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Episode Discussion for Week 3 on 10/22 and 10/23/2012.

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    Week Five:

    This week was unique in that a) the show was split into two nights, and b) there was no elimination (mostly due to the Presidential Debate). This was a good thing, because there was just TOO MUCH to contain into one evening! Oh, there was also the TEAM FREESTYLES! To add to the fun, this was "Guilty Pleasure" week.

    Kirstie Alley (Monday) danced a lively Quickstep to "Mrs. Robinson" (why that is a "guilty pleasure", I'll never know). Opening with the iconic "The Graduate" leg view, that was the only time they stood still. Easily one of her best dances, and once again, her stamina is improving.

    Sabrina Bryan (Tuesday) Walzed to "So This Is Love" from Cinderella, dressed AS Cinderella. There were points when she looked like she was taken right out of the Disney animated movie. She was beautiful, smooth, and elegant. (Minor quibble: even the girls could tell that she didn't really drop the shoe at the end...but nice effect).

    Shawn Johnson (Tuesday) brought me to tears with her gorgeous Rumba to "My Heart Will Go On", done on a raised section of stage. One leap she did, with Derek catching her right at the edge, while illegal (NO LIFTS), was breathtaking. When Derek slid off the stage into the "water" at the end, I simply lost it. I'm almost crying now remembering it.

    Gilles Marini (Monday) caused Carrie Ann Inaba to literally fall out of her chair with his - dare I say it - erotic Rumba to "I Will Always Love You" (dressed as "The Bodyguard"), including perfectly catching the rhythm during the a cappella beginning. All I can say about it is Oh. My. Goodness! He got the highest score - 29.5 - for solo dances overall.

    Kelly Monaco (Monday) was up first with her Samba done to "Want U Back". In all honesty, it was the least memorable dance of the week. While up to her usual incredibly talented standards technique-wise, I find myself struggling to really recall it.

    Apolo Ohno (Tuesday) also Samba-ed, to "Give It To Me Baby". More memorable, fun and funky!

    Melissa Rycroft (Tuesday) was a little stiff in her Tango to "Toxic", but had good reason, as she suffered a herniated disc in her neck during rehearsals for the Team dance. That said, it was still a beautiful dance, wonderfully done, especially considering that the last time she was on the show, she didn't DO the Tango.

    Emmitt Smith (Monday) + Samba + "Copacabana" = riot! It was fun to watch, and, watching him, probably more fun to do.

    Monday saw Shawn captaining Sabrina, Melissa and Apolo dancing a cheerleading freestyle to "Call Me Maybe". It wasn't a dance; it was a spectator sport!!! Their dancing as a team was almost perfect synchronization (minor nit for me: at the beginning the 4 ladies were sitting at desks, side-tilting their heads in time...but some were on the 1 and some were on the 2). Their solo pieces were beyond words, with transitions that blended 3 or 4 different people at the same time. You really couldn't tell the difference between the pros and the stars!

    Tuesday Gilles led Kirstie, Emmitt and Kelly, freestyling to "Gangnam Style" (I wondered what the big deal about the song was...and I still wonder. It's terrible!!!) They seemed to forgo technical excellence and double up on the entertainment. That was disappointing, as I really would have loved to see Gilles and Kelly do more. Emmitt and Cheryl paying tribute to her popular Drew Lachey Freestyle was a bit of a waste. That all said, I don't think I laughed so hard in a long time! They went for the entertainment, and by golly, they hit it!

    Once again, there was no elimination, so there was no Results Show.

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