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  • Very disappointing show now!

    After watching this season I have to say this:

    1. girls are way underdressed- feels like cheap Vegas show, making girls to dance in swim wear and with no skirts nor shirts for guys, and making them to take things off- seems very desperate way to raise ratings among perverts! Move the show to midnight with those type of costumes!

    2. Get rid of Julianne- she is a bad judge, not Fair towards anybody, except her brother and Mark - her little buddies. She has the buyest views and she should not be allowed to judge family members. Way too critical to other pros and no need for the fourth judge, since they don't always get a chance to talk, due to time limit, so why crowd the time with fourth judge?

    3. Bring Lenn back- he is great and always fair, he has his opinion and keeps ballroom standards alive!

    4. Show is playing favorites with pros- it is soooo obvious! No one is there dare to tell truth to Derek and Mark- they always get higher scores, notwithstanding their partners stumble (Derek's tango),make technical mistakes or have awful lines ( Sadie's feet are apart, during the stretch to side- the train can get through) get off time, dance very short routines (Derek's tango today), or dance completely jerky rumba with terrible lines (Mark and Sadie). i am a professional ballroom teacher and champion and can't stand when things are overlooked and 10th and 9th are given for such an embarrassing performances. And fair to say, look at Derek's face- he was shocked himself, when he got those high scores tonight, because he new the routine was not ready and he knew it. Mark and Derek are great dancers, but be fair with them, don't pull them through if it's not deserving!

    5. Lea Remini did a great job today with hosting the show.

  • Keep Leah !

    It was a relief to not listen to Erin's nasal, hard edged was great, lively, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable. Why do younger women talk like they have something lodged in their throat? Some speak so nasal ala Kardashian, or like Erin, it's nasal and sounds like she's talking while being strangled. Someone give these on air hosts and reporters voice lessons !!!
  • Guest Host

    Well I have to say . . . They have finally done something to improve this show.

    Now just KEEP this week's guest host. She's just a hoot & really brings a new vibrancy to show.

    The regular co-host is so dull & just does NOT have the upbeat FUN that we are experiencing tonite.

    KEEP HER !!!!!

    And . . . We also agree that Julianne needs to totally lighten up.
  • tommy chong segment

    I am native American and I felt humiliated by the joke he made out of sweat lodges!
  • The guest judge

    I think you guys are educated enough to bring a right guest judge to the show that is a little less serious and can add some humor to the show not like tonight Jesse jay that has a bitter face and is not friendly at all. A good judge can be an advantage to the dancers by giving them high score as a nutral person. Please don't bring Jesse back
  • Mark holden

    He needs to be removed from the show. He is making a fool of himself and the he is stealing time so other great contestants do not have the time to speak .
  • Get back to basic judges.

    I most definitely think you need to get rid of Julianne Hough, she is a terrible judge. She criticizes every one of the dancers. I think the only reason she's there is to make money. Also, get rid of the guest judges and go back to the basic judges. GET RID OF JULIANNE!
  • When did this show become pg-13

    I watch this show with my 11 year old daughter and soon to be 10 year old son. We had to turn the channel during the opening number and during Janel's number. Also some of the girls outfits are almost non-existent. Am I misunderstanding this to be something we can watch as a family?
  • Get Len back.

    I personally think it is time that those judges get with the program. Michael did a wonderful disco and disco as I remember it was never planned or time moves you just did your own thing. Which is exactly what he did. Bravo Michael.

    Please bring back Len and get rid of Julianne she is just not working as far as I am concerned. She is very opinionate but if I remember correctly when she was on the the other side of the dance floor she hated it when they told her that she was wrong with the interpretation of a dance. Get off your high horse my dear.
  • Harsh scoring for no reason

    I agree with the comments about the judges. Julianne can go back off and bring Len back. At least his truth was constructive. I agree also with a judge who has never seen the show and is not a dancer.

    Tonight the judges were awful. Never have I ever made a comment like this but lady judges you got to calm down.. Also, if you are going to have guest judge, please select one that has at least seen the show before. Tonight's guest judge was totally worthless!!
  • Disappointed in rude judges!!

