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Episode Discussion for Week 3 on 10/15 and 10/16/2012.

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    Week Four:

    Each week it seems like the next week can't possibly be better; each week I'm proven wrong! This week the dancers performed dances that a) were chosen by another dancer and b) have never - or hardly ever - been performed on this show. Comfort zones were definitely breached this week. As an added bonus, Paula Abdul was there as a guest judge, giving the dancers a chance for an extra 10 points.

    Kirstie Alley got hit with the Charleston by Sabrina Bryan. She and Maks decided to have a lot of fun with it, and fun it was! They kept the true Charleston moves, added comedy bits (like Kirstie popping out of a giant cake), and it made for a wild, fun, and well-done dance.

    Sabrina Bryan received Disco from Kirstie. She came out in what my daughters refer to as "the Cookie Monster coat", but once that coat came off, she and Louis discoed like no one's business. It actually gave me chills and had me cheering (but disco was from my era). I loved it.

    Shawn Johnson did a Mambo chosen by Helio Castroneves. She and Derek moved so fast and so athletically, but so smooth and rhythmic at the same time. It was fast, furious, and absolutely incredible...and received the 2nd 10s of the season, receiving a final score of 39.5 (Len was the holdout).

    Gilles Marini received the first 10s of the season - also receiving 39.5 (good ol' Len) - with his Bollywood dance chosen by Brisol Palin. Even if you didn't know the nuances of Bollywood, you could tell that he was hitting it spot-on! He is fearless; not afraid of trying something new, and not afraid of possibly looking a little silly. He faced it head-on and did wonderfully.

    Kelly Monaco danced a romantic and haunting Contemporary dance - chosen by Emmitt Smith - with a broken toe! She and Val were so beautiful, emotional and powerful that it almost made me cry.

    Apolo Ohno received Hip-Hop for his dance from Melissa Rycroft, and Karina was NOT happy about that. The style suited Apolo well, but near the end of the dance Karina slipped and fell. She did manage to get up and finish, but was completely devastated. Thankfully, the judges were so focused on Apolo that, other than making sure she was physically OK (it WAS a nasty fall), they paid her scant attention.

    Bristol Palin danced a good - albeit safe - Rock'n'Roll chosen by default (she was the last person). Personally, I felt it was easily her best dance. She put a lot into it, hit her marks wonderfully, and was bubbly and having fun. If only she had taken a few chances (although I TOTALLY agree with her that the Bunny costume that Mark had in mind was NOT the kind of chance to take)...

    Melissa Rycroft got the Jitterbug from Apolo (sounds like a disease) and it suited her well. She and Tony did have one fumble on a lift, but recovered wonderfully. She makes it look so easy, and she's so flexible.

    Emmitt Smith danced a Bolero chosen by Kelly Monaco. It showed his power - and his hips - but the fog machine wouldn't show his feet.

    The Results show had musical guests Christina Grimmie (who played piano and sang beautifully while the League of Extraordinary Dancers danced), Tito Puente, Jr., and a lovely duet with Donny Osmond and Susan Boyle, who seemed very nervous. Could she have been a big Donny fan? That's how it seemed to me. Anyway, all were very entertaining.

    Before the final results, the top two scorers got to choose their teams for Team Freestyle next week (Team Freestyle! That is going to be GREAT!!!) The captains were Gilles, who chose Kelly, Emmitt and Kirstie; and Shawn, who chose Sabrina, Melissa and Apolo. Bristol was "last chosen" and would fill in for whichever side lost someone to elimination.

    However, that was a moot point. The fifth All-Star sent home was...Bristol Palin!

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