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  • Old Drummer

    All the music sounds the same with the constant thump-thump rock style beat. As an old drummer, I don't hear the proper rhythms for the ballroom dances. What a letdown since the music blocks my attention for the dancers. Why haven't the dancers complained about the constant THUMP-THUMP THUMP-THUMP OF THE BASS DRUM OR SYNTHESIZER. It's truly a very disappointing season.

    Maybe I'll watch the news instead!!!
  • band aid band

    This band is a group of good musicians and singers but everything they play sounds like either hip hop or rap. I wonder if they could actually play a REAL Tango, Rhumba or Paso Doble if their lives depended on it. Jettison this band and bring back Howard Wheeler on board. They had great versatility. Erin is okay.

    Also, this show has has become a stage performance activity with glitz, strobe lighting and wild affects which is fine sometimes but it has left authentic ballroom dancing far behind. If this keeps up Len may be gone, replaced with 20 year old judge. You are about to lose two long time fans.
  • Dancing with stars

    What were u thinking bring Burke & band back. Everytime Erin is on I change station. This is worse show & year since it began I feel bad for the contestants to be subjected to this very disappointed

    Love the show, but I do not like the new co-host. What were you thinking when you replaced Brooke????? Good thing that the dancers are the stars and not the new co-host. She is sooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • ditch Erin

    what were they thinking canning Brooke. Erin is annoying, disrespectful and a downright lousy co-host. the changing this season are beyond stupid, from Erin to band really bad
  • Erin Erin Erin

    Why do you stand in front of people and cross your legs? That is a sign of insecurity or do you need to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom? It's very unprofessional.

    Otherwise I love the show and have watched it for years.
  • Judging and votes disparity on those being eliminated

    DWS is one of our favorite programs and we appreciate the hard work it takes to be a competitor therein.

    We are, saddened at the results of the double elimination as your judges and allegedly the votes cast out

    two dancing couples who did not deserved to be booted out. Let us hope this is not repeated again and

    if it does, we will know that "political correctness" involving color, and age is alive and well in your realm.

    Let us hope it is not. It has happened at least twice before and it is a sad commentary on a great show.

  • Just me?

    Does anyone else think they are trying too hard to bring sex and "dirty dancing" into this?? (I love the movie Dirty Dancing, by the way). Erin is too brash and in their face, just tries too hard. This is a DANCING should keep it at that.
  • Erin vs Brooke/Brooke Wins By A Landslide

    Erin has no finesse and her voice is very annoying. She is a bad replacement for Brooke. Also, the orchestra and singers for the past years were just great. This year the music is a disappointment. Thank goodness the competition is so great this season as it makes up for the lousy host, Erin and the below average music.
  • Bring BROOKE Back!!!!

    Erin's voice makes me want to leave the room! I will have to keep the mute handy whenever I see her face! Had you never heard her speak? BROOKE is lovely, sweet, and gorgeous in anything she wears!!! Bring BROOK back and send Erin back to the locker room!!!! MISTAKE !!!!!!!!
  • Last Season

    I have look forward to watching this show but this may be my last something changes soon. Ballroom dancing without an me a break. You had the best orchestra and you dropped them why? Then there is Erin, this is dancing not a football game. Her voice is annoying and her comments and questions worse! The last two season were my all time favorite. One dance team as good as the next. Really made one want to see what level of dance they would bring to the floor next. So sad to see see a once good program going downhill. At least you are still getting some good stars!
  • It's Time

    We are quickly going from bad to worse. Brook is gone and I thought, GREAT and Erin is worse. What about the music, OMG is that really a band, ballroom dancing needs an orchestra! The show shows all the signs of struggling, It's time to go!
  • This is not sports

    How come you don't know that Erin Andrews is HORRIBLE. Grating voice, stupid remarks. What were you thinking? I even mute her when her commercial comes on TV. It's going to be so hard to watch with her doing the interviews. Plus the singing is HORRIBLE also. I miss the old band. The choice of music absolutely sucked.
  • bad host

    Erin is stiff & boring. She has no personality at all. Bring Brooke back. You had a good host & blew it with Erin.
  • Dance Contest vs Popularity Contest

    This may be the last season we watch DWTS. We love the dancing and judging but the fan participation is out of line. When good dancers with good scores go home before hopeless ones with poor scores it makes the home viewing experience unpleasant, to say the least. Not worth my limited viewing time. There are things out there to enjoy! M. Roe. T'ville, FL.
  • You've done it again! -

    Something needs to be done with the judging and elimination of the dancers!! After the show this Monday, 11/11/13 - when the pair of Elizabeth B. and her partner was was enough for us! We will not watch the rest of the season and truly, I am not sure, we will try it again! The last 3 seasons were more of the popularity contest and the speed of some people fingers tech savvy but some of the older generation cannot compete with this modern technology but have been faithful followers but love the show for the dance skills, judges expertise & fairness and its overall entertainment values. Unfortunately that has gone to the pretty obvious that some of the very best dancing stars have been sent home in favor of some who can't dance even after so many weeks of training. Worst season of elimination that we have watched and we have seen them all!

