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Episode Discussion for Finale of Season 14 on 5/21 and 5/22/2012.

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    In the Finale the three remaining couples, Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd, Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas and William Levy & Cheryl Burke, will perform first a previously performed dance chosen by the judges, but with new music and new choreography.

    Then it's time for the most anticipated Freestyle. Finally instead the "Instant Dance" from previous years the couples will be given 24 hours to prepare a choreography to the music given to them, which they will perform on Tuesday night.

    On the Results Night eliminated couples will perform their most memorable routines. The three finalist couples will perform their final routine in the "24 hour challenge".

    Kelly Clarkson and Gladys Knight are the musical performers in the Final night.

    Then the winner of season 14 will be announced and will get the most anticipated mirror ball trophy.

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    Week Ten:


    The dancers had 2 dances the first night. The first was Judges' Choice. The second was the ever-popular FREESTYLE!!!!!

    Donald Driver's Judges' Choice was the Argentine Tango. I thought it was beautiful, sensual, and a little sad (in a good way). Opening with the magnificent spin he and Peta did in his earlier AT, the dance included some gorgeous lifts, including one where he lifted Peta up - flat - over his head, that made me gasp. Len called it "too safe" and kept him from a perfect 30.

    His Freestyle closed the show, and what a showstopper it was! Inspired by the famous season 2 Cheryl & Drew Cowboy Freestyle, they went totally country! The dance was fast, furious, and phenomenal! The only thing that spoiled it for me was having Cowboy Troy actually there "singing" his song "I Play Chicken With the Train", a terrible song sung by a terrible artist. Bad song or no, Donald FINALLY got a 10 from Len...and a perfect 30!

    Katherine Jenkins got the Paso Doble for her Judges' choice. It wasn't as fierce as her Rock Week Paso, but that was good. This one was PURE Paso, from beginning to end, netting her her first perfect 30.

    Her Freestyle was done swing-style, in what Bruno called kind of a history of swing. One thing a little different: she opened the dance by SINGING! The dance itself was so much fun, and she looked like she was having a ball. It was so fast, but not too busy. Every move was purposeful, but naturally morphed from one style to another. She was rewarded with another perfect 30.

    William Levy opened the show with a Judges' Choice Cha-Cha-Cha that was actually quite superb. I thought it was his best dance, and the judges agreed: 30! My only quibble: I would have given him a Jive, a dance that he completely tanked earlier, to try to redeem himself. They pretty much handed him this one.

    His Freestyle, in my opinion, was a trainwreck. He only did one of two things: shake his booty, or stand still and let Cheryl dance around him. A few times he literally just let his arms drop to his sides while waiting for Cheryl to spin to him. Len called it "too predictable: just a Samba with lifts", and I completely agreed.

    The Final Results show included a 24-Hour-Challenge. Basically, the dancers received their song right at the end of Monday Night's show (they chose their own style), and they had only 24 hours to put it together.

    However, first, the rest of the 14th Season Cast came back for a quick encore. Although not the first one out, Sherri Shepherd came out first, dancing a fun and flirty dance with Val and 5 other male dancers to "It's Raining Men". I got the distinct impression that this was a favorite song of hers, as she was "singing" along the entire time, which added to the fun. Next, Martina Navratilova re-danced her first dance, and Jack Wagner and Gavin DeGraw re-danced their final dances (although Gavin had some extra help: Karina was joined by 3 other female dancers). Gladys Knight re-did one of hers, as well. Jaleel White danced a tour-de-force routine to "Shaft" that was unbelievably good. Roshon Fegan (I'd be willing to bet it was by popular demand) danced a Freestyle that would have taken the show if he had made it that far. Outstanding! Melissa Gilbert redid her "Chmerkovskiy Sandwich" dance with a twist ending, no pun intended. Finally, Maria redid her Perfect 30 Argentine Tango. The trip down Memory Lane ended (after the 24-Hour-Challenge) with Gladys Knight serenading the Final Three with her beautiful rendition of the song "The Way We Were". Katherine cried. Peta cried. I cried.

    Oh, somewhere in the middle of all that, Kelly Clarkson sang a medley of her new song "Dark Side" and her big hit "Stronger". Meh.

    THEN the 24-Hour-Challenge began!

    William chose the Samba...surprise, surprise. While technically good, once again, it was predictable.

    Katherine chose the Jive and, while there was a point or two when I thought that the pressure to be "perfect" would get to her, she stayed focused and definitely delivered.

    Donald chose the Cha-Cha-Cha, and it was as strong and steady as, well, as HE is.

    The votes were all tallied, and the results were called. In third place: William Levy. This brought the count down to two. Just when you thought you could guess what was going to happen next, the winner was announced...

    The Season 14 Champion is...


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