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Danger Bay

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One of the staples of the CBC during the mid to late eighties, Danger Bay was a half hour-long family adventure series set in and around the city of Vancouver. It was co-produced by the Disney Channel, where it aired in the United States. The cast was led by veteran Canadian actor Donnelly Rhodes, who played Doctor Grant "Doc" Roberts, a veteranarian employed by the Vancouver Aquarium. Other primary cast members included Christopher Crabb and Ocean Hellman as Grant's children, Jonah and Nicole, and Hagan Beggs as Doctor George Dunbar, head of the Aquarium. In the initial seasons, Deborah Wakeham starred as Joyce Carter, a pilot who often contributed her skills to the Aquarium's projects and expeditions, although she left to be replaced by Susan Walden. Walden's character, J.L., wed Grant during the show's fifth season. Rounding out the cast was Michele B. Chan as Doctor Donna Chen, Grant's assistant for the first three seasons. As the show's popularity increased, so did the number of well-known actors appearing in guest shots. The show was often educational and tended to focus on ecological issues like pollution, deforestation, poaching, and other issues vital to the safety and well being of animal life. Storylines typically followed the Roberts family confronting these environmental threats. The Vancouver Aquarium, nearby coastal waters, and vast British Columbian forests supplied a rich and exotic backdrop to the family's adventures. The series endured for six seasons until 1990.

Christopher Crabb

Christopher Crabb

Jonah Roberts

Deborah Wakeham

Deborah Wakeham

Joyce Carter (1985-1986)

Ocean Hellman

Ocean Hellman

Nicole Roberts

Donnelly Rhodes

Donnelly Rhodes

Dr. Grant "Doc" Roberts

Susan Walden

Susan Walden

J. L. Duval (1986-1990)

Hagan Beggs

Hagan Beggs

Dr. George Dunbar

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  • Danger Bay is one of the best shows based on the environment in British Columbia, Canada.

    I love this show. Danger Bay first aired on CBC in Canada and the Disney Channel in the USA from 1985 to 1990. What a wonderful clean, entertaining and informative TV show. Yes it is 1980s but what can I say, it is my favourite decade. The cast is first rate. Donnelly Rhodes, Susan Walden, Michele B. Chan, Christopher Crabb, Ocean Hellman and Hagan Beggs are all wonderful. This show is located primarily at the Vancouver Aquarium at Stanley Park and shows great views of Vancouver as well. I hope one day CBC would wake up and release this wonderfully entertaining show on DVD. That would definitely make me very happy. If they do release it on DVD. Make it a Box set of all five seasons with commentaries, promos, and other fun stuff. Well I can always hope can't I...moreless
  • Family Show that aired on The Disney Channel

    This was personally one of my favorites growing up. I love the Disney Channel and this was my favorite show on the Disney Channel. It was a fun show for kids to enjoy. I think the fact that the cast had 2 kids involved really helped kids get into it. I would love to find this on DVD. If anyone can help me with finding this movie on DVD it would greatly be appreciated. If they ever did a remake of this as a movie I don't know if it would ever be the same as watching the original tv show.moreless
  • Great Show!

    Started watching on The Disney Channel from the beginning. Contacted Disney and with more people asking about it, thier looking to release Danger Bay to DVD someday. So if you're interested, just go to Disney.com and send them a question e-mail about when they will be releasing it. DAnger Bay didn't last long, but now a days there are not that many good family shows to watch. Unless of course you have the Disney channel or ABC Family channel. And when they do release it, we could all get to learn more about marine life and animals in the great Pacific Northwest.moreless
  • Good wholesome T.V.

    One of my faves growing up. It was a good pleasant show, maybe the onely one I would watch that did not have excessive violence & usually had some educational aspects tossed in, especially around the aquarium.

    It also didnt hurt that I had a huge crush on Ocean hellman at the time.
  • I must say I'm a little irked that everything I read about this episode said the same thing; major secrets revealed, lots of love-making---and there was none....what happened?

    I must say I'm a little irked that everything I read about this episode said the same thing; major secrets revealed, lots of love-making---and there was none....what happened? Regardless, it's an episode you can't miss- it's hilarious and the Naley scenes are adorable. Danger Bay is just ok ok ok.

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