    I enjoyed the dancing tonight but thought the judges were over the top RUDE. I don't like having guest judges especially when they don't know anything about dancing. I liked Julianne when she was an instructor but she needs to go as a judge. She is absolutely horrible. I didn't vote for Micheal Waltrip but they were unnecessarily rude. It's one thing to give constructive criticism and another to be plain RUDE!
  • Harsh scoring for no reason

    I agree the judging is horrible. They are not very objective for professional dancers in the industry. People are seeing beautiful works of art and they are being seeming pretentious. Cheech Marin was exceptional for his age and very disrespected by Ms Julliane Hoff. These folks are not professionals and the older competitors who are working hard deserve a little respect. Alfonso Ribeiro from the "fresh prince of Bel air" was flawless and in synch with his partner. They were unnecessarily brutal and extremely off base. I had professional ballroom dancers who told me that they were wrong and facetiously nick-picky.
  • Judges

    I think the judges r carrying the Sadie' s family beliefs to far. Carie Anne should have never said is your dad okay with the way u danced and clothes. They asked her to be on the show, so leave her beliefs out and score her fair. She should have gotten tens also. Don't judge her because of duck dynasty and her beliefs, be fair. I think the judges get to carried away with comments. I have watched every season, and love dancing with the stars. But please stop badgering Sadie, she's a nice girl doing what you judges r wanting her to do. Thank you
  • Scores

    I'M be watching for more the 2 year's this show Dancers with the Stars I'Will tell you I got disappointed about the judge, because the have many dancer good and le give low score for sample the Boy blonde brother the Lady she she participacin in judge Its unfair with him today please ist the best colografo y no slo con l si no con muchos ms, I be honest today was the last day I'M be waching this show sinceramente Laura
  • Sloppy road.

    I have loved "Dancing with the Stars" ever since Stacy Keibler and Drew Lachey competed on it. It's been one of my favorite shows and it always takes some time getting used to new pros but I agree others deserve an opportunity, specially the upgraded ones from The Troop. I applaud that. What took me completely off-guard was when production decided to not re-hire Brooke Burke-Charvet when she did an amazing job. She was cute, she was kind, fun and she had a personality that just clicked with everybody. I absolutely and definitely dislike Erin. She's disconnected from the contestants, she's way to nosy and she gets carried away with almost everything improper and too cheesy. I also dislike a 4th judge. I love Julianne and I like having her around, so this is not about her. It's just that 3 judges were more than enough already. Sometimes they don't even get to comment because of that same reason!

    Anyways, it was going well for me this season because one thing I hated was a one-day show when for so many years it was live show and results show. They just went back to one and I miss it already. I like having that look backstage and hearing what the pros and contestants are going through before, during and right after their dance. I also enjoyed some of the artists invited and the crazy stuff they'd fill the results show with.

    I love "Dancing with the Stars" but it looks like it's one-season-past from cancelled and it's just going to go down from there. I'd hate that so much, but they need to give it some serious thought and do what worked and did good for the show in the first place.

    I can't believe what DWTS did to Monday night's show. I have never missed the show in 19 seasons. They started the show by announcing the first couple in jeopardy. Really? What a downer. And then expected them to be first to dance. What was that all about?

    Then they have a sit-in judge for Len, who admittedly had no dance experience whatsoever. What was he judging: the costumes, make-up????? The dancing, as always was beautiful, but the show was insulting from beginning to end.

    I might think twice before watching next Monday. Sad!!!

  • Boot Erin Andrews off!!!

    She is HORRIBLE!!! She needs to go somewhere else!!! She does not know what she is doing and always trying to get someone to say something about someone else, geez, get gone.... Brooke was much nicer and knew what she was doing;;;
  • Sports makes people stupid and stupider. Take up your dance shoes and grow your brain not injure it!

