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  • Dancing with who???

    When are you going to put REAL celebrities on the show? Most of these people are either close to 85 years old or someone related to a celebrity. In my opinion, the professional dancers are the stars, and the so called celebrities are ??? How do you choose these people? Reality TV, you tube people, jockeys, and relatives of stars, my opinion are not celebrities. Here's a thought, why not let the viewers make suggestions or take a vote on who they would like to see on the show.
  • Tamar GO HOME!!!!

    I have been watching for years and Tamar needs to go HOME!!!! I can't stand her 3 or 4 minutes of whining and diva self. Val has always been the character he is today. She needs to get over herself ,and stop thinking she is a strong woman. WTF Ever. I won't say what she REALLY IS!!! because I am a respectful strong woman. And a good strong women don't act like whiny crybabies because they don't like the part they have to play ,and as for her I Guess she is a actress .I don't know what she is but her true self shows on DWTS. But as a actress be it reality tv or what ever. You know you have to play a part (ITS CALLED ACTING TAMAR) and the same goes for DWTS you have to play a part and i am sick of her controlling issues. There is no I in TEAM dumb girl, whiny little baby. I cant stand listening to her. And she can't stand the heat she needs to get out of the kitchen, cause Val is just trying to do his job. Not cower to TARMAR NEEDS. He wants her to win, but she is always acting like a DIVA that SHE IS NOT!! GO HOME TAMAR-You maybe a little pretty on the outside but your very ugly on the inside. Such a BAD ATTITUDE COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH every time i see you on the show. Looks bad on Dancing with the stars stop disrespecting Dancing with the Stars and their PROFESSIONAl Dancers and Go back to your Stupid reality show,So, you can be the real B that i bet you are. And a show which I would never corrupt my mind with ( especially after the way you act on DWTS). Being a good person and nice person. IS BEING A STRONG PERSON!!!! GET OVER YOURSELF TAMAR. And I hate to subject other fans to this post but I hope it gets to Tamar cause she needs to be schooled about her stinky, ugly, complaining, uncooperative diva attitude. If she doesn't like who she is with she should have never joined the show, it would be better without her disrespectful mouth and bad attitude, when he is trying to make her look good and teach her something. You can't fix UGLY ATTITUDE OR MAKE IT LOOK GOOD (VAL) I have never seen on the show such a ridiculous star as her. If you want to call her that!!!!! All the years I have been watching the show I have not seen a "star" try to take such control over the dancer. They don't always get along but the stars always do their best to learn what they need to learn so they can win. Feel sorry for Val as long as he has to endure her abuse and criticism .He is a true WINNER!!!! Get over yourself DIVA go back to your reality show. Your attitude makes you UGLY!!!! If she had a better attitude she would get rated better. And No one would write bad reviews about her. Having money doesn't give you the right to be rude. Cause in the end all the fame and fortune she has WON'T GO WITH HER!! Being a good person is part of what gets you in Heaven NOT MONEY OR FAME. Although I have never heard of her until DWTS and after she is voted OFF. I will never have to be subjected to her demeaning attitude.
  • Paula Deen

    I can't even listen to her talk yall!! much less watch her dance or attempt to. Shame on her for trying to get the sympathy vote. She's been abandoned too many times? What's that got to do with anything?

  • Gary Busey

    I think Gary Busey should have been one of the first to be voted off. I'm not sure why anyone would support him. He is terrible and, frankly, pathetic!!!
  • Alex and Lindsey

    Love True Blood theme, loved the dance, loved the choreography & Alex and Lindsey duo. He's the most confident looking and powerful celebrity male on the floor. Love, love Alex/Lindsey. Please vote for
  • Dancing with the stars

    Julianne does not belong on the judging panel. We all know why. Letting Alfonso judge was ridiculous. He is not even a pro. If I were the pros that would be insulting to me. The show has really lost me!
  • Alek & Lindsey

    They're absolutely adorable together.

