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    Please no more 80 years old. It is embarrassing for them and your audience to watch. Here are some cool ones to dance.

    Tim McGraw Faith Hill

    Michael Strahan Robin Roberts

    Eric Martsolf Arianne Zucker

    Terry Fator Rosanne Barr

    Hugh Jackman Calista Flockhart

    Jimmy Fallon Allisa Milano
  • Wrong music. 2.0

    Why oh why don't you have proper music for the dances. Strauss wrote beautiful waltz music. Tonight's foxtrot was nothing like a ballroom foxtrot, and the music was not appropriate. Proper dance music does not have lyrics. Come on, give us some proper ungymnastic dances. Most people are calling it "gymnastics with the Stars". Oh and dress the ladies. Costumes are too brief, suitable for fitness classes, not ballroom. Am so disappointed with the show.
  • This years judges

    Love watching DWTS but so disappointed with Helen who is looked upon as a professional yet when the cameras started rolling she wasnt able to hide the fact that she doesnt approve of her fellow workers to the left of her. Helen you need to pull the pin if your not happy because you are a stand out this year and its for the wrong reasons
  • It has its flaws

    I really like DWTS in general. I am sometimes offended because the dancers gyrate to the point of vulgarity. It also creeps me out that there is so much kissing and hugging between the dancing partners. I am not a touchy-feely person. It puts me off to see so much physical display of affection among the contestants.
  • Why are fan vote numbers never revealed???

    Because producers decide who wins and you can't do that if everyone knows the truth. Rumer and Riker were even before the "ghost" fan votes. I realize her parents have a lot of famous friends, but Riker has a legion of 800k plus Twitter peeps, do you really think Rumer and Val won on fan votes? NO! And the whole pity party for Noah, ugh, I watch for dancing, not for that. Patti LaBelle was a better dancer, most of them were. Its a laugh anymore and Probably why Len wants out.
  • We all should not even be on the show. This may be the last season watched for all of us.

    We all should not even be on the show. This may be the last season watched for all of us. The poor guy can barely walk, let alone dance. We agree with many of the others below in that he should not have ben on the show or should have been voted off long ago.
  • Down and Down it goes

    I agree with most of the comments made. This was a great show when you started. It inspired the "common folk" that maybe they could do something new. Now it is a popularity contest with too many "semi-trained" contestants. Please get back to the viewers joy of watching non-dancers grow and actual earn the mirror ball.
  • Dancing Skills not important anymore - just pity

    DWTS has turned into a popularity contest. There is no way that Noah, the disabled veteran, could be qualified to be in the finals without the sympathy vote from the fans. He CANNOT dance. It was also ridiculous for him to get all 9's from the judges. If you must include the popular vote, don't weight it so much that it negates the votes of the judges for actual dancing talent. Several of the eliminated dancers were much better dancers but he got the pity vote. I'm sorry he was injured but that doesn't make him a good dancer. Maybe you could get Steven Hawking to appear. I also wish you would dump Julianne. We fast-forward thru her comments as they are a waste of time. Go back to actual dancing.

    5/19/2015:Tonight's result will determine whether I'm done with Dancing. Noah can't dance and he shouldn't be getting 10's from the judges. He should have been gone long ago. In the past judges have said they can't take injuries into account. They have to judge on ability. Last night Noah got 10's so based on that standard Rumor should have had 12's. Where are the "stars"?. The premise of this show has certainly changed since the beginning. And, do you really need 4 judges? I miss the dynamic of Bruno and Len when they sat next to each other.
  • Tired of the popularity contest!

    Can't stand Rumor Willis! And please tell Julianne Hough to just shut up! She talks waaaayyy to much!
  • Why Vote?

    We'll no longer be watching DWTS as we feel Noah should not have progresses as far as he did as HE CANNOT DANCE!! There are very talented couples that were eliminated that were and are far better dancers. What has happened to DWTS? Let's get back to basics which is dancing and cut out the rest of the BS that goes on. Since when is a marriage proposal part of scoring? Also you should get rid of Julianne Hough as all she contributes is drivel.
  • why? why so mean

    I dont understand why some people are writing such hateful comments about julliane hough. She is free to dress as she sees fit,she doesnt answer to you guys, the ones posting the negativity. And as far as her comments, shes just doing her job, shes suppose to criitique the dancers performances. Its so very wrong to be so mean and hateful to people, remember what Rumer Willis was satying, how horrible and cruel people were to her, how bad it made her feel.
  • Erin Andrews

    Get RID of her! She's horrible. She does nothing for the show. Cut her!!! Bring back Brook for some fun show.
  • Fire the Producers!

    The professionals and celebrities just follow orders. Tom and Erin have their instructions. The producers of the show have gone popularity conscious and have killed the competition. This show was meant to be a "dance competition", not a popularity contest. Viewers appreciate a real competition, not one that plays on the sympathy of viewers with disabled, physically challenged, or aged celebrities. The voting is out of balance. The viewers should NOT have the final say in who advances or who is eliminated. Credible judges recognize accomplishments, fundamentals, and achievements over the season. This show is NOT what it began as. I will skip the finals and will not be a viewer next season.
  • Julianne clothes

    She looks like a tramp - unprofessional. Why would ABC let her on TV like that. Use to like her now I just think she is full of herself and a slut
  • DWTS Headed Downhill

    losing credibility and leaving it completely to popular vote. Carrie Ann gives a 10 if she cries, Len is lost in a past era, Julianne wears me out. Bruno at least evens out the sorry scores from the other judges. Willow goes and Patty Labelle stays?????????
  • DWTS loses it!

