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Episode Discussion for Week 6 on 4/23 and 4/24/2012.

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    This week is a special tribute to Motown era and Motown legends like Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Martha Reeves will perform. Anna Trebunskaya and Val Chmerkovskiy will dance to Smokey Robinson's "Tears of a Clown".

    Also performing is Human Nature, Australia's leading pop vocal group.

    The first night closes with a special Dance Marathon, where the couples will perform to some of Motown's most popular hits.

    The results night will open with an amazing number from the Troupe, Val Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd, Louis Van Amstel and Snejana Petrova, featuring a medley of Motown hit songs.

    Grammy Award winning R&B group Boyz II Men return to the ballroom singing their latest single "One More Dance". Dmitry Chaplin and Anna Trebunskaya will accompany them on the dance floor.

    In AT&T's spotlight performance a young dancer originating from Sierra Leone, Michaele DePrince will be dancing.

    Macy's Stars of Dance performance will feature a debut of a new contemporary dance group, Shaping Sound featuring Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini and Teddy Forance.

    Finally after the Dance Duel the judges have to decide, which couple of the bottom two they will send home.

    Please discuss this week's episode here.Smile

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    Week Six:

    Motown Week! I was totally beside myself. I love music. I love Motown. I love Smokey Robinson & the Temptations (Martha Reeves is OK, too...but not her best this week). I loved how they had the dancers dancing to songs sung by the ORIGINAL ARTISTS! Personally, if it were me, I'd be too distracted to dance; I'd just want to sit back & watch them sing!

    Anyway...on we go...

    Donald Driver did a fun and smooooth foxtrot. He looked like he was truly enjoying himself, and like he does this kind of thing every day (fave moment: the look on his daughter's face when judge Len sounded like he was going to put Donald down). Even tho he got straight 9s, I was a bit disappointed in his scores.

    Roshon Fegan was practically accused of having too much rhythm in his Rumba! While I kind of get what the judges meant - the Rumba is more smooth movements and less synchopation - I thought he did marvelously, and he certainly left his MJ at home for a change.

    Melissa Gilbert was absolutely lovely in her Viennese Waltz. She and Maks really partner well. It was nice to see her be all smooth and feminine (although I really thought they should have maybe put make-up on her arm tat...but that's just me).

    Katherine Jenkins is a POWERHOUSE! I absolutely thought that her Samba was going to get the first perfect 30...so close. I predict that within the next couple of weeks the judges will come down on her for some small technicality.

    Gladys Knight was in a world of her own in her Rumba. She simply looked like there was absolutely no one else on the planet but her - not even her partner. I think that was the most fun I'd even seen anyone have. That said, she should go home now.

    William Levy posed, stretched, and felt Cheryl all up...but did very little actual dancing in his Rumba. I know it's supposed to be a sexy dance, but the emphasis is on DANCE. For a change, 2 of the judges called him out on it, but still gave him better scores than he should have gotten: Bruno even gave him a 10.

    Maria Menounos was radiant in her Foxtrot. She was both funny and glamorous, at the same time. Yes, there was a slip, but followed by a quick recovery.

    Jaleel White took last week's Dance Duel - and all it implied - quite seriously, dancing a Cha-Cha-Cha that was perfectly Motown, perfectly technical, and perfectly entertaining...and like Katherine, just missed perfectly 30.

    After the last dance was done (and Smokey crooned "Tears of a Clown" - albeit in a lower key) everyone came out onto the dance floor for the Motown Marathon! Everyone danced all at once, with the judges calling them off one by one. The first to go gets 3 extra points, the next one 4, then 5, etc. No surprise, Gladys was first to go. I was shocked to see Maria go next, but they REALLY weren't putting their all into it. Roshon dropped Chelsie, and then HE was dropped off the floor. I fully expected William to go next, but no: it was Melissa...then Donald (who I thought was positively BURNING the floor)...then Jaleel! FINALLY William was called off, making Katherine the last dancer on the floor...and she was able to keep it going!

    (Because this is MY post, this is the order I would have called them off: Gladys, Roshon, Maria, William, Melissa, Jaleel, Donald, Katherine.)

    This week's results show carried on the Motown theme, with a performance by Boys II Men. There was also a performance by Natasha Bedingfield, singing while an amazing young woman danced ballet. They repeated the "Dance Off", only this time it was a Jive, and the (un)lucky two were Roshon and Gladys. We all saw it coming: This week the one to leave was...Gladys Knight!

    (Side note: This week, announcer Tom Bergeron said something to the effect of, "I'm not even going to bother saying 'take your last dance': go take your group hug!")

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