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  • dancing and voting

    although a good dance couple was booted is not the first B should have not been voted is just dancing and voting is from the viewers when you bring celebs in to dance make it is a dancer and our wonderful cowboy is our baseball player players if unhappy dont watch have been a loyal fan since the very of my pics dont make it but i love to watch the dancing especially those who are not dancers.. so enjoy or dont watch
  • got it all wrong

    Nick, Bonner, or the baseball player should have gone - can't dance, while Heather was at professional level. VERY disappointed about DWTS process - REALLY. Won't watch any more until you get a better voting system or an expert save like some other reality shows for instances like these. Sorry for your show ratings
  • Shock 2

    I loved this season so very much but how are you going to send Heather home when she been working with a back up dancer.. Totally not her fault Max got hurt, then for them to get perfect score his first night back.. You have way worse dancers by far.. This show is definitely lost my vote from here on out.. Nothing about her going home was fair.. She wasn't nor has ever been in bottom since week one.. Very disappointed SMH!!!!!!!
  • Dancing Without The Stars

    Never thought I would stop watching but it's finally happened. I never missed an episode till two seasons ago, stopped altogether. Derek for some reason always danced with a ringer; and that sister of his, too much boasting. Len is always disappointed, Bruno is a perv.

    This show gives The Osmond's too much of a platform to sing look how great I am. ABC has an infinity to give creeps star power, example Ryan Locte, yes reward this criminal; again with ABC and Nick Viall. He was vial on the bachelor, always showing up to interfere. Give him as much air time as possible, drama drama drama.
  • Down with professional Actor/Dancers

    I do not think it is fair to have professional dancers as contestants on DWTS. I am talking about Heather who is dancing with Maks. She even said she danced Britney on Glee and now on this show and tonight she dances to her song. And she was a back up dancer, really? It really is not fair to the other contestants and that is why I will not give any of my votes to dancers on this show as they do not deserve it.
  • I've had enough of Lenn

    Len needs to retire or go back to England. He is too old for modern dancing.
  • Lenn Needs to Go

    I'm getting tired of Len's cranky attitude and judging people differently based on whether he likes them or not.
  • Celebrities

    I think that they should have a celebrities edition of dancing with the stars
  • too much cheese

    I like the show very much. But, some of the dances are so cheesy.

    I am all for a little fun but for the most memorable year week things should have stayed somewhat serious. I was never a fan of Marcia but I sure like Maureen.

    Val, Val, Val and more Val please.

  • Dancing format

    Love watching the show. It inspired my husband and I to take ballroom lessons. But, really do not like the format that has been established over the last several seasons. Preferred to watch all the teams do the same dances each week so you could compare apples to apples and preferred when the dances actually resembled what is taught. Added flair and tricks are fine but not to the exclusion of actual required dance steps. Call me little Len.
  • Julianne needs to go .

    Julianne has given more negative remarks since she has been on the show than all the other judges combined. If she says something remotely positive, it's followed by "but what I would like to see you . Every single time! I had to start hitting my mute button when she talked because I was getting so frustrated and could not tolerate it any more. I have a lot of patience but a couple of seasons of this has really pushed it. I'm not one to do this kind of thing, so that should tell you something.
  • Less Ass more dancing

    OK So Amber Rose used to be an exotic dancer "of the pole variety" and Julianne found her offensive - guess what?? So did the rest of the country except for the horny old men watching on TV. This second class piece of crap should be removed from TV permanently. I know - they keep her on the tube for controversy, well now they have it. I thought this was Dancing With The Stars not dancing in the barn yard with cattle.

    For the second part of this note, I am a Dairy Farmer and the other morning when I went out to hook up the cows - I thought I saw Amber Rose staring me in the face. My gorgeous cows ass looked identical to Amber Rose and has the legs to match. So now my 2 prize milkers have tattoos on their asses, one is Amber and the other Rose. So the next time you watch DWTS and you see that big overweight cow trying to dance think of me and my Amber and Rose.
  • I hate this show

    My cousin encouraged me to check out the show. It is a joke. Julianne Hough and her brother need to go. They practically run the show. Also, this show does not judged the stars fairly and caters to the popularity of the professional dancer and that's ridiculous! Len needs to get a backbone and get rid of Julianne and Derek. I like Carrie Ann. She seems fair. Don't have time to watch a show that's obviously fixed to get ratings. Joke! Worst show on TV.
  • Juliane and Bruno need to go

    Need to get rid of Julianne and Bruno. Both are a disgrace to the show She left to try and so other things. Didn't work. Dws felt sorry for her. She needs to wear more apporate clothes who wants to see what she doesn't have. Grow up and act your age. Bruno needs to keep his butt in his chair and quit throwing his arms his almost hitting the person next to him. He may be an instruster but has no rythem. He seems very stiff
  • Monday nights version of judges not speaking was great !

    Monday was a great show no commentating by judges! Tuesday show sucked had to listen to judges!

