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  • Ratings

    It is so obvious that the producers keep the military guy around for the ratings. He cannot dance a lick. The finale he just walked. Not a dance step. "Walking With The Stars"?
  • Derek always wins

    So although it is not supposed to be about the pros I feel as if Derek always gets people that can dance or are capable of learning how it isn't fair Tony always gets the insane house wives who just want attention or he gets the old people who cant remember what they had for breakfast let alone dance this show needs to be more fair and if Derek is such a great teacher why doesn't he get a real challenge.
  • dwts judges: what do they have against our vets????

    Every time they have a veteran on the show

    They find fault no matter what they do, and seem to consistently give them low scores!!! Wake up Bertha butt Carrie Ann and miss sour puss Julianne!!
  • Bindi will be a great example for helping to save the planet

    The other dancers are all great. How will they use their fame and money from this show. Singers, celebs by bigger houses, more toys. Will Bindi do this at 17. She will use her fame to support wildlife education ecology and a spokesperson for environmental issues great works research and education of the human species. Her enthusiastic nature inspires other to care for things on this planet. Do I need to say a role model as well for young and old. Hope you will everyone will think about this for this is the right place where the trophy should go. All my best to a great woman!!!

    Absolutely beautiful!! Those of us that have lost loved ones will be forever grateful for this heartfelt dance. We have been touched deep in our hearts and will remember this for as long as we live. Elegance and pure unconditional love in motion.

    Ok, we know Alek is a hero! I Salute you my friend but, you can't dance! Sorry, you haven't gotten much better. Tonight was a joke. A RIGGED EVENT TO SAY THE LEAST! Carlos has Rocked it and gotten better Every WEEK! Bindy? Yeah, she has been Incredible! We have seen some shocking events over the last few weeks to say the least but I'm sorry, Tonight hands Down should have been Alek Down, then Nick. It's just how it is. No one wants to shut down a hero, I get that but I'm sorry, it should have been Carlos , Bindi, and ??? Well, obviously in that order. This truly shows how rigged this show is. It's doesn't get anymore REAL THAN THAT. I don't care who is what when the lights go down, as far as dancing goes we all know who should have been making it to tomorrow night. I will not waste another second on this joke of a show.
  • Crocodile tears . . .

    Has anyone noticed that Bindi sniffles and grimaces in humble gratitude, but there is never a real tear? The story repeats itself every episode - the poor little girl who has lost her father, and how she rises through her grace and courage? Nope - not buying it. Everyone has their own tragic story, and everyone has had their heart broken at least once. She is the only contestant that relies on this sob story to win the hearts of viewers through emotional manipulation. Yup, she's a good dancer, but the contest should be based on merit and not how many dry tissues she crumples up as she buries her head in the armpits of the sympathetic. Not a dry eye in the house? Look again . . .

    I hate that this show is a popularity contest!!!! Eventually, they get it right in the end; however, Alexis could have gone all the way!! DWTS needs to figure something out so that Good dancers are not eliminated!!!! I have second thoughts about watching this show again. This happens every year :(
  • Unfair eliminations

    That's the last episode I am ever watching. Mark did not deserve to be eliminated. I think it is terrible that u make all the couples dance and then eliminate one of them. Especially if they got a perfect score and eliminated. If that Braxton chick had dropped out Monday night, Mark and his partner wouldn't have been eliminated. They weren't even my favorite. The stars are not very well known, the whole show has gone downhill. Not worth watching anymore.
  • Bring Alexa back!

    Since Tamar has now quit the show, please bring Alexa back! If Tamar had not shown up to perform (and she shouldn't have with her health issues), then there would have been no elimination. It was selfish of Tamar to show up, only to quit following the show. Granted, she has serious health issues, but it was unfair to the other stars, especially Alexa.
  • The First Couple Who Is Safe Is of course Bindi and Derek

    I hate how everything is around Derek. I like him a lot as a dancer but every season he gets a good dancer. Also I hate the fact that he always goes until the end. I wonder who is voting for him and Bindi this season. Who is Bindi ? And wow she has sooooo many voters? This show is getting more fake than ever therefore maksim left because no one is judging fairly. Also Marc and Derek are best friend and every time they are dancing together if there is any competition or anything. Fake show all and everything. They don't count what people want. It's about Derek, Derek, and of course I forgot Derek!!!!! Once again his a great dancer but this show is fake.

