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DWTS Season 16, Week 3

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    Week 3:

    This week was Prom Night. I didn't go to my prom. Wanted to, but didn't. Long, not happy story. Glad that the stars had a better time than I did.

    Zendaya Coleman did a Vienneze Waltz that was dedicated to her beloved Grandmother, who was in the audience & battling breast cancer. While she was her usual, lovely self, something in this dance was lacking, and she made a couple of flubs. I almost felt bad for her, but she was voted (by audience Twitter) Prom Queen on the Results show, which gave her 2 extra points.

    Andy Dick danced a Cha-Cha-Cha. Some men just should keep their shirts on.

    D.L. Hughley danced a James Brown-inspired Salsa. I saw a little more improvement, but the only one of the judges that would take into consideration that he and Cheryl were dancing on top of a not-exactly-large platform was Carrie Ann. I don't think I'd wiggle too much on a moveable platform, either.

    Jacoby Jones completely blew me away with his Rumba. It was gorgeous! The red lighting also hid the horrid tattoos all over his body, which, for me, was a plus. He was voted Prom King with Zendaya, for two bonus points. Side note: his mom, in the audience, was so bouncy & cute...and proud. His dance was dedicated to his high school, which was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

    Wynonna Judd was everything but rockin' in her Def Leppard Samba. You could see the intent, but the action just wasn't there. Sad.

    Sean Lowe continues to rank gimmicks over actual technique in his "YMCA" Cha-cha-cha. He and Vanderpump suffer from the same problem: They both have the rhythm, the basic moves, and the "sparkle", but they also both seem mechanized, and go for proto-innocent/sexy...and it's annoying on both of them.

    Victor Ortiz...where did that Contemporary piece come from? The last 2 weeks I'd seen promise - just a hint - but little delivery. I really wanted to like him, because his personality is great. Well, this week gave me full permission to like him; his dance was riveting and beautiful.

    Kellie Pickler had the fastest and best dance of the evening with a speedy and precise "Footloose" Jive. Her synchronization with Derek was spot-on, and she was simply phenomenal. She had the high score of the evening (that was, until Zendaya got those extra 2 bonus points).

    Ingo Rademacher was very, very good in his Paso Doble, but a wardrobe malfunction (the skirt he was supposed to rip off of Kim almost refused to rip) threw him off a little. Only a little, tho. I still rank him as the second-best of the men (to Jacoby).

    Aly Raisman improved even more this week with her Viennese Waltz. She allows herself to feel and emote, which definitely adds to the wonderful technique and rhythm.

    Lisa Vanderpump had a Viennese Waltz. I can't say much more than what was said above about Sean. At least she didn't resort to gimmick.

    This week had an extra twist. At the beginning of the main show there was a Prom Group Dance, which was a lot of fun. As mentioned above, fans got to vote, via Twitter, who ended up Prom King & Queen on their solos.

    The Results show was a lot of fun. The show opened with Huey Lewis & the News! Since the whole Prom theme was about bringing about memories, I was fully expecting "Back In Time", but they did "Heart of Rock'n'Roll". There was a dance featuring all of the Male Dancers, and Demi Lovato returned to sing her new song, "Heart Attack". She looked and sounded wonderful.

    Then came the eliminations. The bottom three were called: Andy Dick, Lisa Vanderpump, and Wynonna Judd. Lisa was called safe. The one eliminated this week is...Wynonna Judd!

    Zendaya Coleman - Disney Star ("Shake It Up!")
    Andy Dick - Comedian
    Dorothy Hamill - US Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater (1)
    D.L. Hughley - Actor/Comedian/Writer
    Jacoby Jones - Football player/Super Bowl Champion (Baltimore Ravens)
    Wynonna Judd - Country Singer (2)
    Sean Lowe - Batchelor
    Victor Ortiz - Champion Boxer
    Kellie Pickler - Country Singer
    Ingo Rademacher - Soap Star ("General Hospital")
    Aly Raisman - US Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team Captain
    Lisa Vanderpump - "Real" Housewife

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