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    I love this show it is awesome! But I can not stand Erin Andrews, she is a terrible host, she is rude and not professional at all !... Please find a better host and get Erin Andrews out!

  • Erin has to go!

    Please get rid of Erin Andrews.. It is very difficult to watch and listen to bring Brooke back or anyone other than Erin..
  • Bring back Brooke Burke!

    Sorry Erin Andrews. You're not Kat Deely. Just being real. Brooke was just flat out smooth. You're better suited for sports but you need much more polish foor this show.
  • Pro dancers

    My friends and I are getting sick of seeing pro dancers on DWTS Last night I was shocked to see Alphonse as a dancer and not a professional. I have watched him on Catch 21 which wasn't even announced last night, and he always dances with any contestant who says they dance. He will say "Like this" and then proceed to show them up because he can dance. He 's done belly dancing, tap, and imaginations of other dancers like Michael Jackson. So he comes out last night and gets a nine because he has danced.. Just like last year. If you compete in ice skating dance you first learn to dance on your feet.

    We are really getting discussed with the pros showing up the other contestants. Where is the fun of watching them grow if you get a nine on the first try.

    Please understand I am not criticizing his dancing but the fact that there's no competition when you have seen him dance on other shows and now he's competing with someone like the designer.
  • Please get a new co host

    Please get rid of Erin Andrews/ she is so annoying! Love the spunky Sadie, cute as a button, and how refreshing to see a family pray together. I will give this season a few more weeks, if I can get through the torture of watching/listening to Erin.
  • Sadie Robertson Must Go

    What is the deal with Dancing with the Stars and having picked Sadie Robertson to be part of the show?!? They should think about promoting and encouraging a family that is racist and ***phobic. If they think that this is a way to increase the ratings then I think that viewers should boycott the show and not allow them to spotlight a family that are bigots. It is a shame that the Duck Dynasty family are continuing to be given more publicity and spreading the vile views. Dancing with the Star should be ashamed especially when so many LBGT community watch the show. No more watching Dancing with the Stars!!!
  • tellitlikeitis 14

    If you want the show to go on ,Mr. Producer, listen to your loyal viewers: Andrews has to go-she STINKS; band need to go-they STINK to high heaven; to call Julienne Hugh an actress and a singer is a joke-she failed both and now she is crawling back to same people that she abandoned for her "imaginary" carrier that never took off. If you continue to deliver garbage, you are going to lose the audience and have to look for another job (producing another piece of crap)
  • Dancing with the Stars

    Please, Please get rid of Erin Andrews. Her voice is unbearable and I keep having to use Mute button on remote. I don't see her relating to cast as well as Brooke did. I am almost inclined not to watch 2
  • I Would Rather Watch American Idol

    Dancing With The Stars is boring, stupid, poorly-executed ABC reality competition garbage. CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

  • who I would like to see on dancing with the stars

    Changes that have been made are properly something you needed to do but your new co-host Erin needs to leave the show. Why isn't Brooke on there anymore. You need to find someone besides Erin.

    I would really love to see Channing Tatum. I want to watch that man dance on this show. Johnny Depp would be another good one. And Phillip Phillips I would like to see on there. Please put Channing Tatum on Dancing with the stars.


    Last show was just to long 3Hrs??? Could do it in an hour. Watched the last 5 minutes of the show.

    Hopefully next season the show will be shorter might get more people interested.
  • Call Meryl and Mac the last dance dancing?

    The last dance that Meryl and Mac did wasn't called dancing because her feet hardly touched the floor. All it was, was her winding her body all over Mac doing a sex act. Those two are disgraceful the way the kissing and touching goes on all the time. You can tell they are hot for each other and that is fne but can't they keep it behind close doors. I know the other's give each other a hug and kiss but not to the extent that Meryl and Mac do. They are good dancers but they should be cooled off. The other dancers are so much more professional. I don't think James and Peta should have been voted off. I think Candace should have. They got 3 8's.

  • New Cohost needed

    I love Dancing with the Stars. I realize that changes are made to make improvements. However, the new co host Erin Andrews needs to be voted off the show. She gets a 3. Her Interview style seems to upset the Dancers. She is too vocal and sometimes come across often over shadowed the host. They were not a good combination. Besides, the rudeness of the Dance Moms star, all the other changes were fine. Suggestion, bring back the lady from last year or get a new co host. Dancing with the Stars is beyond a 10 for me but the co-host was not.
  • Candace should be off

    I am done watching DWTS. It was my favorite show. Candace should have been off the show in the beginning. She still cannot dance and is staying on because she keeps using the God card. Enough of expressing your religious orientation. No other religion does. They just sent home Jim of Jim/Peta and it was a disgrace. They should have only given her a 6 for the last dance; she should never have gotten this far. I AM DONE
  • do not bring that lady back

    I can not stand Erin Andrews, she always ask the catty questions and not one bites, she should learn by now is a positive fun show, you can see it on staff and stars faces that no one likes her, she has no spark or attractive sass to bring, is like putting a news reporter on a miss america host, they do not match.

    do not bring her back, bring back brook charve

    Sometimes the scores are lower because of the choreography instead of the contestants. We need more contestant solos.

    The pros should showcase the contestants, not themselves! (Maks and Sheryl, especially you. Mark is the best good Judges have to be careful not to let their personal feelings about the pros (or the contestants) influence their scores for the contestants' performances. [Maks, you are such a pouting prima

    The contestants should stand on a platform so that Erin doesn't have to slump down. She looks so much better when she can stand up straight.

    I've watched Derick grow up. He's FABULOUS! I miss the old pros. I like to hear the comments of the dancers during the dance afterward.