    They should get together & make it official. There is obvious chemistry.
  • Tamar Braxton

    Tamar acts totally disrespectful of Val and his expertise. Whether she feels that way or not IS NOT the point. It seems so apparent. Why did you want to be on the show any way? She has to disagree and control everything Val tries to do. It's way beyond expressing an opinion. "Tamar, he is trying to help you win, why don't you shut your mouth for a change and take some instruction!" The connection missing between you is ALL ON YOU GIRL!"
  • Remove Julianne Hough

    I think it is not fair to have Julianne Hough as a judge as anyone can see how she favors her brother!! Many people have noticed this also season after season. Look back on the tapes from Tuesday night.. not a mention about her brother and his partners feet not touching the ground or anything else they did wrong but she has no problem calling out everyone else's mistakes. She is always giving them the high numbers. I will not watch the show anymore until she is no longer a judge she needs to stick to dancing!

    GOOD watch 1 min of dancing and 5 minutes of show needs to be revised and stop all the darn really getting old, going up the stairs to get more talking and stand there to listen to the stupid am getting tired of watching and 2 days of this REALLY.. WRITERS STOP THE OLD
  • Judges

    This rating is for the judges this season. Two nights in a row of dancing and at times judges are way too critical. Not very professional. Too bad, as it makes the show no longer pleasurable to watch. The entire panel of judges srrm overly
  • It's time to Judge the Judges on DWTS!

    I, too, am thoroughly turned off by the judging without Len to offer his well respected expertise. Although I enjoyed Julianne as a dancer, I don't think she has the "chops" to offer expert advice in a way that does not come off as amateurish. I think that she is trying to add gravitas by giving low scores, but this season is turning me off when I don't respect the scoring of the judges. Please bring back Len or perhaps someone like Mark Ballas' parents. They have had such an impact on many of the professional dancers, or even Louie. I didn't realize he was so mature until I heard his story.
  • What in the world is wrong with the DWTS Judges this season?

    Please bring Len Goodman Ann and Bruno are disjointed and out of people are on their second dance absolutely sucks as a judge. She's way overly critical and all about herself and subjective. Len seemed to always pull a unity and mature reign with the The judges comments are so very "flberdy gibberish!" Will someone please take this review to heart? I've watched this show since it's needs to back someone calm Carey Ann down and tell her these people are amateurs on week TWO! AHHHHH!!!!!

    Paula Deen is the opposite of everthing embodied on this lovely show: grace, elegance, tradition, beauty. She has some pretty ugly thoughts, she neverwas held accountable and now is the public's chance. Did anybody really read what she said about some por under aged waitress when she had to choose sides, make a choice. Read about it: PAULA DEEN STUMBLES OVER 'A PIECE OF It's on THE PICKFORD WORD, at

    Seriously, people. It's time to expose her.
  • what the bean counters in hollywierd think you should watch

    disgusting vile putrescent is that enough severely despise crap like this on television
  • Obscene gestures on a family show? Disgusting !!!

    I am officially turned off by this show after the obscene gestures by Alexa PenaVega and husband Carlos. Both giving the finger after their little display of history about them is totally disgusting and inappropriate for this family show.

    What is wrong with this show AND the network for allowing such crude behavior to be aired in this way.

    My 92 yr old mother was appalled and I was embarrassed.

    I will no longer watch ANY part of this show and hope it goes down the .
  • Can this show get any worse?

    Let me start with saying Julianna Huff is taking Len's place??? Are you joking?? So how does that work when she has to judge her brother Derrick???? Is that not called interest of conflick?? What makes her so special to be a judge? There are other dancers there that have won more than she has and have more expercienc. My whole Family and I quit watching this show years ago because there are NO good stars on it anymore. Its a joke!!! I watched it last year because Rumor Willis, I thought I would give it one more chance this season, I couldnt get past Julianna where is Max?and Cheryl this DEAD!!!!

    Please no more 80 years old. It is embarrassing for them and your audience to watch. Here are some cool ones to dance.

    Tim McGraw Faith Hill

    Michael Strahan Robin Roberts

    Eric Martsolf Arianne Zucker

    Terry Fator Rosanne Barr

    Hugh Jackman Calista Flockhart

    Jimmy Fallon Allisa Milano
  • Wrong music. 2.0

    Why oh why don't you have proper music for the dances. Strauss wrote beautiful waltz music. Tonight's foxtrot was nothing like a ballroom foxtrot, and the music was not appropriate. Proper dance music does not have lyrics. Come on, give us some proper ungymnastic dances. Most people are calling it "gymnastics with the Stars". Oh and dress the ladies. Costumes are too brief, suitable for fitness classes, not ballroom. Am so disappointed with the show.
  • This years judges

    Love watching DWTS but so disappointed with Helen who is looked upon as a professional yet when the cameras started rolling she wasnt able to hide the fact that she doesnt approve of her fellow workers to the left of her. Helen you need to pull the pin if your not happy because you are a stand out this year and its for the wrong reasons
  • It has its flaws

    I really like DWTS in general. I am sometimes offended because the dancers gyrate to the point of vulgarity. It also creeps me out that there is so much kissing and hugging between the dancing partners. I am not a touchy-feely person. It puts me off to see so much physical display of affection among the contestants.
  • Why are fan vote numbers never revealed???

