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DWTS Season 16, Week 6

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    Week 6:

    STEVIE WONDER NIGHT!!! The man himself was in the house, performing a few of his hits, and all of the dances were to some of his other songs. He opened the show with a medley of "All I Do/I Ain't Gonna Stand For It", joined by Hunter Hayes. Later in the show he performed "Sir Duke" (my personal fave) and "My Cherie Amour", which was played on a Harpejji.

    Zendaya Coleman Cha-cha-cha-ed to "Do I Do", and she NAILED it. You could cut paper with her sharp turns. She was both excited and nervous because she is a BIG Stevie Wonder fan.

    Andy Dick danced something remotely resembling a Samba to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours", dressed as a mailman.

    Jacoby Jones danced a Quickstep to "For Once In My Life". While the judges said that the Quickstep is not "his" dance, I thought he did a fantastic job, pigeon-toes notwithstanding. As usual, he had technique, musicality, and performance to spare.

    Sean Lowe did a marginally better Samba than AD (to "I Wish"), but only marginally. He ended up resorting to taking off his shirt. He really needs to "feel" the music...which he does not.

    Victor Ortiz took another sad step back with his Rumba to "I Just Called To Say I Love You" (for the record, my least favorite Stevie Wonder song) His usual wonderful personality and "sparkle" was there, and he did have most of the technique, but he was far, far too stiff. His hips never moved. The judges did point out the lovely chemistry he and Lindsay have.

    Kellie Pickler Quickstepped to "Part-Time Lover", receiving the first "10 from Len" of the season! She and Derek were perfectly in sync, and they flew across the floor. Fun to see.

    Ingo Rademacher greatly improved over last week's disappointment by dancing a really strong Tango to "Uptight (Everything's Alright)". He looked like he was having an absolute blast, and came across very strong and powerful.

    Aly Raisman was game in her Foxtrot to "Isn't She Lovely", but you could tell that the events of last week were still distracting her. She still put on a good show. (Minor nit: her gown really didn't suit her.)

    Next, they were divided into teams: Team Paso Doble (captained by Zendaya, dancing to "Higher Ground") and Team Samba (captained by Kellie, dancing to "Superstition"). Team Paso consisted of Zendaya, Jacoby, Victor and Ingo. The guys all went shirtless, the solos were mediocre, and they weren't really in synch in the group part. Team Samba had Kellie, Andy, Sean and Aly, and they went for a fun '70s vibe (the guys all wore fake mustaches). Kellie and Aly nailed their solos; Andy and Sean...not so much. However, the group part was tight and synchronized. Team Samba won: 25 points against 22.

    The Results show had Will.I.Am (whom I muted) and Olly Murs, whom I had never heard of, but enjoyed. They had a fascinating behind-the-scenes bit, showing the sets being put together between dances. Throughout the evening people were called in jeopardy: Sean Lowe, Victor Ortiz, and Andy Dick. Andy was called safe. The one eliminated this week is...Victor Ortiz!

    Zendaya Coleman - Disney Star ("Shake It Up!")
    Andy Dick - Comedian
    Dorothy Hamill - US Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater (1)
    D.L. Hughley - Actor/Comedian/Writer (4)
    Jacoby Jones - Football player/Super Bowl Champion (Baltimore Ravens)
    Wynonna Judd - Country Singer (2)
    Sean Lowe - Bachelor
    Victor Ortiz - Champion Boxer (5)
    Kellie Pickler - Country Singer
    Ingo Rademacher - Soap Star ("General Hospital")
    Aly Raisman - US Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team Captain
    Lisa Vanderpump - "Real" Housewife (3)

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