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DWTS Season 16, Week 2

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    Week 2:

    This week has the first elimination, and everyone dances either a Quickstep, a Jive, or - the other new style - Jazz.

    Zendaya Coleman danced a Jive that was beyond incredible. Man, is that girl tall!!! Val is not a short guy, but in heels, she was taller than him! However, they were evenly matched on the floor. She went from fast to slow in a heartbeat, then back. She got the first 9s of the season...two, in fact!

    Andy Dick did a Alice in Wonderland/Gaga Jazz that, to me, was more silly than jazzy.

    Dorothy Hamill suffered an injury, but gamely went on to Jive. Unfortunately, between having only 2 days to rehearse and playing it safe, she made mistakes. It was sad, but she put on a brave face and didn't even try to deny it. Class.

    D.L. Hughley's Quickstep was a definite improvement over last week's dance. You could tell that he was really trying and was a lot smoother. He still needs work, but he's proven that he's at least game to try.

    Jacoby Jones confirmed what I said last week with a fast and fun Jazz routine. He can definitely play a crowd, but also loses very little in technique and stamina. He should go far.

    Wynonna Judd really needs to step it up. She HAS the moves and the attitude, but her Quickstep could have been quicker. In concert terms, she needs to play to a stadium, but she tends to play to an intimate theatre. That, and she needs to build up some stamina.

    Sean Lowe opted for gimmicks in his Lifeguard Jive. I understand that he's famous for being the "virgin batchelor", but he really needs to dump the "aw, shucks" vibe and just dance...and get some rhythm. It's like the music isn't even playing.

    Victor Ortiz muddled through his Jive. He's trying and he's very likeable, but he's got to work on technique. I actually feel a little bad for him at the end of his dance.

    Kellie Pickler's show-closing routine can best be summed up by two phrases: "Modern Jazz" and "Derek Hough". Anyone who has been watching the show for any length of time knows what I mean. It was SO good, so intricate, so precise, and so-so-so entertaining! I've watched it twice and actually can't wait to see it again. She got the only other 9s of the evening...once again, two of them.

    Ingo Rademache definitely showed that he CAN dance this week. He was smooth and sweeping in his Quickstep. Of the men, if anyone can give Jones a run for his money, it's this guy. A definite improvement over last week. Last week he was all show & no go; this week he was all show AND go!

    Aly Raisman lost most of the nervousness I saw last week in what Carrie Ann called the best Quickstep of the evening. She even allowed herself to be a little goofy, making faces and hamming it up a bit. Again, Mark restrained himself by only adding one even remotely gymnastic move.

    Lisa Vanderpump at least didn't waste any time with her little pooch...but she didn't waste any time with dancing either. Her Jive was all walk a lot, wiggle a little, and letting Gleb do all the work.

    This week was the first Results Show. We got to meet the new dancers (2 new pros and 2 new troupe). The musical guests were Icona Pop (who were downright terrible; I'm sorry, but if you're going to have two vocalists, would a little harmonizing hurt? Also, they were so obviously lip-synching it wasn't funny. Add to that the fact that the lyrics were inane and the tune monotonous) and Josh Groban (always a pleasure). The bottom three were called: Victor Ortiz, Lisa Vanderpump, and Andy Dick. Andy was called safe. Then, in a twist, Dorothy Hamill was called out to the stage. It turns out that her spine surgeon strongly recommended that she bow out. So, in lieu of an elimination, due to injury, the first one out of Season 16 is...Dorothy Hamill!

    Zendaya Coleman - Disney Star ("Shake It Up!")
    Andy Dick - Comedian
    Dorothy Hamill - US Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater (1)
    D.L. Hughley - Actor/Comedian/Writer
    Jacoby Jones - Football player/Super Bowl Champion (Baltimore Ravens)
    Wynonna Judd - Country Singer
    Sean Lowe - Batchelor
    Victor Ortiz - Champion Boxer
    Kellie Pickler - Country Singer
    Ingo Rademacher - Soap Star ("General Hospital")
    Aly Raisman - US Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team Captain
    Lisa Vanderpump - "Real" Housewife

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