  • Unfair elimination

    I cannot believe that the best dancer who received a perfect score was voted off DWTS while mediocre stars remain on the show. DWTS is losing credibility!
  • ABC, your Producer's/Executives have no idea what America wants to watch

    ABC Executives/Producers ruined a great show tonight. They forgot the basics; integrity is EVERYTHING. If you cannot do it right the first time, you will not get a second chance. They cannot fake the facts. I will never turn this show on again.
  • One Time Too Many

    A couple that received 2 perfect scores in one night should be granted immunity from elimination. Can't believe tonight's results. Stop picking "heroes" to dance when they can get voted through with the least amount of talent on the show. I have seen the sympathy or popularity votes cause too many good dancers to be eliminated. I will no longer watch DWTS!

    Alexa & Mark brought tears to my eyes with their performance tonight yet they have been eliminated by a couple from last week who only danced one dance this week. I feel that it is unfair to the dancers to put forth all this effort & emotion for , yet, another week, to be eliminated by scores from last week! Alexa, your performance tonight was the best dance I have ever witnessed on DWTS. After tonight I may not be watching any more unless there is yet another method of elimination scoring,
  • Love Dancing with the Stars

    Love the show we have been watching from the beginning. Sometime wonder about some of the people that are picked. Have you considered Carla Hall of The Chew? She has been asking for several years I think she would be great..
  • Remove Julianne Hough

    I really like the show but Julianne Hough should not be a judge as long as her brother is a dancer on the show. This would not be allowed in any other forum and her decisions appear to be quite biased. I'm surprised that Dancing with the Stars feels that this is appropriate.
  • Love dancing with the stars but.....

    I really enjoy dancing with the stars but i feel that Derek always gets good partners. It would be nice to for once Louie or Tony get partnered with someone who is a good dancer or has potential to be a good dancer. It would be nice for once to see him with someone like kate gosselin
  • Co-host

    Erin Andrews is terrible. Leah Remini is so much better. It is very obvious the cast prefer Leah. Erin thinks she is funny and she is not. She is sarcastic
  • Terrible

    My God I am watching the show now what is wrong with you all? I have never been do disappointed of the show every since it came don't said anything good at all anymore I hate this show that Julian I'd a cheater look what she gave her brother last week.

  • New cast

    I think there should be a season where the contestants are all from "Friends".
  • REALLY, Tamar????

    So Tamar says she is the best dancer in the competition? I HATE her for that and hope she goes home next week with egg on her face! So glad the judges knocked her off her high horse. Even better was when Tamar was trying to explain her words but all was lost when poor Leah got scared and it cut Tamar off! Did you see the pissed look on Tamarz face?! Bottom 3, Tamar!! Karma!! Self praise STINKS, Tamar !!!! Remember that sista!
  • Judges need to be fair with All!

    I don't think the Judges ate fare, I think they have their favorites expecially Julianne with her brother! So obvious and Unfair!
  • The Judges

    I think the Judges forget... That the stars are NOT professional dancers. They critique them like they are. Drives me crazy. Judges stop
  • Disrespect

    I'm not a holy roller by any stretch of the imagination, but I honestly felt that Carlos and Alexa's beliefs and convictions were deliberately disrespected this week. There are any number of great, iconic music/dance routines to pick from. Why did they choose these particular ones? I'm no longer a fan of whitney's. Her negative attitude towards Carlos's discomfort with the routine was blatantly dismissive.
  • Bindi and derek

    I can't believe they got a perfect 10 for their dance as Johnny and baby it was so awkward I couldn't even watch I thought she was going to fall on the lift it's rigged

  • Fair Scoring

    I'm so tired of seeing dancers like Paula Dean score about the same as someone like Alexa. Judge them fairly!
  • Why ???

    Why do they continue to get awful vocalists to sing iconic songs so poorly? It is very disappointing!
  • Tamar is a great dancer

    Tamar did very good. Her dance was hard, long, and fast. Plus new worked really hard . So it is upsetting when you work so hard and judges give such negative views. REALLY Max???

    Above all look at those beautiful legs a 10

    Tamar dance a 8

  • Awesome

    Carlos penevega did awesome you should of gave them all ten not one nint and three ten!!!

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