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DWTS Season 16, Week 1

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    Welcome Back to "Dancing With the Stars: Season 16"!!!

    This season is back to normal: taking stars out of their comfort zone and teaching them different styles of ballroom dancing. They have added a few more dances, including, in this first week, Contemporary! As usual, when critiquing on the dances, I list them in alphabetical order.

    Zendaya Coleman, the youngest contestant ever on the show at 16, was the hit of the evening. While trained in hip-hop dancing, the style is so vastly different from the Contemporary style she was doing, Val Chmerkovskiy was picking on her about her posture (hip-hop is very slouchy, whereas ballroom is more straight). She compensated marvelously and her youth, flexibility and talent made her standout and made her the frontrunner.

    (Warning: due to my personal opinion of this particular artist, my write-ups on him are going to be short.) Andy Dick came out near the end and Bruno summed him up perfectly by calling him "Woody Allen doing the Foxtrot"...which was more like a Foxwalk.

    Dorothy Hamill has lost nothing over the years, and her Contemporary piece, while not as acrobatic as the others, was nonetheless graceful, smooth and beautiful. She looked fantastic, although some of her moves still looked like she was skating. Both an advantage and a disadvantage.

    D.L. Hughley was, once again, summed up best by Bruno: "D.L.; OMG!" His Cha-cha-cha was pain-pain-painful to watch, although he DID look like he was having fun and giving it his all, and his "freestyle" points weren't horrible. Unless his is a huge fanbase, he's probably going to be the first to go.

    Jacoby Jones is, IMO, the one to beat of the men. While the technique of his Cha-cha-cha wasn't all there, he had great rhythm and moves to spare. He ended the show on a high note. Once he gets technique down, watch out!

    Wynonna Judd was...well...she had the Cha-cha-cha technique, she had fun, she had rhythm, presence and showmanship, but everything was a little (OK, a LOT) understated. She's going to have to up her game, work twice as hard, and try twice as hard. It WAS fun seeing her sing along and really having fun.

    Sean Lowe did OK in his Foxtrot, but there were times when he looked like he was going to fling Peta across the room. He seemed very stiff, nervous, and lacked control. At least he had rhythm.

    Victor Ortiz really made me want to like him. I am not a fan of boxing, but something about him was just so endearing. His Foxtrot was rather sweet, albeit understated. Carrie Ann said he "sparkled", and I'm inclined to agree. If he works on rhythm and technique, he may be able to hold his own.

    Kellie Pickler opened the show with a fiery Cha-cha-cha. She has natural rhythm, flexibility and showmanship...besides, she's just so durned cute. I think they underscored her, but that's my opinion.

    Ingo Rademache danced an extremely athletic Contemporary piece...a little too athletic. While it did showcase his strength, but it was a lot of lifting and not a lot of actual dancing. However, you could see the promise. He had nice lines and extentions in his arms. I'll be able to judge him better when I see him do a NORMAL dance.

    Aly Raisman seemed very nervous and stiff during the rehearsal shots, but the actual Cha-cha-cha was wonderful. If she (I mean Mark) resists falling into a lot of gymnastics and just dances, she could go far. There is a LOT of promise here.

    Lisa Venderpump wasted more time on her stupid little dog than worrying about her dancing. THAT schtick is going to grow old fast. She was also all "I've been married for 30 years; I feel like I'm cheating!" That reverse innuendo is also going to wear thin. Her Foxtrot was passible, but bland.

    Since this is the first week, there is no elimination. All of the dancers will have another dance next week, followed by the first elimination of the night. My hope for elimination: Lisa Vanderpump.

    Zendaya Coleman - Disney Star ("Shake It Up!")
    Andy Dick - Comedian
    Dorothy Hamill - US Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater
    D.L. Hughley - Actor/Comedian/Writer
    Jacoby Jones - Football player/Super Bowl Champion (Baltimore Ravens)
    Wynonna Judd - Country Singer
    Sean Lowe - Batchelor
    Victor Ortiz - Champion Boxer
    Kellie Pickler - Country Singer
    Ingo Rademacher - Soap Star ("General Hospital")
    Aly Raisman - US Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team Captain
    Lisa Venderpump - "Real" Housewife

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    Other eliminated choices for this week would be:

    Andy Dick or D. L. Hughley!

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