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  • Bad night

    This has to be the most disappointing DWTS ever. The best dancers were overlooked and the ones who could not dance stayed in the competition. Bobby Bones should have been voted out weeks ago. I feel sorry for the dancers who did so well got a raw deal. I guess the judges are just people who watch from the side lines and their comments don't count. I have been watching from the first show but I'm done now.
  • Disgusted

    I am very disappointed about last nights winner. The shows new name should be Popularity with the Stars because evidently you don't have to be a good dancer to win. If you are not popular with the fans you lose. I have been watching the show for several years but I am done. I will find something else to watch on Monday nights. Very Sad. :(
  • Disappointed

    I used to love the show but it seems its not about who is the best dancer anymore.

    I quit when they got rid of Juan Pablo. Then extremely disappointed to learn that dancer of them all won the whole thing. It feels like its rigged and not good.
  • Rockabilly and Boogie Woogie music and dance

    The show is great. Thought they could add Rockabilly and Boogie Woogie dance.
  • Not a massive fan

    Im not entirely sold on the idea of this show. Dancing? With stars? You can't dance with stars you'd get burnt?!?! But I was sold when David Hasselhoff made his appearance. The flow of his body was simply hypnotic and its a crime against nature and physics that he didn't win.
  • Lifts

    Why does it matter if the dancers have lifts and why is Carrie Ann such a stickler on it? Stupid!
  • Too much "fluff!"

    I get frustrated with the frou-frou. Too many lights, too many close-ups, too much fog, etc. Pull back, let us see the full dance and dancers, no flashy/strobe lights (as a migraine sufferer, I just have to close my eyes through those), no laser lights, and hand-held/weaving point-of-view. Just get back to the basics of the dance. And for goodness sakes, get rid of Erin Andrews. I know she's gorgeous, but please just put a picture of her prominently on the set and thank her kindly for her time.
  • John Schneider danced away with out hearts.

    John gave his fans a very thoughtful gift and did a number that is close near and dear to our hearts. I think he honored Waylon Jennings, He honored The Dukes of Hazzard and danced a lot of love back to all his fans with all the hard work he put into this number tonight. He and Emma did Magnificently!
  • Too short poor


    Too little time for the team's to develop. Not enough time to vote or develop to develop a favorite. The last round forced all votes to my own favorite. Wouldn't want to see the shortened version again and I really enjoyed the full format (longer formal).
  • Worst ever

    Hate the 4 week format. No time to see growth in dancers or develop empathy. Will not watch finale after seeing Tonya in and Marai out. Worst season ever!!
  • Tonya H.

    What are we doing bringing a girl back into competition that can't compete and can't take to lose. Why would we put her on she is definitely not a star she is a criminal in my mind! Why Tonya, there is plenty other people out in this world that could easily take her spot! My rate this season will be really low but maybe y'all can make a come back from this season!
  • Tonya

    Why Tonya? She doesn't belong in any competition.
  • Dancing with the stars all athletes 2018 cast

    Very disappointed Rob Gronkowski will not be on dancing with the stars all athletes season... he wanted it so bad... but yet they chose Tanya Harding (that's gonna be a train wreck, every one watch your knees)... lmao... smh #DancingOnGMA #DancingWithTheStarsAthletes #DWTS
  • America lets vote Vanessa Lachey out!

    America lets get her out like now. Maksim is fine. That woman is not good at all lets make this season great. Get that woman out of there. Now pls

    Dancing with the stars is getting really crappy! This show should be called the most popular dancer since thats exactly whats been happening on this show lately. The most popular dancer wins instead of THE BEST DANCER!!! I dont think i'll be watching anymore.
  • voting

    I just don't think people in this country should be allowed to vote anymore. If last November wasn't a big enough demonstration of not understanding qualifications for being elected, this season of DWTS reinforces it. The fact that Dave outlasted so many better dancers is absurd. This is not a popularity contest, it is DANCING. Wake up America !!!
  • More dancing less chatter and drama

    Each individual dance is less than 90 seconds a filler is 5 min. Three judges would be plenty. Why are the female professional instructor almost always all white. Does Hollywood not have Asian, Hispanic or Black female instructors? Suggestion, put the name of the song and artist at the bottom of the screen for 15 seconds for each dance.
  • Lifts!? What!?

