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Episode Discussion for Week 8 on 11/12 and 11/13/2012.

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    Week eight:

    This week each dancer had 2 dances. The first dance was a dance dedicated to Veterans' Day (there were a number of vets in the audience) in a style they hadn't done yet; the second was a "Trio Challenge" where a second pro - either one eliminated or one of the troupe - danced a Latin style dance with them. There was also a double elimination.

    Dun dun DUHHHHHHH! Surprised

    Kirstie Alley's first dance was a positively gorgeous Viennese Waltz. She was smooth and graceful, and hit her lines perfectly. It was really emotional and something to see, and netted her the highest score she'd ever gotten.

    Kirstie and Maks were joined by Tristan MacManus for a disjointed Paso Doble. It started out pretty promising - oversized angel wings on all 3 notwithstanding - but got really funky in the middle. The ending, however, was strong and dramatic.

    Shawn Johnson opened the show with a breathtaking Viennese Waltz. (I have to admit that, while she danced to one of my least favorite songs - "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan - I felt that the DWTS singers did the song better!) She got an almost perfect score, and deserved it. She and Derek glided and...well, going on I would have to hit upon every cliche I know, so I'll just stop there...but it was beautiful.

    It was no surprise that Mark Ballas was the pro to join Shawn and Derek for the Trio Samba that was tribal, wild, intricate, fascinating...but very little Samba. While I agree with Judge Len on that point, I thought giving them a 7 was a bit harsh, as there WAS some decent Samba in there...somewhere.

    Gilles Marini quickstepped to near perfection - 29.5 - in flygear appropriate for Top Gun (yeah, they danced to "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins). That seemed appropriate, as his feet WERE flying.

    It was Gilles being "fought over" by Peta and Chelsie Hightower in a beautiful, complicated, and HOT-HOT-HOT Salsa. Everybody moved so fast and switched placed so often that it was really hard to tell who was Peta and who was Chelsie. The identical costumes didn't help matters. It DID, however, make for a fantastic Salsa.

    Kelly Monaco, while moving quite lovely, really shouldn't wear yellow as she did in her Viennese Waltz. Her movements were nice, although (agreeing with Len again) a tad on the sharp side. (Side note: I have never seen any real emotion on her face until she heard a comment from Len, talking about Carrie Ann's opinion: "I have my standards; she has none.")

    Kelly REALLY shined in her Trio Jive with Val and Louis van Amstel! She has lovely legs and really used them to her advantage, kicking'n'flicking like there was no tomorrow. She's also so tiny that Val and Louis usually sent her flying. However, it was fun, speedy to a fault, and well deserving of the high scores she received.

    Apolo Ohno ziplined into a fierce and fast Tango. He went beyond his comfort zone and really owned that dance. He moved so precisely that the judges had to really nit-pick to find fault. Once again, it was Len. I don't think he liked the zipline.

    Apolo, Karina and Sasha Farber went back to the '50s in a "Grease"-inspired Jive. Having another male - which could be too easy to be compared to and to try to keep up with - was truly a huge gamble that paid off handsomely.

    Melissa Rycroft did the Quickstep to a song that I absolutely love - "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - and, through her usual technical prowess and megawatt personality, got a perfect 30.

    That feat was repeated in her Paso Doble with Tony and Henry Byalikov. Going completely against type, she was fierce and take-charge, even yelling "HA!" at certain points. For the first time, she not only took on a character that was nowhere near her own, but OWNED it.

    Emmitt Smith danced a pretty Viennese Waltz, and I thought it was nice enough. I've been waiting for him to take on something nice and slow like this, and he managed nicely.

    However, I don't think the judges saw the same Trio Salsa that I did. While Cheryl and Kym Johnson were spinning and dancing around him, he spent the first half of the dance just literally marching in place, nary a booty-wiggle until they released hold. I found it a bit plodding and not nearly spicy. The judges, however, gave him a perfect 30. Go figure.

    The Results show had musical guests Kylie Minogue singing her first hit song from the '80s, "The Loco-Motion" which - to look at her now - must have been recorded when she was five. She was GORGEOUS!!! and still in fine voice. Oh, Ne-Yo was also on, but we muted him.

    One of the eliminations was announced in the middle of the show. Before the second result, the dancers got to choose a Style/Theme for each other for next week's show. The style themes were: "Caveman" Hustle, "Knight Rider" Bhangra, "Big Top" Jazz, "Espionage" Lindy Hop, "Surfer" Flamenco and "Mad Monk" Merengue.

    The final results were not really a complete shocker: at least, the first one wasn't. The second was, but only marginally, as they're all so good. The seventh and eighth All-Stars sent home were...Kirstie Alley and Gilles Marini!

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