    With a flurry of poor dancing by competitors, we watched Willow get the axe! Long time fans, last nite was very ho-hum, overly long and capped by what we believe is the worst loss ever- Willow, think we'll skip the next eliminations
  • Dancing with the Stars. NOT

    This show has lost all credibility keeping three men who obviously cannot dance and Eliminating Willow !
  • Not fair at all

    I believe they cheating for Derek to win dance all his females dancer have some background with dancing he should get dancer that really had no experience in dancing someone he has to work hard on bringing a novis to a professional it does prove nothing he is not all that if he is not doing that not the best dancer
  • just shut up!!

    Can anyone get Julianne Hough to just shut up. OMG. She is the worst with her caddy chit chat. Was there no one else to put in that seat. It's like she tries to out speak everyone on the show. She is very annoying.
  • By Far the worst show on television

    I have been following this show long enough to see it gets more and more stupid by the episode and the Disney episode of Alice and Wonderland has proven my point it will never get any better just more stupid with every episode I think it is time to retire it before it gets to where it would be more fun to watch people drown because that is what the show is doing
  • voting

    I'm so tired of the shows voting being a popularity vote. I thought it was a show that was based on how well you can dance. You can't tell me that Patti Labelle is a better dancer than anyone that has been kicked off so far. She walked a couple steps shook her butt lifted up her breasts and the judges went crazy. I think we should get 10 votes, 5 to vote for your favorite, and 5 to take away from someone who you don't want to move ahead.
  • It's Not Fair!

    I LOVE DANCING WITH THE STARS, BUT LATELY IT FEELS LIKE THE Hough Show. Julianne should not be judging her brother and cousin it's not fair. And Derek always gets the Olympic stars. I feel that he should work with some of the older stars too. Let Tony work with younger stars too, stop playing flavors.
  • Just Mike

    I signed on to agree with someone's comments is no worthy judge! and she dresses unprofessionally as a dancer/judge want to be... toooooo much cleavage every show and bad dress design!!!. Not even close to a true professional... I gave her a couple weeks as a regular staff judge before I commented... but have to of her reviews have been Julienne FLUFF??? I have been watching dance performances in NYC for over 30 years in many venues... and her comments are the least meaningful in the context of this show. DTWS should rely on real credentials for their future judges if they want to remain relevant and appreciated.....

    I also agree with other commenters before and the other judges should 'judge honestly' me.. ALL of the reviews need to be less sexually slanted and more 'DANCE' oriented if you want the viewers to think you are a serious dance review platform..... Some should keep their comments (Bruno) in your pants and all should remain professional. Do the judges think we are all vacuous? a season to us...

    we want a professional review process on stage with the viewers comments. Do Not let us down.
  • the judges



    NOT A DANCER. She should take some lessons from Kari ann on how to dress..

  • Not the Show it Once Was!

    Actually I don't like the show, any more. It's very disappointing to see the judges being political rather than honest. Tonight, I watched four couples dance before getting disgusted and turning off the TV. The judges are professionals and should judge accordingly. It's only the beginning of the season and these contestants are not worthy of the scores they are receiving! It's a joke! On a scale of one to ten, I rate this season a TWO

    I have been a fan of DWTS since the first season and this season has to be the worst! Your opening show introduction of Charlotte McKinney was in extremely poor taste - It's obvious the girl has big boobs but is that ALL she has? Obviously as that is the only thing the producer chose to highlight in her introduction. Why did we need to see her partner taping her chest??? Seriously!! The opening clip of Brad meeting Whitney was just as bad - if a man felt up his female partner the way she did him, would that have been shown? Focus on the dancing and quit trying to make this so sexual... The show can carry it's own without all this trash!
  • age appropriate

    DWTS needs to stop using pros and stars under the age of 18. This is an adult show and the humor is mostly sexual as well as the dances and it's becoming sickening with these girls mostly dancing with these men. You should have learned your lesson from the Duck girl its hard to show sensuality and its not fair for the pro to have to think of something appropriate, and she was 17.
  • Add professional teens to show

    I don't agree with the idea of a 14 year old dancing with and adult. The show should have professional teens if they are going to have children on the show. Over the past ten year DWTS has made different changes, some successful and some not so successful.
  • Dissappointed

    I live in the south and am a fateful watcher. My granddaughter and I enjoyed this season. I am so disappointed that this tour didn't come to the south in VA,NC, OR SC. We would like to have a chance to see the tour. Thank You so much for such a wonderful season even if we cant see the tour. Hope next season is as good as this one.
  • Leave Julianne Alone

    All the judges have criticized the dancers before, where have all of you been? That is part of the job. Let's be real here people. No body on any season has escaped being criticized at least a few times. Not all the winners have won over the judges 100%. That is just the way it is
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