    Us Canadians don't get to watch it tonight because of some 'sports game !!!!!!!!. I wished ballroom dance was as mainstream as it is in Europe. How many children and adults are suffering from the long term physical injuries and debilitating brain injuries all because of contact sports. Yet when these kids grow up they don't even know how to speak with a woman and who have these stupid ***phobic attitudes about learning to dance with a woman. I am mad as hell that men who run this country and your country who have taken every focus on sports and have given not even a glimpse to the arts and dance. It has been said that Ballroom can never be considered a sport because it is an art and so highly developed, but I say; "Is it not the ultimate sport compared to none". Because it is highly competitive, artistic, high developed, intellectual, emotional and spiritual and includes the complication and the continuous consideration of a dance partner moving in sync with each other to the very smallest fraction of a second.
  • What happened to Julianne?

    Beautiful Julianne looks really bad. Terrible hair style and color. Skin looks washed out, needs a spray tan or better make up. Bring the beauty back!
  • What happened to Julianne?????

    When Julianne danced in previous seasons she always looked beautiful... Now that she is a judge who the heck is doing her hair? Her hair looks hideous, it looks like a 5 yr old was playing with it... Has she bothered to look in a mirror? She can't think that rats nest looks good, it looks like she sleeped in it for a week and forgot to brush it... As much as I like her the truth is the truth.... Julianne please let a professional stylist make your hair look gorgeous again... Enough of the just got out of bed and haven't touched my hair in a week look.....
  • Great Dancers - rotten music

    RE: DANCING WITH THE STARS: Cannot believe that the pro dancers have not rebelled at the atrocious noise ABC thinks is music. The dominant drums and synthesizer cacophony is an insult to the quality of the talented performers. The show is no longer enjoyable or watchable since the producers obviously chose to save some money.

    Last season will be the last one we watched. It is with regret that we are forced to watch something else in that time slot. Whoever owns the show should dump the producers.
  • Judges talk too much

    I enjoy the stars and the dancing but I leave the room when the judges start talking.
  • Why a Fourth Judge?

    There is no need for a 4th judge, let alone Julianne Hough--she just does not fit, especially since she was one of the pro dancers. Plus we now have to sit through "four" critiques!

    I love this show it is awesome! But I can not stand Erin Andrews, she is a terrible host, she is rude and not professional at all !... Please find a better host and get Erin Andrews out!

  • Erin has to go!

    Please get rid of Erin Andrews.. It is very difficult to watch and listen to bring Brooke back or anyone other than Erin..
  • Bring back Brooke Burke!

    Sorry Erin Andrews. You're not Kat Deely. Just being real. Brooke was just flat out smooth. You're better suited for sports but you need much more polish foor this show.
  • Pro dancers

    My friends and I are getting sick of seeing pro dancers on DWTS Last night I was shocked to see Alphonse as a dancer and not a professional. I have watched him on Catch 21 which wasn't even announced last night, and he always dances with any contestant who says they dance. He will say "Like this" and then proceed to show them up because he can dance. He 's done belly dancing, tap, and imaginations of other dancers like Michael Jackson. So he comes out last night and gets a nine because he has danced.. Just like last year. If you compete in ice skating dance you first learn to dance on your feet.

    We are really getting discussed with the pros showing up the other contestants. Where is the fun of watching them grow if you get a nine on the first try.

    Please understand I am not criticizing his dancing but the fact that there's no competition when you have seen him dance on other shows and now he's competing with someone like the designer.
  • Please get a new co host

    Please get rid of Erin Andrews/ she is so annoying! Love the spunky Sadie, cute as a button, and how refreshing to see a family pray together. I will give this season a few more weeks, if I can get through the torture of watching/listening to Erin.
  • Sadie Robertson Must Go

    What is the deal with Dancing with the Stars and having picked Sadie Robertson to be part of the show?!? They should think about promoting and encouraging a family that is racist and ***phobic. If they think that this is a way to increase the ratings then I think that viewers should boycott the show and not allow them to spotlight a family that are bigots. It is a shame that the Duck Dynasty family are continuing to be given more publicity and spreading the vile views. Dancing with the Star should be ashamed especially when so many LBGT community watch the show. No more watching Dancing with the Stars!!!
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