    All the semi-finalists are really good, like last season. Charlie is the best male dancer. I've learned a lot about dances. Since the fans tend to vote for their favorite celebs rather than dancing skills, the judges' votes should count for 2/3. Fans should get 1 vote, not 12+. I like it better when I know most of the contestants and they're from different fields and the range of ages.

    It's great that every season has different styles. I don't like having extra, guest judges. If judges aren't going to give a 10, I want to hear the criticisms, not just how wonderful they were; they're misleading. I do like costume designers competing. And I LOVE the comic commentaries during the finals.

  • Surprised

    It is hard to see the dancers with the highest score and best performance going home. It seems as if it is a popularity contest instead of a dance contest.
  • Meryl & Maks

    I stopped watching DWTS two years ago, and decided to give it another try since your guest dancers were good this time around. I was hopeful that dancers would be judge on their skill and not popularity. It seems nothing has changed.

    I am disappointed in the show and the judges - the guest judge Abby Miller should never have been permitted to come into this show. She is a disgrace. I am also disappointed in Julienne (Derick's sister). This lady was in a tv session accusing Maks of calling in. When the interviewer asked her if she was sure, her response was - well, I know Maks. Shame on Derick as he was on the show with her. Is he desperate for Amy Purdy to win the trophy?

    As for Maks, he defended his partner and good for him.

    I have no doubt that Meryl & Maks bring a lot of viewers to this show during this season. They are a joy to watch. They are the best dancers to come into this show in years. DWTS does not need the drame Ms. Julienne & Ms. Abby created.

    Amy Purdy is to be admired as she is incredible. Hopefully, the show is not trying to eliminate Maks & Meryle to have a win for Amy Purdy. We need to be fair - Meryl & Maks did not deserve the scores they receved. Neither should an Olympic Gold Medal winner be treated and discussed all over the tv circuit in the manner she is.

    I would not be surprised if Meryl Davis notifies DWTS and discontinues with the show. What a shame to give such low scores to a great performance, and to give such high scores to dancers who do not deserve it.

    You are losing your older viewers and it is obvious why.
  • Old Drummer

    All the music sounds the same with the constant thump-thump rock style beat. As an old drummer, I don't hear the proper rhythms for the ballroom dances. What a letdown since the music blocks my attention for the dancers. Why haven't the dancers complained about the constant THUMP-THUMP THUMP-THUMP OF THE BASS DRUM OR SYNTHESIZER. It's truly a very disappointing season.

    Maybe I'll watch the news instead!!! When they did Disney, the music was great and I suppose that was by order of Disney. Alas, now it's back to the thump-thump thump of the rock and hip-hop "music" Since they have done little to appease the voting public, I'd like to change my rating to a low 2! Still having trouble recognizing just what dance is being done to the improper music!

    Last night the music was great since Ricky Martin brought his own band. Hope that the producers DO NOT bring back the Thump-thump band and continues to give us GOOD DANCE MUSIC!! Since I don't know what will happen with the music, my rating is still 2.
  • Major turn offs

    I have strayed away from this program more and more. First of all I don't agree that the contestants should have points given as to their popularity. Too many good dancers have been eliminated too early in lieu of more popular contestants and their fans votes. It's a dancing contest NOT a popularity contest !!! Second of all, Erin is a beautiful woman but has a very irritating voice . I held off all of these weeks but has continued week after week and hasn't gotten any better. Poor substitute.
  • Its over for DWTS

    As usual with aging TV shows ala American Idol and now, DWTS they have gone "over the top", trying to change everything. Erin and the band are completely miscast. The attempt to go young is running off the long- term viewer loyalists and its a pity. If this is not the last year for the show, next year surely will be.
  • ne ne

    It is very wrong when Candace and Ne Ne both get rights, Ne Ne can't dance, be fair. Bring Brooke back.
  • Erin Roberts question

    Why does she look like she's 7 feet tall???
  • Pity Party

    Amy is an Inspiration!!! The reason she is, is because she has not allowed her handicap to hold her back. This has already been established. So lets quit bringing it up every single week! Cutting her a little slack, yes, but it is unfair for her to have an edge over all the other dancers who are working just as hard. If she wins the trophy this season it will certainly not be because she is the best dancer.
  • band aid band

    This band is a group of good musicians and singers but everything they play sounds like either hip hop or rap. I wonder if they could actually play a REAL Tango, Rhumba or Paso Doble if their lives depended on it. Jettison this band and bring back Howard Wheeler on board. They had great versatility. Erin is okay.

    Also, this show has has become a stage performance activity with glitz, strobe lighting and wild affects which is fine sometimes but it has left authentic ballroom dancing far behind. If this keeps up Len may be gone, replaced with 20 year old judge. You are about to lose two long time fans.
  • Dancing with stars

    What were u thinking bring Burke & band back. Everytime Erin is on I change station. This is worse show & year since it began I feel bad for the contestants to be subjected to this very disappointed

    Love the show, but I do not like the new co-host. What were you thinking when you replaced Brooke????? Good thing that the dancers are the stars and not the new co-host. She is sooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • ditch Erin

    what were they thinking canning Brooke. Erin is annoying, disrespectful and a downright lousy co-host. the changing this season are beyond stupid, from Erin to band really bad
  • Erin Erin Erin

    Why do you stand in front of people and cross your legs? That is a sign of insecurity or do you need to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom? It's very unprofessional.

    Otherwise I love the show and have watched it for years.
  • Judging and votes disparity on those being eliminated

    DWS is one of our favorite programs and we appreciate the hard work it takes to be a competitor therein.

    We are, saddened at the results of the double elimination as your judges and allegedly the votes cast out

    two dancing couples who did not deserved to be booted out. Let us hope this is not repeated again and

    if it does, we will know that "political correctness" involving color, and age is alive and well in your realm.

    Let us hope it is not. It has happened at least twice before and it is a sad commentary on a great show.

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