    Why to have judges at all? They should be the ones deciding who is talented and deserves to stay to the the viewers!!!!! It's time to come up with different ways to fairly judge and eliminate pairs upon their technical and musical abilities - 75% judges values vs. 25% viewers values for starter? PS: Kind of bummed that we won't see the end......
  • Craziest elimination season ever!!!! Back to the drawing board ABC and judges!!!!

    DWTS judges and ABC just what were you thinking? Cutting it to a 1 day show and eliminating at the end? Cutting it to 1 day is good because I think it is much too long anyway even though it is still 2 hours. Obviously this season is all about popular vote, not quality of dancing. Maybe you should get the elimination done right away instead of making these dancers dance there tails off and get 10's and then get eliminated. I don't think a score of 25 or 30 is going to keep them in at that point anyway based on the viewer votes coming in from the week before dancing. It is a sad bad season and you are loosing this viewer from every season since the beginning. Time to rethink this show. While you are at it, get those judges on the other side of the floor away from the dancers. It is a nice touch to have everyone on the main floor but separate them. Too much talking between the couples and judges going on. Maybe it is time for a major judge and show make over. It may be popular and getting nominations, but it is also getting old. Have to say Julianne Hough was a great judge, she put a fresh and hands-on perspective in it.
  • A Message To The Judges???

    Clearly, the viewers of DWTS are sending a message to the judges on the show. And clearly, this show is no longer about dancing - rather this show has turned into a popularity contest. Leah has been in the news concerning her Church - people feel bad for her. Bill is simply a pretty nice guy - an "everyday" guy.

    This show needs a new set of judges next season. The current 3 judges have worn out their welcome.
  • too much weight on fan voting!!!!!!!

    It's pretty obvious that some of the very best dancing stars have been sent home in favor of some who just can't dance. That would mean that the best dancers can't make the final. Worst season of elimination that I have watched and I have seen them all!
  • JEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JEERS to DWTS. You are getting rid of all the good dancers. Your way of judging has got to change.

    The judges scores should count a lot more than call ins. I have now QUIT WATCHING DWTS.
  • Nothing but a popularity contest in 2013

    I have watched every episode of DWTS since it first aired. I am extremely disappointed with this 2013 season however. Who gets voted off has become excessively fan based and minimally based on dancers skill and performance. Several of the best dancers this season have been voted off already leaving some "average" (almost boring) dancers still in the competition. I am not even looking forward to the finale. Going forward, how about basing eliminations 75% of judge's scores and 25% on viewer votes!
  • Give Bruno a seat belt!

    I agree with the other reviewers! Bruno is sooo annoying! Always gyrating and jumping out of his seat. I tape DWTS so that I can fast forward Bruno's comments.
  • Sit down, Bruno!!!

    Tom Bergeron said it best last night when he told Bruno to "Sit in your seat!"

    Love the show, but Bruno gets more narcissistic and annoying every season. Please producers, tell him to stop going on and on and trying to be outrageous... and to sit down!
  • Amazing Opener!

    Not really, If I have not seen SYTYCD this season. It was basically the same Season Opener.. ( here )
  • Shame on Dancing with the Stars

    Choosing a 16-yr. old as a contestant is absurd and unfair!! She may be a great dancer, but she's way too young to be on the show and it's unfair for the rest of the contestants! to go downhill as far as I'm concerned. I was an avid watcher for a long time, but the last 2 seasons have been fairly boring and uneventful. Get with it, ABC!!
  • DWTS Sad Song Choices

    I have been watching DWTS from season one and this season of 2013 has got to be the "cheesiest" season ever. The horrible song choices and props are just ruining the show. I just started learning ballroom dancing and I would appreciate viewing more ballroom dancing and less cheesy routines!

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  • Go away

    Not for nothing, but shouldn't the stars Dancing With the Stars be written in quotation marks? His show has either people I have never heard of or people I thought I had gotten rid of.
  • popularity contest

    I love dancing with the stars but I think the winner tonight will be based on who is the most popular with the fans. the best dancer is Mellissa. hope she wins but wont be surprised if she does not. they never should have booted off apollo he was terrific
  • All female final

    The finals for DWTS, is made up of an all female cast. There is Kelly who is using her sexuality rather than her dancing skills to appeal to the public, Shawn who is like a light comes on and goes off with her performances, who got the public wondering what she could pull off for the finals, and last but not least there is Melissa who has been climbing the ladder with her performances. Its too bad the silly public, voted Sabrina off. I would rather have Sabrina replace Kelly for the finals. Sometimes, I wonder what the public were thinking, keeping Kirstie on and voting Sabrina off.

    Its weird because all the finalists are females, and no male celebrities. Its not fair if you ask me . . .
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