. It was actually better than Cristian's in my opinion. Maybe she deserved to be in the finals. That Jason Taylor on the other hand, does not.

    But anywho, there was a segment about the battle between the Football Hero and the Olympic Champion. The guys love him because he plays football and the girls love him because he's a gentleman. He's confident, he's a performer and he's competitive. He has masculinity and lifts Edyta really sleekly and gracefully, as if she's as light as a feather. Kristi melted Lynn's heart, and has been perfection. Kristi has precision and wow, I really loved the cool thing with all the times the judges screaming 10. She's technical and emotional.

    Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas' Jive was... near perfection. And that's not what the judges thought. Kristi and Mark got a perfect 30 for their fast steps and their precision in each step, plus, Kristi was smiling the whole time. The Jive was definitely their signature dance, and by the way, they're quite smart dancing the Jive, leaving no room for comparison with any other couple. Really made them stand out.

    Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska's Quickstep was still a lot better than Shannon and Derek's of course, however, they didn't deserve a 30 really. On hindsight, Kristi didn't either for tripping, but that's just my own dislike for people giving perfect scores to dances that aren't worthy of perfect scores.

    Finally, the champions will be announced. And... after ten weeks of competition, the winners and new champions of Dancing With the Stars are... Kristi and Mark! At that point, I felt so happy for them. So, so happy for Mark especially, after his blunder last season with Sabrina Bryan. And also because last year's runner-ups, Mel and Maks, were my favorites but didn't take home the trophy. And I was really touched seeing Shannon Elizabeth, and Julianne and Derek Hough, charge straight for Kristi and Mark the first opportunity they got. And the way Jason and Christian lifted Kristi up into the air again... Good for them, really, perfect.moreless
  • Glad that the right winner was there!

    Usually I sometimes hate it when they chose the wrong winner in which, some people are wanting to win. Like the Mel B thing last season, I wished that she would had won. But since season 1, there hasn't been a female dancer that has won. Well, that streak was broken and glad that it was broken. As Kristi Yamaguchi won the title. And that that she won it. Though Jason Taylor was a great dancer as well. He has a future in Hollywood and that hopefully if the NFL doesn't welcome him back. that could be his calling. Nonetheless, Kristi deserved it as it was well done and long-overdue that a female dancer needed to win! Good for her!moreless
Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth

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Season 6 - Celebrity Dancer

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Cheryl Burke

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Steve Guttenberg

Steve Guttenberg

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Monica Seles

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Adam Carolla

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Tom Bergeron: (Commenting to Shannon Elizabeth who was backstage after wrapping her legs around him to hold her up after she danced) It was cute. After Shannon left, my wife called...with her lawyer.

    • (Some of the judges' comments after Jason Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska's Quickstep)
      Bruno Tonioli: Jason & Edyta, I think the term 'heavenly bodies' has been coined for you.
      Carrie Ann Inaba: You are untouchable as far as grace goes.
      Len Goodman: Kristi may be the judges' champion. You're the people's champion.

    • (Some of the judges' comments after Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas' Jive)
      Bruno Tonioli: Another great achievement from the great achiever.
      Carrie Ann Inaba: Together as a team, you guys set the standard for the season from day one.
      Len Goodman: For me, you are the most consistent dancer, not only on this season, any season.

    • Adam Carolla: This is why the terrorists hate us–we've got black, and white, Hispanic, and Asian, gay, straight, and Guttenberg! All working together for one common goal… And the mirror-ball doesn't care what color you are, or what God you pray to!

  • NOTES (6)

    • For this episode, the show was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for "Outstanding Picture Editing Of Clip Packages For Talk, Performance, Award Or Reality Competition Programs" in 2008.

    • The Junior Ballroom Champions were Brandon & Brittany. They were awards a miniature mirror ball trophy by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleades.

    • The winner of the sixth season of Dancing With The Stars was Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas. They danced their victory dance to James Brown's "I Feel Good."

      Jason Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska were the runners up, followed by Cristian de la Fuente & Cheryl Burke in third place.

    • Dances, Music, and Scores - Week 10:

      Jason & Edyta - Quickstep
      "Dirty Boogie" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno...10
      Score: 30

      Kristi & Mark - Jive
      "Rip It Up" by Little Richard
      Carrie Ann...10, Len...10, Bruno...10
      Score: 30

    • Usher performs his "Love in This Club" off his new album Here I Stand. Later he performs a special big band Dancing With The Stars version of his hit song "Yeah", while professionals Derek Hough, Artem Chigvintsev, Cheryl Burke, Kym Johnson, and Karina Smirnoff perform.

    • Eliminated Couple's Dances & Music

      Monica & Jonathan - Mambo
      "My Lovin' You're Never Gonna Get It" by En Vogue

      Penn & Kym - Cha Cha
      "Fool In Love" by Tina Turner

      Steve & Anna - Tango
      "Jalousie" by Alfred Hause's Tango Orchestra

      Adam & Julianne - Paso Doble
      "Plaza Of Execution" from The Mask Of Zorro soundtrack

      Priscilla & Louis - Tango
      "El Choclo" by the Lalo Schifrin Orchestra

      Marlee & Fabian - Mambo
      "Mi Tierra" by Gloria Estefan

      Shannon & Derek - Quickstep
      "Swing With Me" by Jessica Simpson

      Mario & Karina - Mambo
      "Mambo A La Sandoval" by Angel Melendez

      Marissa & Tony - Paso Doble
      "My Family Is My Life" by James Horner

      Cristian & Cheryl - Paso Doble
      "La Virgen De La Macarena" by Canadian Brass