    Because producers decide who wins and you can't do that if everyone knows the truth. Rumer and Riker were even before the "ghost" fan votes. I realize her parents have a lot of famous friends, but Riker has a legion of 800k plus Twitter peeps, do you really think Rumer and Val won on fan votes? NO! And the whole pity party for Noah, ugh, I watch for dancing, not for that. Patti LaBelle was a better dancer, most of them were. Its a laugh anymore and Probably why Len wants out.
  • We all should not even be on the show. This may be the last season watched for all of us.

    We all should not even be on the show. This may be the last season watched for all of us. The poor guy can barely walk, let alone dance. We agree with many of the others below in that he should not have ben on the show or should have been voted off long ago.
  • Down and Down it goes

    I agree with most of the comments made. This was a great show when you started. It inspired the "common folk" that maybe they could do something new. Now it is a popularity contest with too many "semi-trained" contestants. Please get back to the viewers joy of watching non-dancers grow and actual earn the mirror ball.
  • Dancing Skills not important anymore - just pity

    DWTS has turned into a popularity contest. There is no way that Noah, the disabled veteran, could be qualified to be in the finals without the sympathy vote from the fans. He CANNOT dance. It was also ridiculous for him to get all 9's from the judges. If you must include the popular vote, don't weight it so much that it negates the votes of the judges for actual dancing talent. Several of the eliminated dancers were much better dancers but he got the pity vote. I'm sorry he was injured but that doesn't make him a good dancer. Maybe you could get Steven Hawking to appear. I also wish you would dump Julianne. We fast-forward thru her comments as they are a waste of time. Go back to actual dancing.

    5/19/2015:Tonight's result will determine whether I'm done with Dancing. Noah can't dance and he shouldn't be getting 10's from the judges. He should have been gone long ago. In the past judges have said they can't take injuries into account. They have to judge on ability. Last night Noah got 10's so based on that standard Rumor should have had 12's. Where are the "stars"?. The premise of this show has certainly changed since the beginning. And, do you really need 4 judges? I miss the dynamic of Bruno and Len when they sat next to each other.
  • Tired of the popularity contest!

    Can't stand Rumor Willis! And please tell Julianne Hough to just shut up! She talks waaaayyy to much!
  • Why Vote?

    We'll no longer be watching DWTS as we feel Noah should not have progresses as far as he did as HE CANNOT DANCE!! There are very talented couples that were eliminated that were and are far better dancers. What has happened to DWTS? Let's get back to basics which is dancing and cut out the rest of the BS that goes on. Since when is a marriage proposal part of scoring? Also you should get rid of Julianne Hough as all she contributes is drivel.
  • why? why so mean

    I dont understand why some people are writing such hateful comments about julliane hough. She is free to dress as she sees fit,she doesnt answer to you guys, the ones posting the negativity. And as far as her comments, shes just doing her job, shes suppose to criitique the dancers performances. Its so very wrong to be so mean and hateful to people, remember what Rumer Willis was satying, how horrible and cruel people were to her, how bad it made her feel.
  • Erin Andrews

    Get RID of her! She's horrible. She does nothing for the show. Cut her!!! Bring back Brook for some fun show.
  • Fire the Producers!

    The professionals and celebrities just follow orders. Tom and Erin have their instructions. The producers of the show have gone popularity conscious and have killed the competition. This show was meant to be a "dance competition", not a popularity contest. Viewers appreciate a real competition, not one that plays on the sympathy of viewers with disabled, physically challenged, or aged celebrities. The voting is out of balance. The viewers should NOT have the final say in who advances or who is eliminated. Credible judges recognize accomplishments, fundamentals, and achievements over the season. This show is NOT what it began as. I will skip the finals and will not be a viewer next season.
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