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Episode Discussion for Week 5 on 4/16 and 4/17/2012.

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    On Latin Night Carlos Santana will perform "Evil Ways" with the Troupe dancing to it. Then Santana will sing "Maria Maria", while Louis van Amstel will dance with Anna Trebunskaya.

    The nine remaining couples will dance the Argentine Tango, Samba or Salsa.

    On elimination night Train takes the stage and performs "Drive By", while Cheryl Burke and Louis van Amstel dance to it.Selena Gomez and her band the Scene perform their hit single "Hit the Lights".In Macy's Stars of Dance the dancers bring a Latin themed performance called "Carnaval" on to the stage.

    Change of Rules: This week and the following three weeks the bottom two couples will face off in a dance duel.They will dance side by side, this week the Cha Cha, while the judges will decide who stays and who goes.

    Please discuss this week's episode here.Smile

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    Week Five:

    Latin Week! I dunno. This week was good, but the combination of not wanting anyone to go and liking ballroom just as much as Latin, I couldn't really get hyped about this week.

    Gavin DeGraw is really not long for this show, unless he has a killer fanbase. His samba was more like, "I'm not going to kill it so I might as well just have fun." He DID look like he's having fun, but he always does. There WAS a cool effect of him rowing a canoe in'd have to see it to believe it.

    Donald Driver danced an Argentine Tango that was up to his usual standards. He did some lifts and spins that were phenomenal. The judges didn't care for his dance-strut - they called it a "supermodel walk" - but I liked it. I thought it was full of confidence and swagger. He should have gotten better scores... should Roshon Fegan's Salsa. Aside of a little MJ spin at the beginning (he really can leave MJ home now), his Salsa was spicy and hot. His flexibility really came into play on this dance. What was hilarious was, during the rehearsal bit, he showed that he was actually trying to copy William Levy!

    Melissa Gilbert completely faced - and conquered - the move that hurt her last week in this week's Salsa. Her confidence is rising; now she needs to work on her control. If the votes let her, if she can do that, she'll be good to go.

    Katherine Jenkins danced a near perfect Argentine Tango. There's not much that can be said about perfect synchronization, razor-sharp kicks, and staying completely in character. The only thing that will keep her out of the finals is the fact that people here in the States don't really know who she is.

    Gladys Knight got by on sympathy this week. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. The Samba is supposed to be a party dance, and while she DID shake what her mamma gave her - a little - it was still a nice and polite little dance. Yes, she kept the rhythm. Yes, she played wonderfully to the audience. Yes, she remembered the steps. However, that was it. It was announced that next week is Motown week. I'm just sayin...

    One would think that William Levy would have an advantage during Latin Week. Once again, I think the judges were judging on that more than anything. While his Argentine Tango was much better than his Jive last week, I certainly didn't think that he should have gotten a higher score than Roshon or Donald, or equal to Katherine...but that's what he got. What am I missing?

    Maria Menounos (aka Giggles, aka Clutzy) was wonderful in her salsa...until the kiss. She and Derek had decided to play off last week's "did-they-or-didn't-they" bit and quite purposely kiss. I thought it was too much, and this time agreed with the judges for giving her a bit of a cut in scores...but not too much.

    Jaleel White opened the show with a really strong Samba. I thought for sure that, between his charisma, his rhythm, and his moves, he would get at least one 10...boy, was I wrong!

    There were a T-O-N of musical guests this week! On Monday's show was the great Santana (who better for Latin Week?) who played throughout the entire show. The Results show had Train (eh, and why?), Sheila E, and Selena Gomez & the Scene.

    In a new twist, when the bottom two - Jaleel White and Gavin DeGraw - were announced, they had to do a dance-off. They were both given the Cha-cha-cha, and had to dance side-by-side while the JUDGES made the final decision. As head judge Len put it, it makes it less about popularity and more about the dancing. Seriously, I don't know as I really have to say who came out on the bottom...but that's why I'm writing. This week the one to leave was...Gavin DeGraw!

    (Side note: it was a testament to his generosity of spirit that the rest of the cast practically had to be restrained before swarming the dance floor to give him their goodbyes and hugs.)

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