Dancing With the Stars

Season 8 Episode 19

Episode 810A

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 12, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

The show kicks off with a musical performance by Rafael Saadiq singing "100 Yard Dash."

A recap of last night's performances.

The encore is Shawn and Mark's perfect 30 Argentine Tango.

Former Dancing With The Stars Champions Helio, Brook and Drew return via clips to assess the final four.

The Pro Competition:

The final two dancers competing for the spot on next season's roster are Mayo Alanen and Anna Demidoya. They will partner up with Kym John and Maks Chmerkovsky respectively tonight to perform a Ballroom and Latin routine.

Mayo and Kym perform a polished and dramatic Tango.

Len: Len said that Mayo and Kym represent what he loves about Ballroom dancing.

Bruno: Said Mayo presents a great line for Kym and used his partner to his best advantage.

Carrie: Said the performance was dramatic and traditional but was one dimensional.

Anna and Maks perform a lively, fast paced Quickstep.

Bruno: Said the dance was magnificent, lightning fast and radiant.

Carrie: Said that any celebrity would be lucky to have her as a partner.

Len: Praised Anna's elegance and maturity and that she brought out the best in Maurice last week and Maks this week.

The unveiling of the Macy's Stars of Dance Design a Dance.

The professional dancers that the viewers chose will perform and Quickstep to "It Don't Mean a thing If It Don't Have That Swing" wearing costumes designed by contest winner Rebecca Farmer.

The viewers chose Lacey Schwimmer, Julianne Hough, Derek Hough and Mark Ballas. They performed a raucous, frenzied and comedic Quickstep to a standing ovation.

The Pro competition continues.

Mayo and Kym perform a funky ChaChaCha.

Carrie: Said Mayo is wonderful and talented but doesn't think he is versatile enough.

Len: Said Mayo is a great choreographer but lacked rhythm and wow.

Bruno: Said Mayo needs to be careful when taking risks and would have preferred a proper ChaChaCha.

Anna and Maks perform a sexy Samba.

Len: Said from week one to tonight Anna has been fantastic. He went on to say that he will "show his bum in the supermarket" if Anna is not bask next season.

Bruno: Said Anna is a stunner and a versatile and fantastic partner.

Carrie: Wants to see more of Anna.

The winner of the pro competition will be announced next week during the Finale.


The first two couples who have secured spots in the finals are:

Gilles and Cheryl

Shawn and Mark.

The "bottom" two are:

Ty and Chelsie

Melissa and Tony

The couple going home is Ty and Chelsie.

Melissa and Tony will move on to the Finals.

The Final 3--

Melissa and Tony

Gilles and Cheryl

Shawn and Mark

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