  • Hate Erin Andrews

    Please keep Kim! Love her.
  • I love everything but the clothes

    Is anyone else tired of seeing the half naked dancers on the show? I have always enjoyed the show but I am really tired of seeing the girls in outfits that look like glorified swimsuits. I am no prude but what happened to the beauty of the dance and the costumes. I love the judges and the dancers but I don't even let my grandchildren watch this anymore because of all the butt grinding. There's just too much sexual annotation in the dances. I think some is okay but there needs to be a better balance. Bring back what you started with. Put some class back into the costumes. It's not a bunch of young horny people watching the show. I know I certainly don't need to watch girls grinding on guys on it otherwise wonderful show.
  • Dancing with the Stars is now dancing with liars/criminals/disgraces

    How can you reward Ryan Lochte by considering him a "star", which is the category of people you choose for your show? He disgraced his country, his sport, the Olympics, his fellow citizens of the world, and ran out on his friends whom he left to deal with their communal mess. He lied over and over after generously being given multiple chances to come clean. If this is the type of person DWTS declares to be a "star", why in the world would I watch? By doing so, I would be endorsing your view of what and who a star is. Please, you owe us and yourselves, better.
  • Bad judgement by Julianne

    Get rid of Julianne please!! What doesn't she understand about nonprofessional dancers? She's an ass!!
  • HUGH MISTAKE bringing that ass on the show

    I thought this was one of the classy shows still on TV... The producers are assholes for looking for ratings.

    I hope the show goes down the shitter, because of this.

    Way to go maybe we can bring on some wife abusers and vote on there dancing. What a waste.
  • DWTS No More

    I have watched this show since it's inception. I thought they had class. I thought they were one of the few shows left with integrity. NO MORE. I am finished watching now that they are rewarding Lochte's BAD BEHAVIOR.

    If this is all for ratings they didn't need to do it this way. I hope parents keep their children away for this so they don't see good things happen to bad behavior people.

    I hope America is smart enough to tune out. Even voting him off is not enough. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN INVITED.

    This is so sad.

  • show stoper

    Lochte should not have been picked for the show he is a liar and dishonest and a disgrace to the USA. he is not what our flag and country stand for. I have always enjoyed this show but will not watch if he is in the line up.
  • Would Rather Have Zika than Lochte!

    You must be kidding. Ryan Lochte disgraced himself, the people of Brazil and the Olympic Committee and you want to give him attention on your show! Say it isn't so. I'm going to hope you take the opportunity to correct this lack of judgment before you lose a lot of watchers. Please do the right thing!
  • No Lochte

    Ryan Lochte disgraced and disrespected the host country of Brazil, disrespected the Olympics, disrespected and disgraced his own country, the USA. and disgraced himself. I have been a fan of DWTS since its beginning, but if you put Lochte on the show, I will not watch. People have to be held accountable for their made the choices for what he did and should not have your recognition as tho nothing happened. It's throwing laws and personal morals out the window - makes it appear you support that. your show has become more about "splash" than original concept of actual dancing ability.
  • Please No Lochte

    Ryan Lochte? REALLY?! There isn't a guy on earth I'd want to see less of. The jerk broke the Olympic Code of Ethics and the USA Swimming Code of Conduct in Rio. He doesn't deserve the nations attention after his blatant misconduct and very public display of his lack of integrity. His "job" in Rio was to represent his sport, the Olympic spirit of the games, and his nation. I'm aggravated Dancing with the Stars has decided supporting his celebrity status by labeling him a "star". He is no star in my eyes. I won't be tuning in this season if he is in the lineup. I'm really disappointed - and somewhat dismayed y'all feel he is worthy of inclusion in your production.
  • Dear Umbrella

    Are you deaf, dum and blind. Nyle was the best dancer I have seen in all of the shows. You think you are almighty and could get on the dance floor without being able to hear the music and dance. He proved himself in ever way possible that he COULD dance, not only because he is deaf, but because he was better than everyone else. He danced with his mind, body and soul.

    He has, like Carrie Ann said, a beautiful heart. He deserved to win.
  • I turned it off

    I have been a loyal follower of DWTS and was was so anticipating the finale, but turned it off a little after the first hour. The entertainment, if you can call it that, was horrible. I wanted to see all the stars dancing. I was disappointed they felt they had to bring "popular" ? singers onboard to get viewers to watch. I would have preferred a one hour finale with just the dancing, after all, isn't that what it is supposed to be about? Also, who picked Erin's dress, it was more appropriate for the bedroom, not TV. Results were predictable, all 3 were very talented. Congratulations to all of them for a job well done.
  • Not watching dwts anymore

    I am so mad that a deaf guy won dwts season 22 that I will not watch anymore I hope they cancle this show. Because he won. I mean better dancers have gone home. Like jodie sweetin Sharna partner. Lidsay partner what happened to the best dancers winning like pagie. This show should be called. Dancing with the Stars canceled and why wasn't Derek on this season. I was team mark and Paige all the way. I. Wanted paige and mark to win. This show is. I mean really why I can't belive the deaf guy wasn't off week. 1. And I can't belive the show would want a deaf person to win it. The guy was getting sythany votes. Not fair. And I wished Len would go. Along with Bruno and Carrie Ann. Hope pets takes next season off. She won bescease the guy deaf wow did the show not have a partner for Derek this time. And all of you people who. Don't like Derek you are just I am glad Derek gets. The ones. With all the train backround. And. I just got say. IF. That deaf guy won season 22 then why didn't derek win. With Amy perdy in season 19. But it is a crying shame that. Mark and pagie we're 2 and not the winners. Tony gets the one that. Have the. Old lady's and house wives bescse he is not good as Derek. So. There. The one person who said that. I wish people would stop saying Derek gets all the good ones that is not true look how many Val had Val didn't have Amy purdy like Derek had derek got her bescse of people like. Who said that.
  • Tonights show

    Erin looks like a damn tramp. Bring back Brooke. Thats what the people want. She was fun, entertaining and natural. Erin looks like she still belongs in the mens locker room. She is hard looking and not people friendly. Get back Brooke Burke Charvet.
  • It's time for a change.

    I have had enough of Erin. Flat deliveries and dresses like a slut.
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