    CarryAnne is so ridiculous with the lifts. She has taken it wayyy too far. What the hell? I don't understand why a step where the woman has both feet BARELY off the floor qualifies as a freakin lift. She irritates me every time she opens her mouth now.
  • Erin, you are not qualified to Judge

    Do you realize how ridiculous you sound when you make statements like: "I agree with Bruno" or "I don't agree with Carrie Ann?" Just what kind of dancing background/experience do you have to make these statements? No one cares to listen to your "professional" comments; your annoying voice is bad enough! Bring Brooke back!!!!
  • Judges Persuades Voters

    I am very disappointed with the outcome of the four, now three finalists. First of all, there were other dancers who were so much better than David Ross that did not make it to the finals. And, for David to have won over Simone Biles is absurd! Personally, I think David is a very charming gentleman with a great personality, but if judged on dance performance, he should have been gone weeks ago. I feel that some of the judges place so much emphasis on who he/she wants to win and in turn that persuades the audience to vote for who they think the judges want to win, which is the case with Julianne. She needs to keep her big fat mouth shut and just stick to what judges do - critique and advise, and not persuade the audience! Furthermore, why does it seem like some of the pros get the celebrities that are potential winners. It's the same ones that win all the time! How many times has Shauna Burgess, Artem Chigvintsev, Emma Slater or Sasha Farber won? As much as I love Val, he has won several times, and has a pretty good chance of taking the Mirrorball Trophy this season! DWTS was one of my favorite shows to watch but now it''s beginning to look a lot like politics - messy, dirty, and prejudice!
  • Len goodman - No Respect

    Len is a terrible judge. He was very rude regarding Bonner's Performance. He needs to know how to judge the dancers that will help them get better. To tell Bonner the only reason he is still on the show is because of the votes from the viewer is unacceptable. He is no longer an asset to the show and needs to go back to London. I have been watching DWTS since the first season and Len has been rude to several dancers. It one thing to bring ideas to help them get better, but he just does not care how he criticizes. I love this show and watch it every season. I usually never submit a comment, but Len's comments on tonight show as not acceptable.

  • Dancing with the Stars or not.

    Dancing with the stars needs to change. Stars having a advantage over other stars dancing. No gymnists, or dancing experience.

    I was taught if you had nothing kind to say, don't say anything. Len was horrible telling one of the dancers he thought he would have been off the show already. Even if he thought it, shut up. I can not believe Len was a professional dancer. To me He is far from being professional. Len needs to go back to London. The shows ratings are lower. That has to be for a reason. Len is not a positive person, which I believe these are not professionals and it is ok for criticism but not Len's way. He needs to be voted off. People also miss Derek. He is a amazing dancer. Bruno needs to shut up. The show is not exciting as it once had been.

  • dancing and voting

    although a good dance couple was booted is not the first B should have not been voted is just dancing and voting is from the viewers when you bring celebs in to dance make it is a dancer and our wonderful cowboy is our baseball player players if unhappy dont watch have been a loyal fan since the very of my pics dont make it but i love to watch the dancing especially those who are not dancers.. so enjoy or dont watch
  • got it all wrong

    Nick, Bonner, or the baseball player should have gone - can't dance, while Heather was at professional level. VERY disappointed about DWTS process - REALLY. Won't watch any more until you get a better voting system or an expert save like some other reality shows for instances like these. Sorry for your show ratings
  • Shock 2

    I loved this season so very much but how are you going to send Heather home when she been working with a back up dancer.. Totally not her fault Max got hurt, then for them to get perfect score his first night back.. You have way worse dancers by far.. This show is definitely lost my vote from here on out.. Nothing about her going home was fair.. She wasn't nor has ever been in bottom since week one.. Very disappointed SMH!!!!!!!
  • Dancing Without The Stars

    Never thought I would stop watching but it's finally happened. I never missed an episode till two seasons ago, stopped altogether. Derek for some reason always danced with a ringer; and that sister of his, too much boasting. Len is always disappointed, Bruno is a perv.

    This show gives The Osmond's too much of a platform to sing look how great I am. ABC has an infinity to give creeps star power, example Ryan Locte, yes reward this criminal; again with ABC and Nick Viall. He was vial on the bachelor, always showing up to interfere. Give him as much air time as possible, drama drama drama.
  • Down with professional Actor/Dancers

    I do not think it is fair to have professional dancers as contestants on DWTS. I am talking about Heather who is dancing with Maks. She even said she danced Britney on Glee and now on this show and tonight she dances to her song. And she was a back up dancer, really? It really is not fair to the other contestants and that is why I will not give any of my votes to dancers on this show as they do not deserve it.
  • I've had enough of Lenn

    Len needs to retire or go back to England. He is too old for modern dancing.
  • Celebrities

    I think that they should have a celebrities edition of dancing with the stars
  • too much cheese

    I like the show very much. But, some of the dances are so cheesy.

    I am all for a little fun but for the most memorable year week things should have stayed somewhat serious. I was never a fan of Marcia but I sure like Maureen.

    Val, Val, Val and more Val please.

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