Danger 5

Sunday 8:00 PM on SBS One Premiered Feb 27, 2012 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Welcome to Hitlerland

      The team returns to the present and discovers that Hitler won World War II and has sent the Allied nations into space. To stop him, they must find Chestbridge, go into God Mode, and defeat Boss Hitler with Holly's help.

    • Back to the Fuhrer

      Danger 5 travels back 18 years to World War II to stop Hitler in Holly's body from providing his past self with invincibility. But when the team meets their past selves, they soon fall prey to the temptation to change the past.

    • Super Dead
      Super Dead
      Episode 5

      Hitler comes back from the dead as a zombie, and he's brought a horde of Nazis with him. As he continues his quest for Holly, Ilsa seeks revenge against Khrushchev for throwing her over, and McKenzie must pump or die when Claire's zombie head bites him.

    • Un Sacco Di Natale (A Sack of Christmas)

      While Bormann and his Nazis lock Hitler in an ooze-filled coffin as revenge for his failures, the team discovers a plot to replace the Pope with a puppet and convert the Catholic Church to Nazism on Christmas Eve! Meanwhile, Khrushchev makes his move to abduct Holly, and Tucker must choose between a fantasy of Australia Day with Claire, or a cold hard reality without her.

    • Revenge of the Lizardmen

      The Metro City Police Department hunt down Danger 5 for the massacre at the high school. Jackson and Ilsa get arrested, only to discover that Mengele is transforming the rookie policemen into lizardmen. And the lizardmen want revenge on Hitler for losing World War II. Meanwhile, Tucker uses Holly as bait in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse at a department store.

    • Johnny Hitler
      Johnny Hitler
      Episode 2

      As part of his master plan for the Master Race, Hitler poses as a high school student as an average Chicago high school and schemes to become the King of the Christmas Ball. Meanwhile, Tucker trains as a ninja to overcome his grief.

    • Merry Christmas Colonel

      Danger 5 returns! And this time, it's personal! A mall Santa Claus has viciously gunned down Colonel Chestbridge, and Otto Skorzeny helped him. The team tracks Skorzeny to Buenos Aires, where he is posing as a drug dealer. However, they soon discover that the man behind the killing is none other than... Adolph Hitler!

  • Season 1
  • Specials